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September 15, 2022
Thirsty Thursday with The Assist
Just for fun: Why can’t you trust duck doctors? (Find the answer at the bottom.)


Set Down Your Phone


@thetlghost Twitter tips for lowering phone usage


Planning for the holidays in an uncertain economy ⛅


Goody banner

For most of us in the EA world, now is the time of year when we start thinking about holiday gifts.

In 2022, many of our organizations are considering how to control costs – yet we still want to show our teams and business partners that we appreciate them.

Goody is the #1 platform for admins to find and send unique business gifts. But on top of that, Goody also makes your holiday budget – whatever it may be this season – go a lot further:

  • 🤑 You only pay for a gift if someone accepts it
  • 🔀 Recipients can swap gifts if they prefer – so you don’t pay for gifts that people don’t want
  • 🎁 Goody curates hundreds of affordable gift options

By reducing wasted gifts, Goody makes holiday gift budgets 30-50% more efficient than with conventional gift vendors.

Goody’s team loves the EA community, so if you’re ready to talk about holiday gifts, grab some time with their gifting experts to brainstorm your plans. Or if you want to get your juices flowing, you can always check out the beautiful holiday gift guides they’ve put together.

Check out Goody’s holiday gifts


How to Self-Regulate


@nicolesneuroscience Instagram post on self regulation.


For the Introverts


@theintrovertleader TikTok protect your peace as an introvert


Finding the right insurance plan is hard — but it doesn’t have to be.


Book a free consultation with Dr. Noor

If you can relate to any of the quotes above, talk to Dr. Noor, health insurance expert, for a free consultation.

Dr. Noor is able to use her clinical background, study of healthcare systems globally and experience in the health insurance industry to help you figure out your health insurance problem, instantly.

Here’s what her clients say about her:

“Noor’s transparency of the health insurance industry and openness to share her wide-range knowledge made the decision to partner with her clear. She offers quick, detailed, and truthful responses. We absolutely recommend a conversation with Noor.” — Shanna G. (State Director of WV CASA, West Virginia)

“I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Noor to find the right/best healthcare for my family. As an entrepreneur, I had never heard of the options that she shared and ultimately was able to get for us. So excited to be able to have peace of mind with such great policies and full coverage for my whole family.” — Christine St. V (Founder of Social Scoop, Maryland)

Book your free consult today


Time Saver Gmail Tips


Amy Landino YouTube Gmail organization


What’s Happening Out There?


James Altucher LinkedIn post on what's happening to the economy right now.
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Water Cooler Trivia is about to become your team’s new fave weekly ritual. Try it free for an entire month.

Office Otter is one of our fave to-do list software you didn’t know you needed (until now).

Bonusly put out a free Ultimate Retention Checklist for Managers.

Weve offers over 100 games you can play with your team to build stronger workplace culture.


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Meme of the Week


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