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June 18, 2024
Cartoon of a music teacher standing on a ladder, with a speech bubble full of musical notes, asking 'Why did the music teacher need a ladder?' It's a light-hearted setup for a music-related joke.

Click the image for the punchline 👆.

Today’s checklist: 

  • Try this fun & quick team building activity
  • 10 interview questions to reveal behavioral quirks
  • Why clarity on performance matters
  • A grape hack we wish we knew sooner


💸 Finances: How to recover from financial setbacks.

🏢 Work: What HR won’t say about surviving a layoff.

❤️ Culture: Learn about being cupioromantic.

💼 Careers: Explore fun jobs that could ignite your passion.

✈️ Travel: The best vacation spots for 2024.


Photo of a group of people engaged in a hands-on team building activity, with the text 'Team Building Idea' overlayed. A dynamic and collaborative atmosphere suggests a fun and engaging team exercise.

Try This Fun & Quick Team Building Activity



  • Split evenly into groups. Provide spaghetti pasta, marshmallows, string and tape and give to each group.
  • Set a timer to 10 mins and challenge each group: “Who can stack the marshmallow the highest?”
  • This activity encourages communication, team building, creativity and innovation.

Watch the full TikTok.


Illustration of a diverse group of office employees enjoying a colorful catered lunch. The table is filled with various dishes like salads, sandwiches, and drinks, and the atmosphere is lively and inclusive, with everyone smiling and chatting.

4 Tips for Team Lunch Orders


Ordering lunch for the office can sometimes feel like navigating a culinary maze.

Here are 4 things you can do to successfully steer through the lunchtime hustle:

1. Know Your Team’s Preferences and Dietary Restrictions

Every office has a mix of dietary needs and taste preferences. One person might be vegan, while another is gluten-free. It’s essential to understand these requirements to avoid any lunch-hour disappointments.

  • Tip: Conduct a quick survey to gather your team’s dietary restrictions and favorite cuisines.

2. Plan Ahead to Avoid Last-Minute Stress

The rush of trying to order lunch at the last minute can lead to limited options and frantic decision-making. Planning ahead not only broadens your choices but also helps in coordinating delivery times seamlessly.

  • Tip: Schedule your orders a day or two in advance to avoid the lunchtime rush and ensure timely delivery.

3. Opt for Group Ordering for Efficiency

Managing individual orders can quickly become a logistical nightmare, leading to errors and delays. A group ordering system where everyone selects their meals from a pre-approved menu can streamline the process.

  • Tip: Utilize a group ordering platform like CaterCow that allows each team member to pick their meal from a selected list. This way, you can ensure accuracy and cater to diverse preferences without the hassle.

4. Leverage an Account Manager

If you’re coordinating office lunches regularly for your company, consider outsourcing it by setting up an office lunch program.

  • Tip: Most services that offer this provide you with an account manager—don’t be afraid to leverage this service and have them handle the details for you.

*In collaboration with CaterCow


Image of a smiling woman with long brown hair, standing against a light gray background. She appears to be presenting or speaking, suggesting a video or tutorial on a professional topic.

10 Best Interview Questions to Reveal Behavioral Quirks



  • Great interview questions help you reveal personality, speed read a candidate quickly and build rapport that lasts.
  • Your questions might be even more important than a candidate’s answers. A great interviewer uses key behavioral interview questions.
  • Examples include: Are you working on anything outside of work? What was the last conflict you had at work? What is something you used to believe but no longer believe?

Watch in full on YouTube.


Photo of a man in a blue vest and white shirt sitting in a luxury vehicle, with text overlay 'BIGGEST TRAVESTY.' He appears to be discussing a significant issue or topic, suggesting a video with impactful content.

Why Clarity on Performance Matters 



  • The greatest setback for any business is when employees lack clarity about their performance.
  • While individuals may interpret their progress subjectively, there should be an objective system accessible to outsiders. Utilizing a platform where metrics for each employee, are logged over time.
  • Such transparency fosters accountability and ensures everyone understands their standing within the organization. Which in turn creates more productive and successful teams.

Check out the IG reel.


Joanna showing off a few pieces from her Armoire case this past week.

Confidence Boost Tip—Dress Up Even if You WFH


I’ve been making more of an effort again to dress up like I’m going into an office, even if it’s only down the stairs from my bedroom. It’s a confidence booster for me.

And something that’s been helping me keep my wardrobe fresh is Armoire, a woman-founded clothing rental service.

A few things I’m loving so far:

  • The style quiz is quick and the initial recommendations are better than most; plus, it gets better the more you use it
  • If you get overwhelmed by too many choices, they have some great collections.
  • Shipping is free and speedy; I placed my order on a Tues, it shipped the next day, and I received it Fri.
  • You can swap single items out if you don’t love the fit or style.
  • I look like I’m wearing something new all the time, but I’m actually saving money (goodbye wedding guest dresses I’ll only ever wear once).
  • If you’re really obsessed with a piece, you can buy it for a steep discount off retail value.
  • The entire experience is hassle-free and you can pause or cancel any time.

Choose from three monthly plans starting at $89/mo. Use code theassist for up to 50% off your first month.

Take the style quiz today and see if it fits.

Joanna (Co-Founder of TA)

Joanna (Co-Founder of TA)

P.S. Here are the items pictured above (left to right):


Photo of a woman sealing green grapes in a large plastic bag, with the text 'Lazy Mom Hack' overlayed. It suggests a simple and practical tip for busy parents.

🍇 A Grape Hack We Wish We Knew Sooner



  • Wash your grapes with water and vinegar and air dry them.
  • Then take a ziplock back and shake the grapes until all you’re left with is the vine in your hand.
  • The grapes will be ready to eat! Viola—time saved.

See the ~10 sec reel.


Stuff We’re Loving This Week


👜 Perfect for quick trips, this weekender bag is both stylish and functional.

🧴 Revitalize your skin with this retinol body lotion.

🎙️ Get inspired and improve your skills with the How to Be Awesome at Your Job podcast.

👗 Stay cool and stylish with this boho dress.


In Honor of National Vanilla Milkshake Day🥤


Meme with a tweet that reads, 'If you put a milkshake in one yard and crack a cold one in another yard, which yard would the boys go to?' Featuring a thoughtful image of a young man pondering the question, adding a humorous twist.


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