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July 3, 2024
A cute cartoon alligator in a purple vest and hat holding an umbrella, with the text "What do you call an alligator in a vest?”

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Today’s checklist: 

  • Trivia-Worthy Independence Day Facts
  • How to fix a toxic workplace culture
  • Learn to create stunning wedding invitations with Canva
  • Simple and fun crafts to do at home with kids


🔍 Job Search: Before you use the “Open To Work” badge on LinkedIn, read this.

👩‍💼 Leadership: How to lead and rally a company through a layoff.

🏡 Home: 33 ways to brighten up your yard for summer.

💸 Finances: Get educated on certificates of deposit.

💄 Beauty: The latest trend in eyebrows is ombre.


A video thumbnail of a person with long blonde hair and an American flag emoji over their face, with the text "Independence" in bold.

Trivia-Worthy Independence Day Facts



  • The Declaration of Independence wasn’t signed on July 4th. The Continental Congress adopted it on the 4th, but the signing didn’t occur until August 2nd.
  • The original draft of the declaration had an anti-slavery passage. Jefferson included a passage condemning the slave trade, but it was ultimately rejected by delegates from southern states.
  • Exactly 50 years after the declaration was signed, two U.S. Presidents, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died on July 4th in 1826.

Fill your patriotic cup with these fun facts.


a gif showing off the Bonusly platform.

Here’s a Fun, Easy Way to Boost Team Morale and Performance


Employees who are recognized and rewarded for outstanding performance are more likely to repeat it!

Resulting in greater job satisfaction, motivation, and improved service quality for customers.

And if all of your employees experience that, then the positive effects are multiplied.

The sad reality is…it’s nearly impossible for busy managers and HR to manually and consistently reward employees.

That’s why over 3,400 companies use a revolutionary program—Bonusly—to automatically recognize and reward employees for exceptional performance…

The results?

  • Boosted morale
  • Maximized team alignment
  • Strengthened company culture
  • Superior service to customers
  • Increased employee motivation

Bonusly is easy to set up, even easier to use AND runs mostly on autopilot.

See how it works and try it out for yourself at zero cost👇.

Get your 14-day free trial of Bonusly right now.


A video thumbnail of a woman explaining how to fix a toxic workplace culture, with the text "How to Fix a Toxic Workplace Culture.”

How to Fix a Toxic Workplace Culture



  • Three main areas to focus on: your leadership, your team, and your organization. A great book to help with this in detail is Happy At Work.
  • Depending on where you area in the organization, the place to start might be different. A particular area might need the most attention, or you might have the greatest influence over one area.
  • Regardless, you can always work on your leadership because your behavior has a direct impact on those around you, so you should always be learning and growing.

Detox with these TikTok tips.


A video thumbnail of a woman in a pink sweater talking, with hearts and rings on the screen, and her laptop covered in colorful stickers.

Create Stunning Online Wedding Invitations with Canva



  • This tutorial shows you how to design your wedding invitations for free. From deciding on a wedding aesthetic, designing and printing your invites, you’ll learn how to get them out quickly without stress.
  • Learn how to develop a graphic theme, then add a cut-out image of the couple. Followed by learning how to create QR codes you can use for RSVPs and gift registry.
  • Lastly, you’ll learn how to print them and/or use digital tools to share the invitations.

Unlock your DIY wedding invites with this YouTube.



Awesome Swag Vendors Are Hard to Find — So We Found One For You


If you’re in charge of employee or client gifting, check out Stadium 🤗.

With their wide array of customizable products, they make it easy to create a lasting impression.

You can even launch your own swag store to make warehousing, gift selection, and fulfillment a breeze.

💬 What others are saying about Stadium:

  • “I like the fact that a recipient can receive a gift of credits to put toward items that tickle their own fancy. It takes the guesswork out of gift-giving and everyone wins! It is also very user-friendly.” — Erica S.
  • “I like that this is a one stop shop. The ease of being able to pick from so many different items not just food related is a great touch.” — Hollie W.
  • “The ease of setting up a shop where a variety of ~200 associates could pick their own gift – that is delivered with the same settings/messages was SO helpful and exactly what we were looking for. Their customer service team was very helpful and responsive with any questions.” — Liz M.

Check out Stadium’s swag here.


A video thumbnail with bright blue playdough being mixed, overlaid with the text "7 Activities to Keep Your Kids Busy.”

Simple and Fun Crafts To Do at Home with Kids



Get crafty with this Instagram reel.


Stuff We’re Loving This Week


💧 Got dandruff? This hydrating serum oil will soothe and hydrate your scalp.

🧖‍♀️ This textured towel dries super fast and is a total must-have for your bathroom.

📖 Need a heartfelt gift? “I Wrote a Book About You” is perfect for any occasion.

👒 This stylish summer straw hat will keep you sun-safe all summer long.


A tweet from Emily (@embel713) describing a party called Parm & PowerPoints where guests present someone else's PowerPoint on a niche topic.


🚨 Job Alerts


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