#ThirstyThursday Issue #139

The Assist Newsletter
July 10, 2024
An illustration of a frog dressed in business attire, sitting on a bench with a briefcase, accompanied by the text "Why did the frog take the bus to work today?”

Click the image for the punchline 👆.

Today’s Checklist:

    • Zoom tricks you didn’t know about
    • How to get unstuck and move towards fulfillment
    • Tools for unconscious bias training
    • Rules for recharging on the weekend


🛋️ Decor: The “60-30-10” rule makes decorating a home so much easier.

🩵 Love: How to cope with a situationship.

🍎 Health: Complete guide to menopause treatment.

🌟 Personal Growth: Is it time to leave? How leaving can spark positive change.

😳 Employee Engagement: 80% of employees dread their HR department—are you part of the trend?


A screenshot of a woman with glasses and straight hair speaking, with a play button overlay.

Zoom Tips You Probably Don’t Know



  • Learn how to share from your iPhone using AirPlay to mirror your screen onto your computer.
  • Bring your face out behind your slide deck presentation to keep the connection by clicking the Share Screen > Advanced Tab > Slides as Virtual Background.
  • Ensure everyone is on the same page by using the annotate cursor option to highlight areas on your screen.

Catch all the tricks in the YoTtube tutorial here.



A gif of Hubspot’s platform. Try it for free today.

Quit Losing Time to Inefficient Project Management


It’s a simple fact that if you’re spending all your time on project management tasks then your marketing goals (and the rest of your business) will suffer.

Which is why you NEED to be able to manage and execute your projects all in one place.

A place like HubSpot.

Less Time Managing, More Time Marketing

From high-level overviews to the tiniest details, HubSpot allows you to keep track of your tasks, deadlines, and resources effortlessly.

Try HubSpot for free here.

In fact, it’s never been easier to get more done, faster by using HubSpot to:

  • Organize tasks and connect them to your email and calendar
  • Assign owners, set due dates, and add attachments quickly
  • Boost your productivity by integrating HubSpot with your marketing tools

You can even use pre-made to-do lists crafted by HubSpot experts right now for quick project launches.

Get started free.


A screenshot of a man explaining a chart with different levels of emotions, captioned "Getting unstuck so u can move toward fulfillment & purpose.”

Getting Unstuck & Moving Toward Fulfillment



  • The Map of Consciousness developed by David R. Hawkins explains the different levels of consciousness and the corresponding emotional states that we experience at each level.
  • To move from the bottom (shame) to the top (enlightenment), one must acknowledge where they are at and bring full acceptance to them. All emotions are valid and need to be felt and expressed.
  • Once you identify where you are on the scale, you can create a pathway to finding relief, curiosity, and passion one step at a time.

See the TikTok video here.


A screenshot of a woman with dark skin and long hair talking, with the caption "something that I noticed.”

3 Actionable Tools For Unconscious Bias Training



  • Set SMART goals that are actually attainable: What does success look like for your company when it comes to DEI? What are the goals you’re trying to reach?
  • Training is essential. It’s the biggest point of opportunity for companies. Training should be year-round, and part of continuous development just like any other part of the business.
  • It’s not enough to have diversity in the company, if it’s not reflected in the leadership. Mentorship is necessary in order to have representation going up the career ladder.

Unlock the 3 tools in this TikTok video.


a gif showing off the TA GoalsHQ template in Notion.

We Turned Our Tried and True Goal System Into a Template


Last quarter, we hired an engineer to build us our very own GoalsHQ template in Notion.

It’s the exact system our team uses to help us set, track, and achieve our goals.

This free template will help you and your team:

  • ✅ Break down quarterly goals into 3 top priorities each week
  • 📊 Track your goals more easily in one place
  • 👀 Stay updated on each other’s progress and challenges

Strengthen team alignment and watch your productivity soar this quarter.

Grab the free GoalsHQ template here.


A man in a kitchen unloading a dishwasher, with the caption "Weekend recharge rules that have me well rested for Monday morning.”

Weekend Rules To Help Recharge



  • Give yourself permission to back out of plans if it’s not good for your mental health. Keep an open schedule so you don’t feel pressured to do something every minute of the day.
  • Turning off the alarm clock so your body can wake up when it wants, and also allow yourself to binge watch any entertainment without feeling bad.
  • Take a 30 minute walk instead of an intense workout to give your body a rest, and drink plenty of water to hydrate.

Get to recharging with the TikTok video here.


Stuff We’re Loving This Week


👩‍💻 Ready to start that side hustle? Freelancing Females delivers freelance gigs, job opportunities, and biz tips straight to your inbox. Run, don’t walk entrepreneurs! It’s time to build your dream biz.

⛳ Get in more steps this summer with this push golf cart.

🕯️ Upgrade your candle game with these hurricane candlestick holders.

👚 This basic tank top is super soft, comfortable, and lightweight, perfect for relaxed everyday wear. Feels smooth against the skin, looks dressy, and has lots of stretch to it.


A four-panel comic showing a hand reaching out of the water labeled "My workload," another hand labeled "My Boss," and a slap with the text "It will be a great learning experience.”


🚨 Job Alerts


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