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August 18, 2022
Thirsty Thursday with The Assist
Just for fun: Why does Snoop Dogg use an umbrella? (Find the answer at the bottom.)


2 Weeks > 2 Hours


@mpickle Twitter productivity


Listen to Premium Articles🎧



If you’re looking for an easier, more enjoyable way to consume content (outside of reading The Assist, of course 💁🏻‍♀️), check out our latest obsession — Noa (News Over Audio).

Why we ❤️ Noa:

  • 🔊 Audio format so you can listen on the go (on your commute, walking the dog, etc.)
  • 🏆 Premium articles from leading publications like The New York Times, Fast Company, Harvard Business Review, etc.
  • 🗣️ Professional voice actors keep it engaging

From global news topics to advice on career development & leadership to fascinating & intriguing stories to help you unwind, the app’s got it all.

For the next 3 days, readers of The Assist can enjoy 6 months of free Noa Premium access.

P.S. Check out this fantastic piece on Bumble CEO, Whitney Wolfe Herd, from when the IPO’d to get you started.


Lower Your Stress


@eczemahoneyco IG stress management cortisol levels


Thousands of Entries in Seconds


@cheatsheets TikTok Excel picture trick


Swipe This Engagement Calendar


Empuls' Engagement Calendar

We know a lot of you live by calendars, so we’re excited to be partnering with Empuls to get the word out about their Engagement Calendar so you can plan for more fun days at work.

In this calendar, you will find:

  • 🥳 A list of celebratory days for the second half of 2022. (And we don’t just mean known holidays, we mean days like World Managers Day or World Gratitude Day.)
  • 💡 Ideas and cues on how your teams can come together around them.
  • ✨ Inspiration to turn them into unforgettable milestones.

Get your free Engagement Calendar


Break the Cycle


Chrystal Evans Hurst YouTube Level up


Hiring Tip #1


JAKE Small LinkedIn Hiring Tips


Our awesome partners help keep our content free 🥰


Put tedious new hire onboarding to rest with Sora.

Bambee is the top solution if your team is staying lean and needs HR help.

Bonusly just put out their free Essential Guide to Employee Engagement. Get your copy here.

Water Cooler Trivia is about to become your team’s new fave weekly ritual. Try it free for an entire month.


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