Weekender #142

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July 3, 2024
The Assist Weekender 142

🤔 Brainteaser of the day: What disappears as soon as you say its name?

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Today’s checklist: 

  • Joanna’s tips on managing Sunday Scaries
  • Find comfortable undies
  • Why we’re watching Dallas cheerleaders
  • Meet our Pet of The Week: Bella


👗 Fashion: Check out these stylish summer hats for women.

🍵 Health: Discover the benefits of quitting coffee.

💼 Career: How to get over your biggest career insecurities.

🏠 Home: These 26 luxury candles will make you feel rich as hell.

💸 Finances: How to endorse a check to someone else.


Managing the sunday scaries


Managing The Sunday Scaries


Ah, the weekends. Two glorious days of anything but work (hopefully).

Occasionally, though, I’m hit with the dreaded Sunday Scaries—crippling thoughts about how my week is going to start with a flooded inbox, tasks that “past me” put off until Monday, and an onslaught of meetings.

The good news is that these feelings are completely manageable. For me, anxiety peaks when I feel like I have no control or clear sense of what’s ahead.

So here are 5 things I try to do over the weekend to keep calm:

1. Plan Out My Week

One of the first things I do is take a look at my schedule for the week ahead. I note all my meetings and appointments, and start building out my ideal workweek.

This includes time-blocking for tasks to ensure I complete my top priorities for the week.

I also make sure to add the following in my Google Cal: fun social activities (to give me something to look forward to outside of work), lunch breaks, workouts, and any other personal things I want to accomplish.

I live by my calendar—when it’s scheduled in there, I know I’ll have a higher likelihood of it getting done.

2. Treat Myself to Self-Care

I make it a point to do at least one relaxing activity on Sundays.

My go-to? A nice bath complete with bath bombs, aromatic candles on the counter, a tub tray with a cold fizzy drink, and a true crime pod playing in the background.

If I’m feeling extra fancy, I’ll do a full blown skincare routine with a face steam and Korean face mask.

3. Clean My Space

A tidy space is a tidy mind. I like to clean my house to give myself a fresh slate for the week.

If I don’t have the time or energy to clean the entire place, I focus on key areas like the kitchen, my bedroom, and my office—places where I tend to spend a lot of time.

Plus, there’s nothing like going to bed in newly washed sheets!

4. Meal Prepping/Stocking Up on Grab & Go Foods

All the time I spend putting together meals and cleaning after on a daily basis can really add up.

And, if I have a packed work schedule, I tend to lose motivation to cook, and end up spending way more on delivery than I want to admit.

By preparing ingredients/meals ahead of time, I not only save time during the week—I’m also saving myself from the daily “What’s for lunch/dinner?” stress.

I also like to stock up on easy to grab foods like pre-cut veggies and hummus, hard boiled eggs, protein bars, fresh fruits, string cheese, and greek yogurt.

Doing all of this helps me stay on point with a healthy diet, which keeps me energized and focused throughout the week.

5. Focus on Sleep

A good night’s sleep matters more than you think, but I often find myself lying in bed with a million thoughts racing through my head that keep me awake.

To combat this, I’ve started reading before bed (instead of scrolling on my phone) and journaling to get those thoughts out of my head and onto paper (advised by my therapist—it really helps!).

Taking these steps helps me start the week with a clear mind and a sense of control, ready to tackle whatever comes my way.

Give ‘em a try and let me know if there’s anything you do differently!

headshot of Joanna (Co-Founder of TA)

Joanna (Co-Founder of TA)



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America’s Sweethearts: The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders TV Show on Netflix.

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Official Work Meme's Instagram post


Pet of the Week: Bella.

Meet Bella


Bella is an 8-year-old “yellow lab” mix rescue. She looks like a yellow lab but is a mix of 6 other breeds. Can you guess?

She is the most lovable dog but scared of her own shadow and some noises.

Like her owner, give her a treat and she will be your best friend!

💌 We’re huge pet lovers at The Assist and want to feature a pet each week—fill out this form for your fur baby to be featured!


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