Weekender Issue #44

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August 20, 2022
Weekender 44

Brainteaser of the day: What has cities, but no houses; forests, but no trees; and water, but no fish?

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Treat Yo’Self


🤝 To Better Relationships With Difficult Coworkers
Are tensions rising in your office? Check out these do’s and don’ts to deal with the situation >

🥳 To More Energy
It’s the best feeling when you have plans after work. Stay energetic for after-work plans with this advice >

🍸 To A Tasty Mocktail
Fun beverages don’t have to include alcohol. Check out these 30 mocktail ideas >

🧭 To Geocaching
Today is National Geocaching Day! Don’t know what that is? Read about it here >

👴 To Celebrating Senior Citizens’ Day
Find ways to celebrate the senior citizens in your community. Get ideas here >


Improve Your Onboarding Practices


Bonusly's Webinar: Deep Dive: How to scale human-centric onboarding practices.

Onboarding just a few hires per week is manageable, but how do you keep the human connection intact and communication personalized once you start onboarding bigger new hire classes?

Hear from Dani Larson, Chief of Staff at Bonusly, and Laura Del Beccaro, CEO and co-founder of Sora on how to effectively overcome obstacles to deliver human-centric onboarding at scale.

In this free webinar, you’ll learn:

  • 📈 How to deliver exceptional onboarding experiences at scale
  • 🏆 How to set your employees up for a successful, passionate career with your company
  • 😊 How to boost employee morale and buy-in through onboarding

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How you might be holding yourself back…


As an assistant you like to know that you are tracking with your executive and that your priorities and objectives are aligned with theirs. You like to see things from their perspective so you can anticipate what they’ll need next and provide it before they even asks.

But…. what happens when you begin to care a little too much what your executive thinks of you? You begin to get worried because it’s been a long time since you’ve received a “thank you”, or any sort of recognition. You begin to question yourself, and the relationship you have with your exec. Why can’t they just say, “thank you”?

You, my friend, have crossed over into people pleasing territory.

On the surface, people pleasing seems harmless. You’re just trying to do everything perfectly and make sure other people are happy with your work….right?

Unfortunately, under the surface, people pleasing is extremely detrimental. At its root, it’s essentially tying your identity and self-worth to another person.

Instead of standing in your self-sufficiency, and knowing that you produce good work, you look to your executive to tell you that you’re good enough.

When you don’t get the recognition you feel you deserve you desperately try and control what they think of you by making them happy. Again, you don’t get the level of recognition you deserve, and the cycle repeats.

Eventually, this leads to extreme frustration and resentment, and fails to serve anyone.

How do you let go of people pleasing and embrace the kick-ass assistant you know you are?

Here are a few tips:

  1. Know the difference between inserting yourself into other people’s shoes vs. their brain. Looking at things from your exec’s perspective is very different from trying to control what they thinks about you.
  2. Decide that you, and your contribution, are enough. It really is a decision.
  3. Realize that it’s not your job to make everyone, even your executive, happy all of the time. (No, really! It’s not.) In the same way your happiness is yours to own, their happiness is their to own. Allowing others to experience the bad along with the good allows for them to get to experience the fullness of the human experience.

Here’s the irony… We people please to make everyone else around us happy thinking this will bring us happiness, but it seldom does! Most of the time it only leads to bitterness, entitlement, and frustration.

To learn more about Annie, please visit her website: WholeAssistant.com or connect with her on LinkedIn.


Join Our Lunch & Learn So You Can Take Your 401K to 401YAY 💵


How to make the most of your 401K Event

Did you know that the average American could lose out on $700,000 over the course of their lifetime just by leaving behind their 401(k)?

Next Wednesday 8/24 from 1PM ET, we’re teaming up with Capitalize and Tess Waresmith (an awesome financial wellness coach) to help you turn your 401K into a wealth-building tool. Bring your lunch and soak in the financial tips.

Why you should join our free lunch & learn:

  • We’re keeping it short & sweet — 30 minutes of content tops.
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  • We’ll give you actionable next steps to ensure you make the most of your 401k.

Register for free

P.S. If you can’t make it, you can register to receive the recording post-event.


From George Takei


“I intend to live life, not just exist.”

Joanna’s Recs


Joanna Ericta

Show to binge 📺 : 
Death Note (Netflix)

Song to bump 🎵:
Dope by John Legend (with JID)

Movie 🎥:
Host (Shudder)

Book 📚:
Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus

Cameron’s Recs


Cameron Huber

Show to binge 📺 :
Only Murders in the Building (Hulu)

Song to bump 🎵:
N95 by Kendrick Lamar

Podcast 🎙️:
Grits to Glam

Book 📚:
How to Kill Your Family by Bella Mackie


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Senna pet of the week
Meet Senna, a 2-year-old Golden Retriever named after the legendary Formula 1 driver, Ayrton Senna🏎.
He loves to swim, play catch, and get booty scratches. He goes everywhere with the family, even if it’s just a trip down the road for a 7-Eleven Icee (not for him).

We’re huge pet lovers at The Assist and want to feature a pet each week — send us a photo of your fur baby to be featured!

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