Wellness Wednesday Issue #12

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March 22, 2023
Wellness Wednesday

“When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot become manifest, strength cannot be exerted, wealth is useless, and reason is powerless.” – Herophiles


Not Your Average Stress Test


Feeling like you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders? Don’t sweat it — the first step to beating mental stress is to identify what’s causing it.

Here’s the scoop on how to spot those sneaky stress triggers:

📓 Keep a journal of how you’re feeling each day and any stressful moments that arise.

☝️ Pay attention to any physical reactions your body experiences when facing difficult situations.

🤔 Ask yourself questions about why certain events cause an increase in feelings of stress or anxiety.

Create an action plan for dealing with these types of situations in the future.

🗣️ Speak to a trusted friend or family member who can help identify potential triggers.

By having a better understanding of what causes your stress, you can take steps towards reducing it and improving your overall wellbeing. So take time today to reflect on any potential trigger points and start taking control of your mental health!


Take Charge of Your Mental Health



Don’t let stress hold you back from being your best.

The Apollo™️ wearable was designed for anyone who wants to improve their sleep, focus, and mood in an easy, safe, and effective way.

Their soothing touch therapy is proven to rebalance the nervous system, helping users get 19% more time in deep sleep, 40% less stress and anxiety, and a 25% increase in focus, on average.

👉 Start sleeping more and stressing less with 10% off Apollo


You Snooze, You Win


Missing out on quality sleep can wreak havoc on your mental and physical health, leading to mood swings, fatigue, lack of focus, and a weaker immune system. So start prioritizing your sleep routine and ensuring you’re getting the right amount of zzz’s.First thing’s first — establish a bedtime ritual that’s both relaxing and sleep-inducing. Say goodbye to those midnight snacks full of fat and sugar, which can disrupt your sleep cycle, and instead, opt for a little pre-bedtime reading or some soothing tunes.

If you’re looking for ways to track your sleeping habits, there are several free tools available online. You could use an app that records your sleeping patterns, such as Sleep Cycle or Pillow, which can measure your heart rate and movement during the night. Alternatively, you could try keeping a sleep diary where you write down your bedtime routine and any changes in energy levels throughout the day.

For more advanced tracking options, some apps offer features like a “smart wake up” that gently wakes you at the right point in your sleep cycle, or Soundscapes, which provides natural sounds of birds singing or waves crashing to help you relax before bed.

By monitoring your sleep patterns, you can start taking steps towards improving your overall wellbeing.


Solve the Mystery of Efficient Project Management



Are you tired of feeling like a detective trying to solve a mystery when it comes to managing your team’s tasks?

Introducing monday.com, the ultimate solution for uncovering all your team’s projects. 👋 Say goodbye to cluttered inboxes and disorganized to-do lists.

It’s like a one-stop shop for all your organizational needs. Plus, with its sleek design and user-friendly interface, you’ll be able to manage your team’s tasks with ease.

Try it free today


Understanding Personalities


Having a better understanding of your teammates’ personalities is key to fostering effective collaboration and improving workplace dynamics — enter, personality tests.

Personality tests give you an insight into the unique preferences and perspectives that each teammate brings to the table, allowing you to identify areas for improved communication and collaboration.

With the insights from the tests, team leaders can assign tasks according to individual strengths, which could help in achieving higher team performance. Additionally, these tests can also reveal potential conflicts among members and provide strategies to prevent them from occurring.

When it comes to choosing personality tests for your team, there are several accepted models that have been used by companies across multiple industries such as Myer Briggs or DISC.

Once everyone has completed the test, they should gather in a virtual or physical setting and discuss their results with each other – this will help them better understand each other’s motivations and working styles.

Here are some personality tests that you can share with your team:


Instead of Charades


Improv challenges can be a great way to boost workplace morale and allow your work team to have some fun.Here are some ideas to get started:

Roleplay scenarios: In this game, the team has to take on different roles and act out scenes together. Each person can play different characters in the same scene and you can set the rules as you like!

Word chain: In this classic improv game, each teammate takes a turn saying a word that links to the previous word said. The goal of the game is for everyone to think quickly on their feet while building creative connections between words.

Storytelling: This one requires a bit more effort but it’s definitely worth it. Ask the whole team to come up with a story together — each person can come up with one sentence at a time, or you could split into pairs and see what storylines emerge!

👉 Get more ideas here.


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