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August 2, 2022
Start your morning with this affirmation:
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Today’s checklist: Get the job benefits you deserve, beat your block on time-blocking, and find financial wisdom.


Job Negotiations: Show Me the Benefits


You went above and beyond to land that job you really want. Now it’s time to talk salary and benefits. It may be tempting, especially when you really want the job, to be as agreeable and non-confrontational as possible. Plus, you know the economy is tight right now. Maybe they really can’t pay more than they’re offering…

But wait! Even if a company can’t offer you additional base pay, they can always do something else to sweeten the deal, and you owe it to yourself to ask for that something.

If the hiring manager makes “closed door” comments about budgets and salary ranges, pivot your negotiations to your non-compensation benefits package, which more and more companies are highlighting in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Non-Compensation Benefits Negotiation Basics  

  • Know what options might be on the table:
  • Pick 1-3 benefits to prioritize in your negotiation.
  • Establish one benefit that costs your future employer nothing, such as a title change or flexible work options. Keep this in your back pocket, just in case.
  • Determine your ultimate objective.
  • Do you need full access to the benefit or would you settle for HR’s assurance that they will work to add that benefit to their offerings?
  • Ground your argument in numbers:
    • Calculate the difference between the salary offer and the one you know you deserve.
    • Compare that number to the estimated value of the benefits you want and the offered salary to demonstrate your compromise.
  • Provide other (even non-monetary) reasons you want and deserve the benefits.
    • Indeed.com uses the example of explaining how additional vacation days would help ensure your work doesn’t suffer from the drains of burnout.
  • If you make any agreements, ensure they’re reflected in writing in your offer letter, even if they deal with abstract concepts.


It’s 2022. New hire onboarding shouldn’t be manual anymore



Do you wake up in a cold sweat worried something just slipped through the cracks of your new hire onboarding? Are you tired of managing everything in ugly, out-of-date spreadsheets? The constant pings? Endless emails? 😩

Escape the burn-out and start delivering better onboarding experiences in less time with Sora 🎉.

Automate all those repetitive tasks in Sora, so you’re spending less time on tedious stuff and more time delivering a great, human onboarding experience.

Start using Sora yourself today or grab some time on their calendar and they’ll walk you through building your onboarding workflow.

Yes, I want to create a better onboarding experience


Mantras to Get Over Your Block on Time Blocking


Mantra #1: I don’t have to feel guilty for avoiding emails and messages when I’m pursuing focused work.

If you want time blocking to work for you, then you have to keep your blocked time sacred, accept no distractions (or prisoners), and feel no debilitating guilt.

Mantra #2: I will do just one thing at a time.

Mozart once said (allegedly): “The shorter way to do many things is to only do one thing at a time.” He intuitively understood the core principle that makes time-blocking work.

Mantra #3: Not everything can or should be my priority.

Time blocking is about letting go of getting everything done and getting the most important things done well. This requires some commitment and some difficult choices, but it’s all for the best.


Here’s What Employees Actually Want


Bonusly's Whitepaper on What Employees Want

It’s been quite a wild ride for HR teams over the last few years.

To understand what employees want most from employers, Bonusly put together this study.

One trend they’ve uncovered is that employees want more appreciation from employers — 63% of workers have described feeling unappreciated by their employer on a daily basis.

Here’s what this free white paper includes:

  • 📊 Survey results from 2,000 U.S. workers.
  • 💚 How employees want to be recognized.
  • 🤑 Where compensation, benefits, career growth opportunities, and wellness stipends fit into the larger picture.
  • ✅ Takeaways for HR leaders and people managers.

Get the free whitepaper


Factbusting Financial Assumptions


Talking openly about personal finances has long, and unfortunately, been social taboo. The instinct to keep finances secret only makes handling them more mystifying, confusing, and solitary, leading to assumptions, such as…

Financial advisors are for rich people. 

Truth: Financial advisors have the ability to help anyone grow their wealth. However, this common assumption does contain a nugget of truth: According to U.S. News and World Report, owners of small accounts, which often don’t earn their brokers commissions, could come with a complex web of fees.

Practical Advice: 

Don’t just get a financial advisor because you know it’s generally a good idea. Determine if it truly makes sense for your present circumstances, how much capital you have available, and your future goals. Advisors and planners aren’t just for building wealth. For example, if you’re starting a family and want to balance investing in your childrens’ future and your own retirement, then a financial advisor can help you determine an optimal strategy.

Take your time finding the right financial advisor. NerdWallet has a great primer on this.

Review, review, and review the fees associated with any account you’re considering until you understand them. After that, you have to weigh the cost of paying for a financial advisor against the benefits you could gain, all in the context of your particular financial situation.

If your employer offers discounted financial advising services, take advantage of them, but definitely still analyze the fees in detail.


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