Issue #84: Watercooler Talk

The Assist Newsletter
May 2, 2022

Goodies for All the Moms


Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday, May 8! Don’t forget a thoughtful gift, one that goes beyond the last-minute flowers.

DIY – Galaxy Color Block Coasters

What she’ll say: “You did NOT make this. It looks so expensive.”

Live Dracaena in a Mother Earth Planter

What she’ll say: “I love her, my new bestie. I can’t wait to watch Bridgerton with her.”

The Motherlode 100+ Women Who Made Hip-Hop

What she’ll say: She won’t say anything. She’ll be too busy reading.

The Little Market Mommy + Me Matching Bracelets

What she’ll say: “I can’t believe you’re finally willing to match me!”

Adventurist Backpack Sidekick Crossbody

What she’ll say: “I’m so glad it’s not a candle!”

Out of the Way World Stemless Sassy Pants Wineglasses

What she’ll say: “You know I wear my sassy pants every day.”

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