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April 4, 2023
Start your morning with this affirmation:
OG Tuesday 132 affirmation
Today’s checklist: Boost your knowledge management knowledge, snag a recipe for the perfect focus group, meet your email gatekeeper, and learn how to say a useful sentence in 5 different languages.


Dropping knowledge management…knowledge


Knowing things is great and all, but in terms of companies, organizations, and other collaborative groups, knowledge is only as valuable as how it’s managed, and more importantly, shared within groups.

Enter knowledge management, or more specifically, knowledge management tools that streamline the process of making knowledge accessible to all who need it.

Why use it?

The Decision Lab offers one compelling reason:

“Recently, researchers have investigated how KM plays a role in digital transformation: how KM tools can be integrated with data and processing tools to improve the fourth industrial revolution, or ‘industry 4.0.’”

This new industry includes machine learning and automation, all revolving around human knowledge that, with proper management, can be scaled to achieve currently unknowable but likely transformative things.

The market size of knowledge management software is expected to enjoy a compound annual growth rate of 18.12% over the next few years. [MarketWatch]

Practical knowledge management tools


Are You The ‘Organizer’ In Your World?


Group Together banner

Do you organize the baby shower and birthday gifts at the office?

Maybe you’re the Room Parent and organize teacher gifts from the whole class?

You need to try GroupTogether! It’s the easiest way to collect money for a gift and create a gorgeous group card all-in-one 😍.

Just share a link and everyone can chip in and sign the card online. Then choose from 150+ eGift Cards, or give the AnyCard and let the recipient choose.

It’s SO easy. And it’s free. No school or company sign-up needed.

👉 Try GroupTogether Today 👈


Recipe for the perfect focus group



  • 1 facilitator
  • 6-9 people
  • 1-2 hours
  • A media, process, or prompt to focus on


  • Recruit participants as similar to your target audience/end user as possible
  • Create a detailed agenda that includes an icebreaker
  • Write out instructions and prompts for the facilitator, even if it’s yourself

For best results:

  • Go off script and delve deeper into topics participants are animated about
  • Ask yourself which target audience/end user might not be represented among your participants to control for bias
  • Make your plan with the format (online or in person) in mind
  • Rehearse, even in front of a mirror, before the actual session

Learn even more from Nielsen Norman Group’s Focus Groups 101 article.


Don’t start from scratch — use a template


Miro free templates

Are you tired of staring at a blank canvas when it comes to your team’s collaboration and brainstorming?

Look no further than Miro!

With a wide variety of templates, you’ll have everything you need to jumpstart your next project. From mind maps to team meeting agenda templates, Miro has it all. Plus, its intuitive interface makes it easy for even the most technologically challenged team members to use.

Some of our fave templates:

See all of Miro’s free templates

Make sure you sign up with your work email.


The Email Gatekeeper


Spark is an email platform that promises to help you “overcome information overload with tools designed to help you cut out unwanted distractions and dive into deep work.”

The tool’s “gatekeeper” feature is just one way it accomplishes this. The feature will screen and remember your senders, block irrelevant senders, and mute threads you no longer need to be CC’ed on, and yet, still are.

You can even start enjoying the gatekeeper’s services for free.


How to say: “Sorry, I’m still learning…” in 5 different languages


Sorry, I’m still learning how to speak Spanish.
Lo siento, todavía estoy aprendiendo a hablar español.
Listen to a pronunciation
Sorry, I’m still learning how to speak French.
Désolé, j’apprends encore à parler français.
Listen to a pronunciation
Sorry, I’m still learning how to speak Hindi.
[phonetic pronunciation of the Hindi characters] Kshama karen, main abhee bhee hindee bolana seekh raha hoon.
Listen to a pronunciation

Sorry, I’m still learning how to speak Chinese.
[phonetic pronunciation of the Chinese characters] Duìbùqǐ, wǒ hái zài xuéxí zěnme shuō zhōngwén.
Listen to a pronunciation

Sorry, I’m still learning how to speak Arabic.
[phonetic pronunciation of the Arabic characters] Asf , ma zilt ‘ataealam allughat alearabia
Listen to a pronunciation


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