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July 26, 2022
Start your morning with this affirmation:
Positive affirmations to start your morning.
Today’s checklist: Start being promotable instead if irreplaceable, spot the hidden growth opportunities, make pretty things with Microsoft Suite, and stay organized once and for all.


Don’t Be Irreplaceable


That’s right. We said it.

Translation: Don’t be so good at your current job that no one can imagine you moving onward and upward to a new job.

But, why? 

This Be Leaderly Ask Jo segment answers that question with a quote from talent guru Robert F. Solomon: “If you cannot be replaced you cannot be promoted.”

Stop being irreplaceable and start being promotable with this affirmation prompt:

I will strategically alter my image so people stop seeing me as synonymous with my current role. 

People acknowledge and appreciate my [FILL IN WITH SKILLS THAT DEFINE YOUR CURRENT ROLE], but I want them to notice my [FILL IN WITH SKILLS THAT DEFINE YOUR DESIRED ROLE].


Example: Sharing ideas and opinions outside your current purview to get people to stop putting you in a box.

Bonus Tips:

Talk to your boss about what makes you so good at your current role. You might be able to leverage some of these answers to advance without a traditional promotion or role change. For example, you might propose turning your current role as Data Architect into a new role as Senior Data Architect.

  • Remove some of their reservations by offering to document your processes and help directly train a replacement.
  • Never forget: It may be unpleasant, but you do not need permission to move on or quit. Not even from your boss.


Invest In The Potential Cure For Osteoarthritis



It’s not often that you get the opportunity to potentially increase your net worth by curing a painful disease. Here’s your chance.

Cytonics’ mission is to rid the world of Osteoarthritis (OA) by targeting the disease at its molecular source and reversing cartilage damage in arthritic joints.

If you’re unfamiliar with OA, it’s a debilitating joint disease that will affect 25% of adults by 2030.

Over $240B is spent yearly on ineffective treatments, like painkillers that provide temporary relief.

Cytonics has proven to reverse the progression of cartilage damage in arthritic joints, successfully treating 8,000 patients. They have also raised over $20M, including a $4M investment from Synthesis (a Johnson & Johnson company).

Learn about how you can invest in curing OA


Can you spot the hidden growth opportunities?


Feeling like you have no room for growth is your cue to start looking for it in unexpected, sometimes hidden places.

Growth hiding place 1: Your perceived setbacks and limitations.

Find growth opportunities in what you perceive to be setbacks or limitations. Lifehack recommends creating a guiding statement to suss out the positive.

For example: I feel limited by ____________ . I might be able to overcome this limitation by ____________ , and if I did that, I could ____________ .

Growth hiding place 2: Your organization’s macro growth patterns. 

The Muse recommends examining the growth patterns of your company or the trajectory of your organization overall, and if you’re not currently in a growing segment or division, considering how you might move into one.

Growth hiding place 3: Your creative intentions. 

Consider what drives you to create, what drives your desire to grow. Is it joy, calm, connection, energy, growth, expression, or renewal? Meditate on your answer and the types of activities that might cultivate that keyword.

Growth hiding place 4: Life changes of all types, shapes, and styles. 

Don’t directly target growth, but instead make changes that invite growth organically, like this person who, just by moving to a new space, uncovered new desires and opportunities.


Here’s What Employees Actually Want


Bonusly's Whitepaper on What Employees Want

It’s been quite a wild ride for HR teams over the last few years.

To understand what employees want most from employers, Bonusly put together this study.

One trend they’ve uncovered is that employees want more appreciation from employers — 63% of workers have described feeling unappreciated by their employer on a daily basis.

Here’s what this free white paper includes:

  • 📊 Survey results from 2,000 U.S. workers.
  • 💚 How employees want to be recognized.
  • 🤑 Where compensation, benefits, career growth opportunities, and wellness stipends fit into the larger picture.
  • ✅ Takeaways for HR leaders and people managers.

Get the free whitepaper


Prettify Your Microsoft Suite Game


True or false? 

You can make beautiful charts, diagrams, and graphics using nothing but Microsoft Suite. 

That, my friends, is absolutely “true.”

If you answered “false,” here are some tips and tricks that might just change your mind. (Also here are some examples to make you a believer.)


Get Organized. Stay Organized.


Falling off the “organization wagon” can feel like an insurmountable setback. You feel so lost and frazzled, and all you did was take a little vacation.

When it comes to organization, the trick isn’t just getting organized, but doing so in a sustainable way.

Here are the tips you need to get organized, stay organized, and also go on vacation:

  • Block off calendar time for ongoing organization. Keep it sacred. Take a step back, take a deep breath, and take your time getting organized.
  • Choose and adhere strictly to one task-list philosophy that works best for you.
  • Create a master list of all the tasks and things you have to do. You won’t necessarily use it every day, but it will help tremendously during those times when you feel like you’ve lost track of the big picture.
  • Limit the quantity of tasks you take on during your least productive times. A buffer ensures that, when and if you have a lapse in organization, you won’t be too overwhelmed to function.
  • Work it out by writing it out. If you stare at a computer screen all day, then staring at a computer screen might not be the best way to cultivate the distance you need to make sense of all your tasks and projects. Say “goodbye” to your screen and “hello” to a whiteboard to help your brain switch gears.
  • Break up big tasks into little tasks. (Just one of the amazing ideas we love from this professional organizer’s blog post.)
  • Group your tasks into categories that make sense to you. (Example categories: Urgency, deadline, project, goal area, importance, difficulty, etc.)
  • Let some things go. This principle helps KonMari enthusiasts declutter their homes. It can help you declutter your work life.


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