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November 29, 2023
Thirsty Thursday with The Assist
Just for fun: What was Beethoven’s favorite fruit? (Find the answer at the bottom.)


EOY Mindset Prep


@‌innergrowthreset on how to spend the rest of 2024


The One Report That Has Hiring Managers Talking


CareerBuilder Hiring Managers Report

If you’re looking to stay up to date in the world of HR, get the exclusive inside look at “Hiring Managers: State of Hiring and Retention Report” from CareerBuilder.

Key topics include:

  • 💡 The current state of hiring and how managers are addressing challenges
  • 💸 How offer packages are changing to meet market demands
  • 📈 2023 retention trends and which retention tactics are being used by most managers
  • 🔮 The future of work environments and what companies are doing to offer flexibility for their employees

Download Your Free Hiring Managers Report


How to track your contributions at work


@thelizjane on how to track your contributions at work


How to Succeed At Hard Conversations


Chris Voss On How To Success At Hard Conversations


How well do you know your team?


Miro - 1 truth 2 lies template

1 truth 2 lies is a simple icebreaker to do and creates healthy banter.

Here’s how to play:

  • Team members populate a total of three sticky notes with 2 lies and 1 truth.
  • Once completed, everyone uses dots to vote for the one they think is the truth.
  • Do a round-robin where each person gets to share verbally what the correct “truth” sticky was.

This icebreaker is really easy, quick and fun, and is a great way to energize your team before starting a meeting.

Swipe the template and play with your team


From EA to C-Suite


Lightcast shares how to rise to the top from Executive Assistant to the C-Suite.


Stuff we’re loving rn


📚 Book: TJR’s Carrie Soto Is Back is one of those books you can binge in less than 24 hours. We know its heroine — a fearless, ambitious, career driven woman — will resonate with so many of you (especially if you identify as a daddy’s girl), and you don’t even have to like tennis.

🧥 Robe: Barefoot’s done it again with this cozy and warm robe. Perfect for lounging around during the holidays.

🪴 Plants: Some of us at TA are, how do we say it…(accidental!) plant killers. And if you can relate, you may want to check out Easyplant. Just fill the water reservoir once a month, and the plant will take care of itself.

🔒 Tool: Research from NordPass cites that an average person has around 100 passwords — basically, you’re bound to reset one (or many) if you’re picking secure passwords. 1Password is so easy to use, and it will do all the remembering for you.


Our Holiday Gifting Guide


The Assist's Corporate Holiday Gift Guide

Latest Listings


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