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February 21, 2024
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Closing The Confidence Gap


@katy.mcfee explaining how to close the confidence gap
  • The confidence gap refers to the tendency for women to have lower confidence levels in themselves and their abilities compared to men.
  • This leads to fewer opportunities and success in various aspects of life, including the workplace.
  • Katy McFee further explains that a study has shown that confidence was as important as competence when it comes to career advancement.


The Easiest Way to Send Lunch or Gifts to Large Groups



Are you struggling to keep your remote team engaged?

Look no further than Hoppier!

Their platform simplifies virtual gifting and rewards, fostering connection and appreciation across your distributed team.

With a diverse selection of gift card options and user-friendly features, Hoppier streamlines the process of recognizing and motivating your employees.

Say goodbye to traditional incentives and discover a new way to boost morale and connectivity.

👉 Check Out Hoppier


Corporate Survival Tips


@corporatenatalie on surviving corporate environments early in your career
Takeaway: Natalie shares her top 5 tips to survive the corporate world when you’re just starting out:
  1. Be confident & overcommunicate
  2. Know how to make good slides
  3. Be intentional with expressing disagreement
  4. State the problem before the solution
  5. Voice your goals to management
Watch the video to get her full breakdown for each tip.


Confident Body Language Tips


@selfhelpsonya gives tips on avoiding body language that makes you appear less confident
  • Keeping your elbows glued to your side makes you look and feel smaller
  • Instead, keep them away from your body, which makes you look and feel expansive.

See Sonya’s demonstration here.

Want more tips on how to exude confidence through body language? Tony Robbins’s team breaks it down here.


Managers: Your Secret Weapon for a High-Performing Culture



We used Bonusly at the last company I worked, and everyone LOVED it.

How it works: You have a set amount of points each month (in my case it was 100 pts) that you can award to teammates along with a message.

What I personally loved about Bonusly:

  • Your points don’t roll over so it encourages you to use them before they expire; you celebrate your team’s wins, big and small
  • The feed is public so everyone (including C-suite) can see how awesome you are
    Points can be redeemed for rewards (I always redeemed mine for cash and bought flights to Cabo once!)
  • Set up is a breeze & easily scalable; our company grew to 1,000+ employees, and the plans were easy to switch as we grew.

Have more questions? Feel free to reply to this email or, better yet, set up a quick free demo here.

— Joanna (Co-Founder of The Assist)


Renting Out Your Time Won’t Lead to Financial or Time Freedom


Alex Lieberman post on Naval Rakivant’s quote on how you’re not going to get rich renting out your time.
Takeaway: Alex Lieberman shares his view on financial and time freedom and refers back to a quote by Naval Ravikant:
  • Ravikant suggests it’s not enough to just work for a paycheck.
  • You’ve got to own a chunk of something to truly build wealth and freedom.
  • One way to do that is by starting a small online business that solves a specific problem for a niche (and uses what Brett Williams did with DesignJoy as an example).


Stuff we’re loving this week


💌 Women’s sports coverage, compared to men’s, often receives significantly less attention and recognition in mainstream media — that’s why we’re stoked about the Just Women’s Sports newsletter. They deliver the top stories in women’s sports straight to your inbox 3x a week for free.

🌎 If you’re traveling somewhere new and need recommendations, we highly recommend joining the Girls LOVE Travel FB group. Searching info for a location in the group is already super helpful, but you can also post specific questions — there are 1.4M girls in this group so you’re bound to get your travel questions answered.

🔒 Cybersecurity is more important than ever — use this site to see if any of your data has recently been exposed. Everyone should use strong, hard to guess passwords, enable multi-factor authentication on all important accounts, keep an eye for phishing and spear phishing attempts, check for password duplicates and immediately set up new protection for accounts that share the same passwords.

This to-do list notepad makes planning your day more enjoyable (and comes with stickers!). Kick your day off with one thing you’re grateful for, list your to-dos, and crush your day.


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