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March 6, 2024
Thirstythurs Joke of the day

Just for fun: Did you hear about the restaurant on the moon?

Click the image for the punchline 👆.


Have you tried this in Google Cal?


@iamshreyaaa IG post on Google Calendar hacks.
  • Connect your Google Cal to Slack for daily agenda & event reminders
  • Rather than editing an event, drag and drop events to reschedule them
  • Use clockwise to auto-hunt to identify “focus time” slots
  • Did you know you can set up meetings while reading emails side by side? (If you don’t see the calendar icon on the right menu bar in gmail, it may be hidden).
  • Automate recurring meetings by setting up custom frequency
  • Color code to events vs tasks vs reminders for easy categorization
  • Add multiple cals for easy overview and collaboration
See the post so you can see how to set up each of the items above.


My 1:1 Meetings Weren’t Effective Until I Did This



We’re a small team at The Assist, so we rely on lightweight tools like Notion to power our operations.

Because we wear multiple hats (startup life for ya!), projects are constantly flying around, and priorities can change on a dime.

And even though I’d have regular 1:1s with my associate, sometimes weeks would go by before we’d realize a few to-dos slipped through the cracks.

Our solution?

  • Creating a system to track our 1:1 meetings in one place
  • Filling out agenda items prior to meeting to keep us focused
  • Ending each meeting with a clear plan of action and to-dos listed with deadlines
  • Reviewing uncompleted tasks in our next meeting and aligning on priorities

You don’t need a complicated system to stay organized — in fact, the simpler it is, the easier to keep up with it.

⭐ I recommend starting with an easy to use template like this 1:1 meeting notes from Notion.

— Joanna (Co-Founder of The Assist)


Career Advice From A Recruiter


@emily.the.recruiter shares why you shouldn’t complain to the wrong people at work and other tips she’s learned that transformed her career



Creating a work culture to bring out the best in employees


@tedxatlanta presents Chris White’s talk on how leaders can build high-performing organizations that bring out the best in people.


Chris White talk about employees quiet-quitting when they don’t feel psychologically safe or undervalued at work.

He suggest 3 ways to prevent this:

  1. Unblock communication; when employees don’t feel heard, this can feel like an identity threat causing them to close down. Continually invite teammates to speak up.
  2. Become responsive; words without action breed cynicism.
  3. Aim higher; invite your team to bring their whole selves to work. We are more than our resumes, and when you know employees on a deeper level, you can serve them better.

Ask your teammates the following question — ”What don’t we talk about around here?”

If you get crickets, it’s probably a strong signal that your organization is blocked, but at least you’ve signaled openness. It’s important to keep asking the question so that more people start opening up.


Awesome Swag Vendors Are Hard to Find — So We Found One For You



If you’re in charge of employee or client gifting, check out Stadium 🤗.

With their wide array of customizable products, they make it easy to create a lasting impression. You can even launch your own swag store to make warehousing, gift selection, and fulfillment a breeze.

💬 What others are saying about Stadium:

  • “I like the fact that a recipient can receive a gift of credits to put toward items that tickle their own fancy. It takes the guesswork out of gift-giving and everyone wins! It is also very user-friendly.” — Erica S.
  • “I like that this is a one stop shop. The ease of being able to pick from so many different items not just food related is a great touch.” — Hollie W.
  • “The ease of setting up a shop where a variety of ~200 associates could pick their own gift – that is delivered with the same settings/messages was SO helpful and exactly what we were looking for. Their customer service team was very helpful and responsive with any questions.” — Liz M.

👀 Check out Stadium here.


Heartfelt Advice: It’s The Little Things


@Lourdes Williams shares a heartfelt story about giving her daughter career advice: the importance of “the little things” in life, build not only your character but your career.


Stuff we’re loving this week


💭 Your daily stream of negative thoughts is normal….but it’s not necessary. With an innovative tool, Human Liberation helps high-performers rapidly remove self-doubt by “unlearning” core negative beliefs at the root. Learn more in their guide, 5 Steps to End Negative Self-Talk.

🎨 Whether you need to spin up invitations, beautiful social media posts, or other creative designs, Canva’s our top choice.

⭐ Project management tools are endless, so we’ve created a short list to help you choose the best one for your workflow.

💃 Get our free Women’s History Month Trivia and play with your team for a fun break during the work day!


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