#ThirstyThursday Issue #122

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March 14, 2024
#ThirstyThurs joke of the day

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Today’s checklist: 

  • A useful Excel tip for adding blank spaces
  • 25 sentences that will fuel your productivity
  • How to delegate when your employees are burnt out
  • Why you shouldn’t wait to promote employees


New job: If you’re starting a new job, asking the right questions in the beginning can make a huge difference.

Processes: Scalable businesses rely on sound processes — check out these tips on how to create processes your employees won’t hate.

Workplace Discrimination: We all know workplace discrimination occurs, but what can someone actually do about it? Read about how to file a claim with the EEOC.

Multitasking: As much as it seems like multitasking is a good thing for productivity, it’s quite the opposite. Find ways to stop multitasking for good.

Burnout: If you’re burnt out from work, you may qualify for FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act). Check out how one professional took a “stress leave”.


@The_CheatSheets video on how to add blank spaces in excel.

A trick to insert blank spaces in Excel


Takeaway: If you need to add blank spaces between lines, there’s a better way than adding it manually each time.

  • Add a helper column of sequential numbers next to your main data column
  • Copy the list of numbers you created, and paste it below the last number
  • Press CTRL + Shift + L to add filters
  • Sort by smallest to largest number
  • Delete the helper column

Watch the 30 second video here.



The Easiest Way to Send Lunch or Gifts to Large Groups


Are you struggling to keep your remote team engaged? Give Hoppier a try!

Their platform simplifies virtual gifting and rewards, fostering connection and appreciation across your distributed team.

With a diverse selection of gift card options and user-friendly features, Hoppier streamlines the process of recognizing and motivating your employees.

Say goodbye to traditional incentives and discover a new way to boost morale and connectivity.

👉 Check out Hoppier.


@success._.learning post on productivity tips in 25 sentences.

How many of these do you follow?


Takeaways: Lots of great nuggets in this post. Here are our fave 5:

  • Consume educational content at 1.5x speed — studies show there is little drop in retention rate.
  • Plan time to “do nothing” — your best ideas will come when you give your brain space.
  • Review your goals weekly, if not daily.
  • 8 hours of sleep > any supplement stack.
  • Write down your top 3 priorities every day.

Read the other 20 sentences.


@_thehrqueen tiktok on how to delegate when your team is burnt out.

Effectively delegate, no matter what


Takeaways: The top 3 reasons why you’re probably not delegating tasks…

  1. You don’t want to take the time to train someone
  2. You feel guilty assigning more work to an already burnt out team
  3. You’re not sure who can do the job well

So, how do you overcome this?

  • Play to your employees’ strengths and assign tasks based on that
  • Provide context and guidance — set them up for success
  • Give credit when it’s due to help employees feel appreciated and recognized

Get the full details in this video.


Notion Meeting Summarize AI


Have AI Summarize Your Meeting Notes


We’ve all been there — the meeting ends, and you’re left scrambling to piece together notes, action items, and that brilliant idea someone mentioned but got lost in the shuffle.

It’s a productivity killer, and frankly, you deserve better.

After each meeting, let AI generate a comprehensive summary for you, complete with clear takeaways and next steps.

Streamline your workflow, boost productivity, and let AI handle the heavy lifting.

🚀 Upgrade your meeting game with this free Meeting Summaries Template.

*Powered by Notion


Robert Sweeney post on a promotion he didn’t ask for.

Knowing your worth


Takeaways: While we appreciate Robert’s sentiment around what a good and supportive manager looks like, this isn’t always the case for many of us. We will always encourage you to be proactive when it comes to asking for the pay you deserve.

He does make two really strong points in this post:

  • Great employees won’t wait around to be promoted, but bad employees will stay.
  • If you manage an awesome employee, go beyond praise and recognition and fight for their upward mobility within the company to retain them.

Read the full post here.


Stuff we’re loving this week


📚 Building A Second Brain is a great read if you’re looking to enhance your productivity and organizing your digital life.

😂 Virtual Family Feud is one of the most popular (and super fun) games you can play with your team. Have some laughs and build stronger bonds.

🎂 This cute Birthday card set comes with 50 different designs — who doesn’t love getting a physical birthday card?

🎵 Drown out distractions with this YouTube Lofi Deep Focus Playlist.


@will_Donnelly x thread on email introductions.
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