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April 2, 2024
Thirstythurs Joke of the day

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Today’s checklist: 

  • Start using Google Voice Typing
  • Maximize your time off in 2024
  • How good managers handle 1:1s
  • Break the habit of people pleasing


🪑 Home Office: Get inspired by these home offices to maximize creativity and productivity.

🤖 AI: 230 ChatGPT prompts for marketers.

💼 Career: When it comes to promotions, it’s about who knows you.

👶 Work-Life Balance: The child care cliff is here — how working moms can stay on top.

🎨 Design: A tutorial on making multiple designs using Canva’s “Bulk Create” feature.


Enrico Zamparo shows you how to use google voice typing

Save Time Google Voice Typing



  • You can use Google Voice for Google Docs & Slides
  • Beyond dictation capabilities, you can use it to format
  • Check out the guide here; you can find the list of voice commands detailed under Step 3.

Watch a 3 min demo on Google Voice Typing here.




Partner with AI to optimize your resume


⚡️ Why spend hours researching keywords and tweaking your template when you could get an optimized resume in just minutes?

Used by over 5 million professionals, Kickresume is here to help you land your dream job by leveraging Chat-GPT 4 with thousands of proven job-winning phrases.

😁 All you need to do is paste your LinkedIn URL, and Kickresume will do the rest. It can even handle cover letters, too!

Make your CV stand out with Kickresume today.


@smallstepfinance maximize your time off

Maximize Your Time Off This Year



  • Friendly reminder to TAKE YOUR PTO!!!
  • Yes, you deserve it.
  • No, you shouldn’t feel guilty for taking time off.

Save the IG post as a reminder.


@girdley tweet on how good managers handle 1:1 meetings.

How good managers handle 1:1 meetings 


Takeaways: Good managers prioritize their people. They provide guidance and support while demonstrating care, building trust, and helping reports feel valued.

Make the most of your meetings:

  • Make 1-1s employee-centric. Focus on their concerns, goals, and growth by asking open-ended questions, actively listening, and providing coaching to support their success.
  • Embrace flexibility. Vary the 1-1 format, be open to canceling if needed, and respect your report’s time and workload to demonstrate adaptability and understanding.
  • Connect on a human level. Take interest in your employee’s life outside work and remember details they share to build rapport and show you value them as a person.
  • Prioritize recognition and development. Regularly celebrate wins, discuss their career aspirations, and provide support to help them feel valued and motivated.

Read how good vs bad managers handle 1:1s.



Use This in Your Next 1:1


Create and maintain a good working relationship between manager and employee.

One-on-one meetings are your chance to connect and align with the people you manage in the most effective way possible.

The perfect 1:1 meeting template keeps all of your agendas — tailored for each individual — in one organized place.

This template does just that by laying out roles, expectations, and how to best implement a feedback cycle.

📄 Get the 1:1 meeting template free here.

*Powered by ClickUp.


@melrobbins tiktok post on people pleasing isn’t about pleasing other people

It’s actually not about other people



  • Mel Robbins unveils that people pleasing isn’t about pleasing other people — it’s about your inability to feel uncomfortable normal emotions.
  • Break the habit of people pleasing by recognizing that you can be a good person and also put yourself first.
  • The way to do that is by learning how to tolerate the feelings of guilt, sadness, or someone else’s disappointment.

Get Mel’s full breakdown here.


Stuff we’re loving this week


📚 Discover the power of authentic creation and learn to break free from the constant need for validation in An Audience of One by Srinivas Rao — a must-read for anyone seeking to pursue their passions with unapologetic conviction.

👋 Have a new employee starting? Grab our New Employee Welcome Guide.

🥪 Send lunch or gifts to large groups in 60+ countries in minutes.

🌿 Take this 2 min quiz to discover one simple climate action to reduce your annual footprint by 1%*.

*Based on the U.S. average of 16,000kg/year.


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