#ThirstyThursday Issue #131

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May 15, 2024
Where did people hang out during medieval times?

Click the image for the punchline 👆.

Today’s checklist: 

  • GPT-4o is out now
  • The ladders of wealth creation
  • Color theory in your wardrobe
  • Recipes for National Mimosa Day


⚡ Leadership: How to manage former peers.

🔥 HR: The right way to fire someone.

🏠 WFH: How the most successful people structure their remote work day.

💸 Wealth: The 4 ladders of wealth creation.

💡 Personal Development: Why we people please and how to stop it.


An X thread on the capabilities of the newly released GPT-4o

GPT-4o Is Out Now


Takeaways: GPT-4o is out now and its capabilities are truly mind blowing. Here are a few things it can do:

  • Voice Tone Adjustment: GPT-4o can modulate its voice tone to be calmer or more dramatic.
  • Fast Counting: It demonstrates exceptional speed in counting tasks.
  • Interview Prep: The AI effectively prepares users for job interviews.
  • Meeting Participation: GPT-4o joins and summarizes meetings, identifying speakers.
  • Singing Interaction: Two GPT-4os can sing together, responding to visual cues.
  • Animal Interaction: GPT-4o can interact with animals, showcasing versatile applications.
  • Multimodal Capabilities: GPT-4o can process and generate content across multiple modes, such as text, speech, and video.

See the full X thread.


Bonusly Free Trial

3,300+ Top Companies Swear by This Platform


And now you can try it for yourself!

For the first time ever, Bonusly is offering HR decision-makers a chance to trial their full platform for 14 days—absolutely free.

Experience firsthand how their intuitive recognition and rewards system can increase employee satisfaction and foster a more positive work environment.

Not only is Bonusly beloved by our own team, but 3,300+ other organizations like Chobani, Headspace, Workday, etc., have also given their seal of approval.

See the difference Bonusly can make in your organization.

Get the free 14 day trial.


YouTube video on ladders of wealth creation

The Ladders of Wealth Creation



  • Ladder 1 is how most people make their living—trading time for money; this ladder gives you potential to increase your wealth over time, but you’ll eventually hit a cap.
  • Ladder 2 is when you have your own business; you can charge by the hour, per project, and even create an agency model where you’re hiring a team.
  • Ladder 3 is when you have a productized service.
  • Ladder 4 is when you sell products—digital or physical products, or software.

Watch the full video here.


Mel Robbins talks to Dr. Adam Alter about color theory.

Color Theory In Your Wardrobe 



  • Studies have shown that if you wear red, you feel stronger and more dominant, and are perceived as more dominant by others as well (great color to wear during negotiations!).
  • Blues and greens are calming colors, often associated with nature scenes.
  • Wearing white can give off a vibe of freshness and clarity, making it an excellent choice for presentations or interviews where you want to appear organized and trustworthy.
  • Black is often linked with authority, elegance, and sophistication.
  • Yellow is often associated with happiness, positivity, and energy; wearing it can make you feel more cheerful and confident.

See the short Instagram video here, and listen to the full podcast ep with Dr. Adam Alter here.



ClickUp’s free 1:1 meeting template

My 1:1 Meetings Used to Suck—Then I Did This


A great way to foster better relationships between you and your boss or direct report is through one-on-one meetings.

The perfect 1:1 meeting template keeps all of your agendas and action items—tailored for each individual—in one organized place.

This template does just that by laying out roles, expectations, and how to best implement a feedback cycle.

📄 Get the 1:1 meeting template free here.

*Presented by ClickUp.


YouTube video on 4 differente mimosa recipes.

Save This For Your Next Brunch


Takeaways: It’s National Mimosa Day—level up your Mimosa game with these 4 recipes:

  • Creamsicle Mimosa: Bubbly + OJ + heavy cream.
  • Tequila Sunrise Mimosa: Tequila + bubbly + OJ + grenadine.
  • Mimosa Sangria: Bubbly + diced fruit + raspberry liqueur + OJ.
  • Mimosa Floats: Melted white chocolate + sprinkles + sherbet + bubbly.

Watch the video and get recipes here.


Stuff We’re Loving This Week


😋 Snack on these delicious and good for you sweet potato chips.

📘 Discover timeless principles for a better life—dive into 12 Rules for Life.

💫 Achieve longer, fuller lashes with the popular GrandeLASH-MD.

👚 Keep your clothes wrinkle-free on the go with this portable steamer.


🚨 Job Alerts



@viralsarcazam funny video on microsoft teams alerts.
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