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May 29, 2024
A sad math book with teary eyes and a frown, surrounded by math problems, with the text: "Why did the math book look sad?"

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Today’s checklist: 

  • Mastering multigenerational team dynamics
  • Understanding AI prompt engineering
  • What happens when you die without a will
  • 4 cleaning tips you didn’t learn as a kid


💻 Here’s what to do when you can smell layoffs coming.

😜 Learn how to brag better and boost your confidence.

👀 Boost productivity with the best Notion work calendar templates.

🧳 Discover 6 reasons you’re not getting promoted.

🍸 Celebrate Mint Julep Day with this classic cocktail recipe.


 A woman wearing yellow coat is seen in a video thumbnail. She is sitting in a room with a bookshelf in the background. A small white play button is overlaid on the image, indicating it is a video.

Mastering Multigenerational Team Dynamics



  • Open Communication: Foster an environment where everyone can share ideas, utilizing various communication mediums.
  • Mentorship Programs: Pair older and younger generations to facilitate mutual learning and growth.
  • Continuous Learning and Recognition: Ensure professional development programs meet all generational needs and recognize the unique talents each member brings, enhancing team diversity.

Watch the full TikTok here.



Stop Those Sunday Scaries (Seriously)


Dread Mondays? Let’s change that.

Take a few mins to organize your upcoming work week with monday.com so you can stop your Sunday Scaries forever.

Perfect for professionals struggling to:

  • Prioritize tasks and stay focused.
  • Manage overwhelming project loads.
  • Keep teammates aligned and productive.
  • Optimize daily time management.

Customize your workspace, color-code tasks, set deadlines, and collaborate seamlessly. Turn chaos into clarity and start loving your work week again.

🚀 Try monday.com for free today!


A woman with long hair in a braid, wearing a white shirt, is seen in a video thumbnail. She is standing in a room with a bookshelf and a bulletin board in the background. A large red play button is overlaid on the image, indicating it is a video.

Understanding AI Prompt Engineering



  • It’s the process of designing and refining the prompts you’re giving an ai tool, like ChatGPT in order to better explain what you want it to do.
  • The better you get at feeding prompts, the better results you get regardless of the task or industry.
  • It’s the most important skill you can learn to achieve success and a high income because companies are quickly utilizing it and the people who know how to use it are going to be the most valuable.
  • Check out these prompt engineering best practices.

Watch the YouTube video here.


A man with short hair is seen in a video thumbnail, wearing a black shirt, with a bookshelf filled with books and various items in the background. A large red play button is overlaid on the image, indicating it is a video.

What Happens If You Die Without A Will



  • Generally if you die without a will, it’ll go to your spouse. No spouse? It’ll go to your kids. No kids? Then your parents next (or next of kin).
  • Where your assets go and how they go is dependent on your state.
  • If you have no next of kin, the government will end up with your assets.

Watch the video for more details.


A banner from Kickresume promoting their AI Resume Checker. On the left side, the Kickresume logo is displayed in red, followed by bold text reading, "AI Resume Checker: Get your resume score now." In the center, there is a sample resume for "Larry Bear" showing various sections like resume objective, work experience, education, languages, and interests. On the right side, a circular gauge displays a score of 75/100, with a horizontal bar below indicating an optimal word count range of 650-750 words, marked on a scale from 0 to 1000 words.

Get Instant Resume Feedback From Kickresume


Let GPT-4-powered analyzer review your resume and go over its strongest and weakest points.

The AI is meant to simulate a real recruiter’s resume feedback and will give you additional tips on how to make your CV stand out.

Put your resume up against other resumes from Kickresume’s database that were written by people who got hired at the world’s top companies:

  • ✅ Accept suggested revisions with a single click
  • 💡 Custom-tailored resume tips
  • 🚀 Increase your resume score & get hired faster


A close-up shot of someone using a scraper to clean a black metal stove rack. The person is wearing a pink glove. A play button is overlaid on the image, indicating it is a video.

4 Cleaning Tips You Didn’t Learn As A Kid



  • Combine equal parts vinegar and Dawn soap for a in-shower mixture to use while in the shower.
  • Use pumice stone to clean stove racks and a scraper to clean the stove top.
  • Turn your lights off before cleaning the bathroom mirror for a streak-free clean.

Watch the full TikTok.


Stuff We’re Loving This Week


🕯️ Create a vibe with these flameless candles.

💰 Calling all US based admins to contribute to The US Administrative Professionals Salary Survey (anonymous and takes <5 min)! The data and insights will be provided in a free report that will prove valuable to administrative professionals who need to know their worth in the current market.

🪮 These scrunchies are strong enough to hold those top buns into place without giving you a headache.

🥘 This do-it-all pan simplifies your life but also let’s you make literally anything with its many abilities like steaming, frying, and baking.


A humorous tweet from Rikhman Rashidi (@rikhman) showing a conversation between an interviewer and the person being interviewed. The interviewer asks, "Can u multitask?" to which the interviewee responds, "Depends, can the salary multiply?”


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