#ThirstyThursday Issue #134

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June 5, 2024
'Why did Spiderman join social media?'

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Today’s checklist: 

  • The #1 way to build a great culture
  • How to finish tasks faster
  • 3 things to do as you prep for mat leave
  • A 10-question pop quiz


📨 Career: How to write your letter of resignation.

💲 Finances: How to change your beliefs about money.

🎓 Shopping: 51 graduation gifts they’ll actually use.

✊🏼 Empowerment: Stop calling women accidental CEOs.

🧦 Adulting: Should you wash your socks inside out?


A man wearing a white cap, sitting in a red couch while holding a microphone. The text overlay at the bottom left of the image reads, "TO BUILD A GREAT CULTURE" in black with light turquoise background. The image has a soft blue, red and dark blue abstract border.

The #1 Way to Build a Great Culture



  • Spending 1 on 1 time with your employees is the #1 way to build great culture at work.
  • The key: make them feel safe enough to tell you the truth of what’s working well and what’s not.
  • Learn what makes your employees tick.
  • Actively make time for these conversations.
  • Recognize that your employees’ wants/needs change over time.

Watch the full TikTok here.


Get the free collaborative 1:1 agenda template.

Maximize the Impact of 1:1 Meetings


1:1s are prime opportunities for feedback and alignment—when done right.

Perfect your next 1:1 meeting with these tips & free template:

  • 🔁 Run 1:1 meetings regularly, customizing the frequency for different team members, as needed.
  • Create a collaborative agenda where both sides add discussion points and keep track of topics.
  • ✏️ Do any necessary preparation/readings in advance.
  • 🧭 Start on time and keep the meeting to 30 min if possible.
  • 🤝 Keep it personal—cover work as well as personal updates.
  • 🎙 Engage in two-way communication by asking insightful questions and actively listening.
Don’t want to start from scratch? Try Candor’s 1-on-1 tool for free.


A young woman with long, straight hair is speaking in a car, with sunglasses resting on her head. The text overlay at the top of the image reads, "⚠️ a tip for procrastinators ⚠️" in yellow. The background shows the car's interior, with seats and windows visible. The image has a soft blue and yellow abstract border.

How To Finish Tasks Faster: A Procrastination Tip



  • Setting vague deadlines (e.g. “I’ll do it today”) often leads to procrastination, as the lack of specificity allows tasks to be delayed throughout the day.
  • Instead, set a specific time block (e.g. 3-4 pm) to complete a task to make sure it gets done.
  • Defining a clear time frame for tasks helps you focus better, as you have a set period dedicated solely to that task, reducing distractions and interruptions.

Watch the full TikTok.


Person sharing three essential tips that no one else will tell you, aimed at providing unique and valuable advice around prepping for mat leave.

3 Things to Do As You Prep For Mat Leave 



  • Update your resume while your skills are still fresh in your mind.
  • Negotiate your return to work terms now.
  • Make copies of any documents or files you might need while on leave.

Watch the full TikTok.



Awesome Swag Vendors Are Hard to Find — So We Found One For You


If you’re in charge of employee or client gifting, check out Stadium 🤗.

With their wide array of customizable products, they make it easy to create a lasting impression.

You can even launch your own swag store to make warehousing, gift selection, and fulfillment a breeze.

💬 What others are saying about Stadium:

  • “I like the fact that a recipient can receive a gift of credits to put toward items that tickle their own fancy. It takes the guesswork out of gift-giving and everyone wins! It is also very user-friendly.” — Erica S.
  • “I like that this is a one stop shop. The ease of being able to pick from so many different items not just food related is a great touch.” — Hollie W.
  • “The ease of setting up a shop where a variety of ~200 associates could pick their own gift – that is delivered with the same settings/messages was SO helpful and exactly what we were looking for. Their customer service team was very helpful and responsive with any questions.” — Liz M.

Check out Stadium’s swag here.


Text image challenging viewers to ace a 10-question grammar test from 1984 that no adult has ever scored perfectly on.

Will You Score a 10/10?



  • A fun 10-question quiz to test your spelling and grammar skills.
  • Write your answers down as you go, and tally up your score at the end.

Answer the 10 questions.


Stuff We’re Loving This Week


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🪒 Switch to these razors for a longer-lasting shave and easy refills instead of replacing the whole razor.

📚 Check out The Power of Self Discipline — part textbook, part self-help guide, and a pep talk you didn’t know you needed.

🌿 Say goodbye to spilling water on your house plants with this indoor watering can.


Meme showing a character with tired, skeptical eyes captioned: 'work: gives paid time off, me: uses paid time off, work:' highlighting the ironic reaction of workplaces when employees use their given benefits.


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