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June 11, 2024
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Today’s checklist: 

  • The questions you should ask your direct reports
  • How to manage work when everything is a “priority”
  • The Big FU
  • A craft idea: sewing swimsuit bottoms in 30 min


📝 Resume: Enhance your CV with these essential soft skills.

🧠 ADD: Understand the basics of Attention Deficit Disorder.

💬 Communication: Learn when to use emojis in work emails.

💁🏽‍♀️ Workplace: Why are high-potential women hesitant about leadership?

🎧 Podcasts: Check out the top true crime podcasts to binge.


A woman in glasses and a pink sweater is featured in a video frame, with a caption that reads, "The question you should ask your direct reports / people you manage." The background shows hanging clothes, suggesting a casual, candid setting. The image is overlaid with a play button, indicating that it is a video.

The Questions You Should Ask Your Direct Reports



  • Instead of just transactional talk, it’s important to ask the right questions to get the insights you need.
  • Ditch: “How are you?”
  • Try: “What roadblocks are there that I can help remove to help you get your job done? How can I make your job easier? How can I help you get things across the finish line?”

Watch the TikTok here.


Traliant’s on-demand webinar: “Inclusive Management: The Key to High-Performing Teams.”

Lead Inclusively, Perform Exceptionally


Discover the key to high-performing teams in Traliant’s on-demand webinar: “Inclusive Management: The Key to High-Performing Teams.”

Why it’s a must-watch webinar:

  • Gain insights from Sarah Rowell, an expert in inclusive leadership, on practical steps your managers can take to enhance team dynamics.
  • Understand the competitive edge that inclusive managers provide by improving team collaboration, decision-making, and overall performance.
  • Experience a live demo of Traliant’s “Inclusive Management: Building Diverse Teams” course, showcasing real stories of how inclusive leadership impacts workplace interactions.

Watch the on-demand webinar here.


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How to Manage Work When Everything is a “Priority”



  • The paradox of choice is when too many options lead to mental overwhelm.
  • Binary comparison: When looking to prioritize, only compare 2 at a time because the brain is better at making binary decisions.
  • The Eisenhower Matrix: Look at each individual task and ask 1) how urgent is this? 2) how important is this? Then categorize it into do, decide, delegate, delete.

Watch the YouTube short.


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The Big FU (Follow Up)



  • Make sure you’re following up with your clients after a service—how their experience went, what you did well, and what you can do better.
  • Consider sending out an automated email 48 hours post service to get feedback.
  • Ask them to rate their experience, if they would refer a friend, rate you on Google/Yelp, etc.

Watch the TikTok here.


gif of taylor swift looking straight at you with a mic in hand, with text wooshing in saying “That meeting could have been a Guiide.”

That Meeting Could Have Been a Guidde


Manifest this: instead of summoning the entire team for another round of snooze-inducing meetings, why not let Guidde work its AI magic?

Transform your instructions into engaging how-to videos that your team will actually watch and enjoy.

Try for free now.


Video thumbnail of a woman explaining how to create an easy DIY swimsuit bottom with a cherry print pattern. The text on the video reads, "Swimsuit bottom EASY DIY with printable pattern - Learn in 20 min project.”

Easy Swimsuit Bottoms You Can Sew in 30 Minutes



  • Starting by using a simple paper pattern, you cut out the outline of the bottoms.
  • Then you cut the fabric and an inner liner to match, sew the bottoms with a straight stitch. For the top of the suit, use a zigzag stitch. Cut excess.
  • For the strings, sew the pattern inside out then use a Tina loop turner to pull the string through. Enjoy!

Watch the FB reel.


Stuff We’re Loving This Week


😴 Sleep like Sleeping Beauty with this eye mask.

🍷 Make opening a bottle of wine painless and easy with this wine opener.

🎶 Need to relax and sleep? Turn on this brown noise playlist.

🛏️ Perfect for side sleepers, this pillow provides great support.


A tweet by Nick (@LouBegaVEVO) humorously claiming that a coworker has likely fabricated the existence of a dog to justify taking multiple long breaks each day for "dog walks." Nick mentions the coworker now takes three walks daily, and when asked by the boss for a picture of the dog, the coworker excuses it as "sleeping." The tweet concludes with Nick supporting this clever ruse.


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