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May 18, 2023
Thirsty Thursday with The Assist
Just for fun: When a dad drives past a graveyard: Did you know that’s a popular cemetery? (Find the punchline at the bottom.)


For the overthinkers out there


@selfworkco Instagram post on overthinking.


Admin’s Rise!


ASAP gif banner

Each year, ASAP gauges the advancement of the administration profession based on responses of over 3,000 APs.

Now in its 4th edition, they are able to see how the profession has weathered the storm of the global pandemic, how it is evolving through advances in technology, and how it is impacted by economic challenges and changes to workplace norms.

This State of the Profession Report seeks to…

  1. Establish a baseline of current AP and EA responsibilities.
  2. Create a foundation for documenting trends in the evolution of the profession.
  3. Help individuals understand how they fit into the profession.
  4. Help companies and organizations understand this diverse talent pool.
  5. Identify development opportunities for ASAP to support the growth of APs.
  6. Help individuals in this profession identify career opportunities.

Download their report today and get a 30 FREE trial of their ASAP All-Access Pass*!

Download Report!

*ASAP’s All-Access Pass is an annual membership that gives you a full year of unlimited webinars and training resources.


AI For Your Headshots


@jinedalessandra TikTok video on using AI to create headshots.


How to Ask For a Raise

In The Know @coachemrez YouTube how to ask for a raise


The Ultimate Travel Accessory for Spring and Beyond



Discover a world of languages this spring with Babbel 🌍.

Their bite-sized, 10-minute lessons in 14 languages will have you ready for your next adventure in no time.

Whether you’re exploring the streets of Paris or savoring tapas in Barcelona, Babbel will prepare you to speak like a local.

Plus, you can enjoy 55% off your subscription if you sign up today.

Get Fluent Fast


Lessons from Lasso


Liz H LinkedIn Leadership from Ted Lasso


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The Newsette is an email full of news you need to know, stuff you’ll become obsessed with, and inspiring women to follow.

Evergreen is the eco-friendly way to keep your team engaged and happy, with sustainability initiatives that make Mother Nature proud.

Group Together is the easiest way to get a group gift and card together for a teammate. Their platform is free for unlimited people.

Miro, our fave (free) online whiteboard tool, has partnered with us to bring you the best of the best work templates. Sign up with your work email and get them for free.


Latest Listings


📙 Check out this guide to modern employee recognition.

⚡If you’re managing multiple calendars, check out these tips.

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