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March 27, 2024
#ThirstyThurs joke of the day

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Today’s checklist: 
  • Go from doer to leader
  • Hold your team accountable without micromanaging
  • Support working parents
  • How to find fulfilling work



🤑 Pay Raise: How to ask for the raise you were promised, but didn’t receive.

Time Management: 15 time management tips for achieving your goals.

📱Productivity: Optimize your iPhone for productivity, focus, and health.

💪 Motivation: Tips on motivating your team through tough times.

👀 Change: Find ways to adapt to workplace changes.



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Instagram post on a doer vs a leader.


From Doer to Leader 



  • Embrace the mindset shift from doer to leader by resisting the urge to fix everything yourself.
  • Define your leadership values and style to guide your actions and decisions.
  • Delegate tasks and allow others to learn through their struggles to foster growth and development.
  • Develop emotional intelligence to effectively manage your own emotions and those of your team.

Read the full Instagram caption here.



Bonusly gif

Managers: Your Secret Weapon for a High-Performing Culture


We used Bonusly at the last company I worked, and everyone LOVED it.

How it works: You have a set amount of points each month (in my case it was 100 pts) that you can award to teammates along with a message.

What I personally loved about Bonusly:

  • Your points don’t roll over so it encourages you to use them before they expire; you celebrate your team’s wins, big and small
  • The feed is public so everyone (including C-suite) can see how awesome you are
  • Points can be redeemed for rewards (I always redeemed mine for cash and bought flights to Cabo once!)
  • Set up is a breeze & easily scalable; our company grew to 1,000+ employees, and the plans were easy to switch as we grew.

Have more questions? Feel free to reply to this email or, better yet, set up a quick free demo here.

— Joanna (Co-Founder of The Assist)



Youtube video on how to hold accountability without micromanaging.


Hold your team accountable without micromanaging


  • Define clear expectations to help your team understand what they’re accountable for.
  • Empower your team to take ownership by giving them space to find solutions.
  • Regularly communicate with your team about their progress, providing guidance and support as needed.
  • Celebrate successes and learn from failures together, fostering a culture of accountability and continuous improvement.
  • Lead by example.



How to help your employees survive the parental juggle.


A Company Culture That Supports Working Parents



  • Working parents face unique challenges and can lack support structures, which can lead to burnout.
  • Implement flexible work arrangements, generous leave policies, and realistic performance expectations to help parents better manage their work and family obligations.
  • Provide emotional support through counseling services, peer support groups, and employee resource groups.
  • Offer resources and assistance for time management, self-care, and childcare.
  • Foster a culture of open communication, understanding, and empathy, acknowledging the challenges working parents face and actively working to address their needs.

Read more here.





The Easiest Way to Send Lunch or Gifts to 60+ Countries


Are you struggling to send lunches, rewards, or gifts to your remote employees? Give Hoppier a try!

Their platform simplifies virtual gifting and rewards around the world for global teams.

With 1000’s of options to choose from and user-friendly features, Hoppier makes it easy to recognize and motivate your employees wherever they are.

The best part is that you get back all unused funds unlike traditional giftcards!

👉 Check out Hoppier.



TikTok video on how to find fulfilling work.

How to Find Fulfilling Work


Takeaways: This video is part history, part psychology, part philosophy, and focuses on the idea of finding fulfilling work (in under 5 minutes).

Here are the 6 ideas shared in the video to find fulfilling work:

  1. Accept that being confused about careers is normal.
  2. Know yourself (and if you don’t know yourself, start learning).
  3. Think…a lot — it takes time and daily reflection to figure out what you really want.
  4. Try something (shadowing, volunteering, interning) to better understand what you enjoy.
  5. Understand other people’s problems that you would be interested in solving.
  6. Be confident. Sometimes, the only difference between success and failure is having the courage to try.

Get the full details in this video.


Stuff we’re loving this week


🐝 For those “I forgot to eat lunch” days, stock up on this GF nuts & honey bar.

🪥 Brushing your teeth is basic, but your toothpaste doesn’t have to be. Try this all natural toothpaste.

🐰 Easter is on Sunday and we found the perfect DIY basket gift set.

📚 If you’ve ever wondered why you make the decisions you do, Thinking, Fast and Slow is the book that will open your eyes to the fascinating world of your own mind.



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