#ThirstyThursday Issue #17

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March 10, 2022

Thirsty Thursday with The Assist


Go Remote Already!



How to Make Your Mondays Not Suck


Monday.com Banner

If you’re old school and keep a notebook and pen handy to write down your to-dos, or use a handful of apps to stay on top of projects, monday.com can either supplement your workflow or become your sole solution to get things done.

The really cool thing about it is that you can manage all your team’s work in one place (oh, and you can get it free if you’re strapped for cash).

No more endless e-mail threads or long meetings. With monday.com you can keep track of everything your team’s working on, communicate in context, and get started in minutes with a super easy set-up.

Yes, I want to make my Monday better

P.S. We love their content calendar & event planning templates.


Don’t Slap a Band-Aid on That Burn



The 4 Quadrants of Job Interview Prep



Add This to Your Reading List

The Daily Upside

If you love The Assist (🤞 fingers crossed you do), you must value getting crisp insights and actionable intel without all the BS.

The Daily Upside, founded by a team of bankers and journalists, is another great newsletter for big-brained readers.

Built with investors in mind, The Daily Upside is packed with heavy-hitting analysis and stories you simply won’t find elsewhere.

It’s the perfect complement to The Assist, striking that elusive balance of gravitas and wit.

Sign up for free here and thank us later


Be an Outlook Pro in No Time



Why, Trello There



In Case You Missed It…


Thnks is a platform for building stronger business relationships through efficient, personalized and thoughtful gestures of appreciation. Send to anyone instantly via text or email.

Uber for Business makes it easier than ever to impress clients or team members with meal and ride vouchers (plus, you only get charged for what actually gets used).

Cabinet is the platform for everything executive assistants and admins need to streamline and modernize administrative operations.

Boxed offers a consumer-like buying experience making procurement easy, efficient, and reliable. The items your office needs are delivered fast, at a competitive rate, directly to you.


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The Assist Store — Weekly Drop

Check out our Etsy store! We added an Affinity Month Game Bundle to our store; it includes 5 games total. We’ll be adding more products to our store on a regular basis, so we highly suggest bookmarking it.

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Craving more content? Here are some recs to tie you over until then.
  • Earth Day is coming up on 4/22! Get some ideas on how to celebrate.
  • Need help with workplace wellness? Start here.
  • Work-life balance still remains a challenge for many. Strike that balance with these tips.
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