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May 24, 2024
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🤔 Brainteaser of the day: What is something you can see in the darkest times, can lift you up without touching you, and can be shared without being spoken?

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Today’s checklist: 

  • Joanna shares ChatGPT prompts for travel planning
  • Keep your skin protected & hydrated this summer
  • A true crime doc to binge
  • Meet our pet of the week: Lizzy


🧠 Productivity: Do you use any of these productivity apps?

🏡 Home: 12 first-time buyer mistakes and how to avoid them.

🛍️ Shopping: 21 Memorial Day furniture & home decor sales.

🍸 Cocktails: Taste test any of these springtime cocktails.

🫦 Sex: Spice up the bedroom with audio porn.


Utilizing ChatGPT to plan your next vacay


Outside of work, I’ve used ChatGPT to help me plan vacation itineraries.

I like to pack vacations to the brim — see everything, do everything.

So for my family trip last year to Europe, I did my own research and used ChatGPT to help optimize my itinerary. (Here’s an example prompt I would start with.)

Here are some tips on using it to plan your next trip:

  • Include info on your travel companions; for example, I was traveling with my parents in their early 70s, so that’s something I noted.
  • Be specific about preferences; hobbies, interests, dietary restrictions, preferred travel destinations, etc.
  • Set clear goals for your trip; are you looking to relax, adventure, or a mix?
  • Include your budget; give budget ranges for things like accommodations, dining options, activities, etc.
  • Note which days you can be flexible or if there’s something you need to do a specific day.
  • Mention any health or safety considerations like accessibility or medical conditions.
  • Plan for some downtime.

Helpful prompt templates:

Destination Selection:
I want to plan a vacation to [type of destination, e.g., beach, mountain, city, historical site, etc.]. Can you suggest some destinations that would be ideal for a [duration] trip in [season]?

Accommodation Recs:
Can you recommend some accommodations in [destination]? I’m looking for [type of accommodation, e.g., hotel, resort, Airbnb, hostel, etc.] with [specific requirements, e.g., ocean view, family-friendly, budget-friendly, luxury, etc.].

Activity Recs:
What are some must-do activities in [destination]? I’m interested in [specific interests, e.g., outdoor adventures, cultural experiences, relaxation, nightlife, etc.].

Dining Recs:
Can you suggest some dining options in [destination]? I’m looking for [specific type of cuisine, dietary restrictions, special dining experiences, budget, etc.].

Transportation Recs & Logistics:
What are the best ways to get around [destination]? Can you provide information on public transportation, car rentals, or other options?

Budget Planning:
Can you help me estimate the budget for a trip to [destination] for [number of people] for [duration]? Include costs for accommodation, food, activities, and transportation.

Weather & Packing Tips:
What is the weather like in [destination] during [month/season]? Can you provide some packing tips based on the weather?

Travel Tips & Safety:
Do you have any travel tips or safety advice for [destination]? I’m particularly interested in [specific concerns, e.g., solo travel, health precautions, local customs, etc.].

Happy planning!

Joanna (Co-Founder of TA)



Awesome Swag Vendors Are Hard to Find — So We Found One For You


If you’re in charge of employee or client gifting, check out Stadium 🤗.

With their wide array of customizable products, they make it easy to create a lasting impression.

You can even launch your own swag store to make warehousing, gift selection, and fulfillment a breeze.

💬 What others are saying about Stadium:

  • “I like the fact that a recipient can receive a gift of credits to put toward items that tickle their own fancy. It takes the guesswork out of gift-giving and everyone wins! It is also very user-friendly.” — Erica S.
  • “I like that this is a one stop shop. The ease of being able to pick from so many different items not just food related is a great touch.” — Hollie W.
  • “The ease of setting up a shop where a variety of ~200 associates could pick their own gift – that is delivered with the same settings/messages was SO helpful and exactly what we were looking for. Their customer service team was very helpful and responsive with any questions.” — Liz M.

Check out Stadium’s swag here.


Summer Skin Essentials

Summer Skin Essentials


Protect and hydrate your skin with these essential products. From sunscreen to lightweight moisturizers, keep your skin glowing and healthy all summer long:


Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez

Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez 


This gripping 2020 American true crime documentary series delves into the life of Aaron Hernandez, a former professional NFL player turned convicted murderer.

The series explores the chilling details of his crimes and how he managed to conceal his dark secrets while maintaining his football career.

Packed with drama, the documentary not only captivates but also provides context relevant to current football events.

Even if you catch a glimpse of Tom Brady’s comedy roast, you’ll notice references to Hernandez.

It’s a perfect pick for anyone interested in true crime, and an intriguing watch to share with an NFL fan—even if they’re usually not into the genre.

For fans of: Making a Murderer, The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story, The Staircase

Watch it with: your football loving but not-so-into-true-crime friend or boyfriend



Avoid A Sucky Work Week


Take a few minutes to organize your upcoming work week with monday.com to avoid the Sunday Scaries.

It’s perfect for anyone who is struggling to…

  • Prioritize tasks
  • Fight overwhelm due to the amount of projects flying around
  • Keep teammates on the same page
  • Manage time throughout the workday

You can customize your space, color code, set deadlines, collaborate with teammates, and more.

Like any tool, we suggest you try it out for yourself to see if it covers all the bases.

💡Get started here for free.


An image of a tweet from the user @HappyFishz with the name "The J." The tweet reads, "A FITNESS APP JUST GAVE UP ON ME OMG HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA." Below the tweet is a screenshot of a notification from the MyFitnessPal app, which says, "These reminders don't seem helpful. We'll stop them so they don't bother you." The background of the image is light purple.


A cheerful image featuring a Corgi with one blue eye and one brown eye, named the "Pet of the Week." The Corgi is smiling, and the design includes playful paw prints and bone icons, adding to the friendly vibe.

Meet Lizzy


Lizzy is an American Corgi — she’s a cross between a Cardigan and a Welsh Pembroke.

She knows just how to “talk” to her owners by using a high-whiney voice, usually when they’re standing by the Treat-o Jars and she wants some!

She’ll come up behind them in the kitchen sink and drop her treat bone. Zoomies are the norm for her but she loves to cuddle with hugs.

Oh, and every blanket in the house belongs to her.

💌 We’re huge pet lovers at The Assist and want to feature a pet each week — fill out this form for your fur baby to be featured!


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