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June 13, 2024
Illustration of a floral background with a motivational quote encouraging patience and embracing life's surprises: 'Don’t be in such a rush to figure everything out. Embrace the unknown and let your life surprise you.’”

🤔 Brainteaser of the day: What can be built over years but destroyed in seconds?

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✅ Today’s checklist:

  • Managing work-life balance while kids are on summer break
  • Patriotic picks for 4th of July
  • What we’re binging this weekend
  • TA reader Niki on celebrating identity
  • Meet our pet of the week: Miguel


💵 Money: Financial therapist helped me learn why I can’t save.

🏆 Development: Understand how to evaluate success.

💔 Relationships: Discover what fearful avoidant attachment is and its impact.

👗 Fashion: Explore the boob subreddits for bra size advice.

🏡 Home: Things every homeowner should know how to do.


Illustration of a chaotic living room with children playing, toys scattered, and a woman working on a laptop, depicting the challenges of balancing work and family life in a busy household.

Managing Work-Life Balance While Kids Are On Summer Break


Balancing work and parenting during your kids’ summer break can be daunting but is achievable with the right strategies.

Here’s a guide inspired by insights from various experts on how to maintain your productivity while ensuring your children have an enjoyable summer.

  1. Establish a Dedicated Workspace: Having a specific area designated for work can help create a physical boundary between your professional and personal life. If space allows, use a room with a door to minimize interruptions. For smaller spaces, setting up a distinct work zone can also signal to your family when you’re in work mode.
  2. Flexible Scheduling: Take advantage of your home’s proximity to weave in quality time with your kids. Plan your breaks around their activities; for instance, align your lunch break with their playtime. This can help you spend quality time with them without compromising your work responsibilities.
  3. Set Ground Rules: Clear communication about when and how you can be approached during work hours can help manage expectations. Simple signals like a stop sign on your office door or a specific lamp that is turned on when you’re not to be disturbed can be effective.
  4. Utilize Childcare Options: If possible, share childcare responsibilities with other parents, arrange playdates, or consider part-time childcare solutions. This can provide you with uninterrupted work time and ensure your children are engaged and supervised.
  5. Encourage Independence: Older children can be encouraged to engage in self-directed play or to take on small responsibilities. Prepare activities or tasks for them to accomplish during your work hours, which can help reduce the number of interruptions you face.
  6. Prioritize Health and Well-being: Regular exercise and healthy eating are crucial for maintaining your energy and managing stress. Incorporate physical activities that you can do with your children, like a morning walk or bike ride, which benefits everyone’s health.
  7. Prepare for the Unexpected: Despite the best plans, interruptions can happen. Have a backup plan for urgent work calls or deadlines. This might include setting aside a ‘quiet zone’ in your home or having activities ready that can keep your children occupied for longer periods when needed.
  8. Stay Connected and Communicative: Keep open lines of communication with your employer and colleagues about your situation. Transparency about your work-from-home arrangement can help set realistic expectations and foster a supportive work environment.

By integrating these strategies, you can create a balanced summer schedule that supports both your professional goals and your children’s well-being. Remember, the key is flexibility and open communication, both at home and with your workplace.


Joanna showing off a few pieces from her Armoire case this past week.

Dress For Success (Even If You WFH)


When the pandemic hit, I switched to working from home full time. Sweat pants and pullovers became my norm. Makeup? Forget about it.

Pre-pandemic, though, I was all about the cute work outfits. Even if I was dressing more casually, I still put in a little effort.

It made me feel confident—and that confidence translated into so many other parts of my day.

I’ve been making more of an effort again to dress up like I’m going into an office, even if it’s only down the stairs from my bedroom.

And something that’s been helping me keep my wardrobe fresh is Armoire, a woman-founded clothing rental service.

A few things I’m loving so far:

  • The style quiz is quick and the initial recommendations are better than most; plus, it gets better the more you use it.
  • If you get overwhelmed by too many choices, they have some great collections.
  • Shipping is free and speedy; I placed my order on a Tues, it shipped the next day, and I received it Fri.
  • You can swap single items out if you don’t love the fit or style on the unlimited plan.
  • I look like I’m wearing something new all the time, but I’m actually saving money (goodbye wedding guest dresses I’ll only ever wear once).
  • If you’re really obsessed with a piece, you can buy it for a steep discount off retail value.
  • The entire experience is hassle-free and you can pause or cancel any time.

Choose from three monthly plans starting at $89/mo. Use code theassist for up to 50% off your first month.

Take the style quiz today and see if it fits.

P.S. Here are the items pictured above (left to right):


Collection of colorful 4th of July decorations including banners, signs, and ornaments with patriotic themes like stars, stripes, and the American flag, celebrating Independence Day.

Celebrate in Style: Festive 4th of July Entry Décor


If you’re planning to entertain for the 4th, why not welcome your guests with a little patriotic flair?

From flags to festive wreaths, these decorations will make your entryway pop with holiday spirit.

Patriotic picks:


Promotional image for Bridgerton featuring two characters dressed in Regency-era attire. The character on the left is a man in a blue coat, and the character on the right is a woman with red hair in a green dress. The text reads 'Love will bloom, and so will secrets.

Bridgerton Season 3 


Bridgerton S3 part 2 came out yesterday and you know the TA team is currently glued to the couch in anticipation of what’s to come. Get ready for more swoon-worthy moments, intricate social drama, and of course, a cascade of gossip.

For fans of: Pride and Prejudice, Downton Abbey, The Crown, and Harlots.

Watch it with: Your sisters, besties, or mom.

Pair it with: A cup of Early Grey tea and fancy finger sandwiches—perfect for a binge-worthy afternoon of high society scandal.


a gif of 2 digital hands highlighting squares on a board and changes happening to the right shapes representing a neural network.

How 10M+ People Are Learning More In Less Time


Feeling overwhelmed by your schedule?

Brilliant’s quick, interactive lessons fit seamlessly into your day, helping you learn efficiently without sacrificing precious time.

Why Brilliant?

  • 🧠 Learn Effectively: Engage with interactive lessons proven to be 6x more effective than traditional methods.
  • 🎯 Stay Competitive: Gain expertise in math, data, and AI, all tailored for ambitious professionals.
  • 📈 Build Daily Habits: Enjoy bite-sized lessons that fit into your daily routine, making continuous learning effortless.
  • 🙌 Learn from Experts: Access world-class content from top educators and scientists, ensuring quality and relevance.

Start your 30-day free trial now.

P.S. TA readers get an exclusive 20% discount off premium annual subscriptions!


Celebrating My Authentic Identity


I celebrate my identity in my everyday life by embracing the very qualities and strengths that society once tried to suppress.

Growing up, I was told countless diabolical lies about what I could and couldn’t do simply because I was a woman.

From being told that I couldn’t play sports with my brothers to being discouraged from pursuing firefighting and military careers, I faced constant barriers. But I did it anyway.

Every day, I celebrate my identity by living authentically and unapologetically. I take pride in my accomplishments, like earning my bachelor’s and master’s degrees, completing the candidate physical abilities test for firefighting on my first try, and leading over 227 military police officers as one of the few women in my unit.

I refuse to let societal expectations define me.

In my professional life, I strive to be a role model and a beacon of strength for other women and LGBTQ+ individuals, showing that we can achieve greatness despite the odds.

I celebrate my identity by continuously pushing boundaries, proving that our worth is not dictated by gender but by our character and perseverance.

Kara Mann

Nikki Freiberg, connect with her on TikTok


Tweet by user @arabatman_ on a light purple background, humorously suggesting that employees should be allowed to fight one coworker every business quarter.


Image of a Bengal cat lounging comfortably in a fluffy basket, featured as 'Pet of the Week' with playful paw prints and bone icons surrounding the photo

Meet Miguel


Hi, my name is Miguel, I am a bengal cat.

My favorite hobbies are zoomies, chasing toy mice, napping, chasing my cat brother (he hates it) and cuddling with my sister dog (she once tried to put my head inside her mouth).

To keep fit, I do parkour and chase lasers. I have a sophisticated palate, although mom says it’s because I am spaz and don’t eat unless she hand feeds me, but isn’t that her job as my mom?

I’m cute, deal with it.

💌 We’re huge pet lovers at The Assist—submit this form if you’d like us to feature your fur baby in a future issue!


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