Weekender Issue #21

The Assist Newsletter
March 12, 2022



Treat Yo’Self


To Finding Your Purpose
What lights YOU up? Learn more about the single most powerful question >

To An Organized Life
Staying organized and productive at work is so important. Here’s 11 tips for organization and productivity >

To Festivities
It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day 🍀. Here are ways you can celebrate >

To More Productivity
The list never ends. Improve your to-do lists with these 4 tips >

To Spring Forward
What even is Daylight Saving Time? Don’t forget to change your clocks >


You Can To-Do It All


With Office Otter, you can convert your daily requests and messages automatically into tasks in one place to help you do your best work.

Designed with the utmost simplicity, Office Otter is intuitive and easy to use:

  • 💵 Have confidence and work towards a promotion with our powerful downloadable performance reports.
  • 🚀 Start the week with your top priorities through smart due dates.
  •  ✅ Never miss a step with their Checklists.

You’re a people person. Stop forcing scattered tools that weren’t made for you, and thrive in your role with Office Otter.

Sign up free today


How to Build a Better Relationship with Your Boss


Your boss: Like it or not, they play an important role in your professional life. Why? Well, if you want to continue to climb the career ladder and make forward progress in your career, your boss’s favorable opinion is (very) important.

Plus, when you spend so much time working with someone, it’s only natural to crave at least a decent rapport between the two of you. However, you don’t need me to tell you that establishing and fostering a positive relationship with your superior isn’t always so easy. It can be tough to walk that line between overly professional and a little too comfortable.

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Finally, an App to Get a Good Night’s Sleep


Headspace banner

Getting good sleep seems like a simple thing to do, right?

Lay down and close your eyes — piece of cake.

Then how come 32.6% of working adults get less than 7 hours of sleep? And why do women have a lifetime risk of insomnia 40% higher than men?

How about you — did you get a good night’s sleep last night, or did you get up to pee again at 3AM and take another 20 minutes to fall back asleep 😩?

Our point is, sleep actually doesn’t come so easily for many of us.

Luckily there are more tools than ever to help you get the much needed rest you deserve.

Our favorite app out there right now is Headspace.

It’s not free, but hear us out — instead of buying one Starbucks latte in a month, you can use Headspace’s meditations and sleepcasts to feel happier, less stressed, and more rested.

To sweeten the deal, we’ve gone ahead and partnered with Headspace to give you 14 days to try it for free before you have to commit to ditching that latte.

Bring on the Zzzzs


From Amy Poehler


“If you can dance and be free and be embarrassed, you can rule the world.”


Our Weekend Recs


Show to binge 📺 : Little Fires Everywhere (Hulu)

Song to bump 🎵: If I Was a Cowboy by Miranda Lambert

Podcast 🎙️: Rotten Mango

Book 📚: Love Your Job: The New Rules for Career Happiness by Kerry E. Hannon

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