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July 23, 2022
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Brainteaser of the day: Fourteen of the kids in the class are girls. Eight of the kids wear blue shirts. Two of the kids are neither girls or wear a blue shirt. If five of the kids are girls who wear blue shirts, how many kids are in the class?

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Treat Yo’Self


🗓 To Goals
Haven’t progressed in your annual goals? Don’t worry! Check out what you can do mid-year to achieve them >

🥤 To Smoothies
Nothing better than a cold smoothie on a hot day. Here are 40 yummy recipes >

💇‍♀️ To Burnout Relief
No one talks about hair loss and burnout. But it’s a real struggle and here’s why >

👛 To Designer Bags
Want the designer bag look without the price tag? Here are 6 affordable purses that look chic >

🤑 To Negotiation
Salary negotiations seem stressful and anxiety fulled. But, not when you follow these 3 steps >

P.S. Check out @coach.emrez’s IG too for more useful negotiation tips!


Beat Zoom Fatigue With Team Retreats


TeamOut Banner

The zoom fatigue is real 😩 — luckily, we have the perfect remedy…TeamOut!

TeamOut is an online platform where you can easily book a team retreat so you can build stronger relationships with your work fam.

They provide curated retreat properties as well as concierge and event planning services, so you can focus on enjoying some quality time with your teammates.

The best part is you’ll stay at unique venues that are always within 30 minutes of an airport, so you’ll never deal with tricky and long routes.

Book Your Team’s Next Adventure

3 Questions That Will Change Everything


In last month’s email I shared the foundation to overcoming overwhelm. If you can’t recall, towards the end of that email, I talked about approaching your thoughts with compassionate curiosity whenever you’re experiencing overwhelm.Whenever you’re stuck in overwhelm, everything seems to hold the same weight, which only makes it harder to prioritize and take action.

Today, I’m going to give you 3 questions you can ask yourself that will help you get unstuck and help you know where to start.

  1. What will my executive or supervisor request or require next? Not only will this question give you an understanding of what you should handle next, it will also serve to align you with your exec’s priorities.
  2. What is important and not merely urgent? As assistants we like to be helpful. Helping others with their “urgent” tasks can undermine your effectiveness in getting truly important tasks done. It is okay to refer your colleague to another resource, offer a reasonable timeline for your help, or give a well placed, “no”.
  3. What can wait, be delegated, or scrapped altogether? You might be feeling anxious about your workload but instead of prioritizing or strategizing, you try to take care of requests as they hit your plate. This causes your job to feel like an endless game of whack-a-mole. What’s worse? Higher priority projects become afterthoughts. This question can ground you to what’s truly important.

Few things are as emergent as we make them out to be. These questions are my guideposts when it comes to prioritizing and taking action on needle moving tasks and projects.

Take a breath. You’ve got this!


To learn more about Annie, please visit her website: WholeAssistant.com or connect with her on LinkedIn.


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Get This Handy Retention Checklist


Bonusly 7/23 banner

More than half of employees who have left a job say their manager could have done something to keep them around for longer 😬.

Get the free handy checklist for managers to retain top talent on their teams — you’ll get:

  • ✅ An interactive PDF that yes, lets you literally check off boxes!
  • 💡 Actionable tips to improve retention that can be put in action immediately.
  • 🔄 Different areas of the employee lifecycle to focus on.
  • ⚒️ New tools and resources to consider when working with your teams.

Yes, give me the free checklist

Compatibility: Aries + Scorpio

Nebula 7/23

Aries and Scorpio are a classic and usually a positive pairing. They can often bring out the best in each other as colleagues. Both signs love power and status. If they work together, they can be formidable and make a strong team.

It is usually a very goal-orientated partnership as far as working and collaboration go, meaning that this pair GETS THINGS DONE!

Whilst these positives will often define the working relationship, Aries’ & Scorpios can also experience pitfalls as colleagues. Aries’ impatience can annoy their Scorpio colleague, whilst Aries could become frustrated with their Scorpio teammate due to their possessiveness.

Both signs are ruled by Mars, meaning this pairing can sometimes become a battlefield with each one trying to be the victor. Therefore, it is vital that they keep a shared vision and an eye on the collective prize to avoid this conflict.

The best way to improve the interaction between the two is to listen to each other. Truly listening to a colleague takes respect, and it is that which will make this a winning duo.


Download Nebula to check your compatibility with your colleagues, friends, and partners



From Booker T. Washington


“Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed.”

Joanna’s Recs


Joanna Ericta

Show to binge 📺 : 
The Rehearsal (HBO)

Song to bump 🎵:
Dancing Anymore by IS TROPICAL

Movie 🎬:

Book 📚:
The Dictionary of Lost Words by Pip Williams


In Case You Missed It…


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monday.com is the secret to effortless collaboration with your team. Try it free today.

Shortwave treats email like the to-do list that it really is, so you don’t have to track everything in your head.


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Dahlia Duchess Rose


Pet of the week 7/23
This is Dahlia Duchess Rose🌹 She is a spicy calico with the demeanor of the royalty that she is 👑 Her favorite toy to play with is not the expensive toys she is gifted but a toilet paper roll!

We’re huge pet lovers at The Assist and want to feature a pet each week — send us a photo of your fur baby to be featured!

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