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August 6, 2022
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Brainteaser of the day: The person who makes it has no need for it. The person who purchases it does not use it. The person who does use it does not know he or she is. What is it?

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Treat Yo’Self


🗣️ To Better Communication With Your Boss
Struggling with a boss who doesn’t communicate well? Find strategies on how you can bridge the gap >

📝 To A Less Overwhelming Task List
Find ways to alleviate your to-do list anxiety. Get tips on how to do so here >

To Getting Motivated
Motivation comes and goes. Here are ways you can get it back >

✈️ To Trip Inspo
Expedia called 2022 the year of the ‘GOAT’ (Greatest of All Trips). See this list of 30 places to travel on a budget >

🍎 To A Wellness Program At Work
Many of you have shared your challenge of launching a wellness program at work. Here are some ideas to get you started >


Have you ever wondered what you would look like with the perfect daily routine?



If your task list is never ending and you’re overwhelmed — we have the perfect solution for you.

Sunsama promises that you’ll feel more balanced and set a sustainable daily routine in less than two weeks.

They’re so confident in this promise that they don’t ask for your card upfront. It’s the only app that helps you build “atomic habits” for success.

Pull in emails, calendar events, and tasks from other tools like Asana, Clickup, and Notion into your plan for the day and breeze through your priorities.

Try it for free today

P.S. Their Focus Mode is a game changer 👌.


Forget “fake it ‘til you make it,” become it — imposter syndrome


We’ve all heard the sage advice of “fake it ‘til you make it,” but honestly, that has never quite resonated with me. The big reason why: you’re not faking. If you’re doing it, you’re not faking. You’re relying on your hard-earned skills and savviness. Here are a few tips I use to overcome my imposter syndrome:
  1. Look for evidence: If you’re feeling like an imposter, your first step is to look for evidence to back yourself up and show yourself you’ve already done something similar in the past.
  2. Focus on meeting your lowest potential first: We’re always so focused on adding more, achieving more, and being more, when sometimes, we’re not even meeting our basic needs yet. Meet those basic needs first.
  3. Embody the right energy: Find someone you admire who’s already doing the thing you feel like an imposter about. Examine what you like about them and why they’re so good at what they do. Then look at how you’re already capable of doing that. Instead of faking it ‘til you make it, embody the right energy.
  4. Regulate your emotions with kindness: Stress can trigger us into an emotional tailspin. When I feel this creeping up, I run to my emotional regulation list which includes things like 4/7/8 breathing, EFT tapping, 60 seconds of jumping jacks, or placing a cold pack on my chest.
  5. Break it down into smaller bites: If something is triggering or making you feel like an imposter, the best thing you can do is make it smaller. And when I suggest smaller bites, I mean stupid small. Like it will only take you 5 minutes small. And after those 5 minutes, do something nice for yourself, like take a break. Five minutes might not seem like much, but when you’re doing something scary, it so is!

Check out do5ive!


Streamline Your Work With Templates



We’ve compared monday.com to the Swiss army knife of project management softwares — and they’ve taken it up a notch by launching industry specific templates.

Here are some of our fave templates that you can use today (for free) —

For HR & Recruiting:

For EAs/Admins/Operations:

See more templates


From Diane Luna


“Collaboration, creativity, and respect build life long connections that matter and make a difference, propelling us to work together across all boundaries.”

Joanna’s Recs


Joanna Ericta

Show to binge 📺 : 
Hacks (HBO)

Song to bump 🎵:
Rollercoaster by Bleachers

Podcast 🎙️:  
To Live And Die In LA

Book 📚:
Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Cameron’s Recs



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Shredder cat of the week
This sweet, crossed-eyed, tuxedo boy is Shredder 🥺 He loves cuddles, belly rubs, snoozing in the office while his human works, and walking around with his favorite toy in his mouth meowing loudly to remind his humans that he is a mighty hunter.

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