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December 5, 2023
Wellness Wednesday

“Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.” — Dalai Lama


How To Manage Your Time Without Getting Distracted And Spiraling


Between work emails flooding our inboxes, friends texting memes, breaking news alerts lighting up our phones, and our own wandering curiosity about the latest viral video, staying focused is nearly impossible these days. Before we know it, a whole morning has disappeared down an internet rabbit hole and that project is still untouched.

It’s easy to spiral into frustration and anxiety over your inability to manage your time well or stay disciplined against the nonstop distractions in modern life.

Here are some tactics to help you stay productive and on track:

  • Set boundaries with technology. Turn off notifications, schedule specific times to check emails or social media, use website blockers to limit access to time-wasting sites. Regain control.
  • Make a daily plan. Structure your time in chunks assigning tasks, breaks, and buffer time. Follow your agenda to avoid drifting.
  • Take 5 before shifting focus. When switching between tasks or returning to work from a break, pause to drink water, stretch, breathe deeply. Help your brain re-anchor.
  • Use transitions intentionally. When finishing one activity, review what your next task is and why it matters before allowing distractions. Don’t give your mind space to wander.
  • Note when you spiral. Keep track of when you go down rabbit holes so you can anticipate weak points in your day. Then you can set up supports.
With some discipline structures and self-awareness, you can take charge in a distracting digital world. Monitor what makes you spiral and have a game plan to stay laser focused. You’ve got the power to manage your time and attention.


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How To Not Feel Guilty About Unplugging During Holiday PTO


In case you need it: you’ve got permission to fully check out.

The holidays are prime time for employees to burn out between end-of-year deadlines and preparing for time off. But taking PTO isn’t truly restorative if you’re still attached to work email and calls. This holiday season, give yourself permission to completely unplug.

Overcoming guilt starts with realizing everyone needs regular downtime to perform at their best long-term. And research shows employees return from PTO more focused and productive. So don’t just take a break from work – make space for refreshing activities instead.

Before PTO:

  • Block off your calendar with an Out of Office message
  • Complete top priorities to return to a clean slate
  • Prep key stakeholders on your absence
  • Set communication guidelines for coverage
  • Clean out your inbox
During PTO:
  • Disable work email and Slack notifications
  • Let calls go to voicemail
  • Avoid “just checking in”
  • Focus on recreation, relaxation and connections
Returning from PTO:
You have the green light to disconnect guilt-free this holiday season. Protect your energy, happiness and work-life harmony by honoring your right to fully recharge on PTO without distractions. You and your job will be better for it!


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Asking For Help From Your Partner When It Comes To The Kids


Parenting is hard work and it’s normal to feel overwhelmed at times, especially if you’re handling the bulk of childcare duties alone. Asking your partner for support can be difficult, but is key for sharing the load and strengthening your relationship.

Here are some tips for requesting parenting help from your spouse or co-parent.

Choose the right time. Don’t spring a request on your partner when they’re distracted or in a bad mood. Wait for a calm moment when you can have their full attention. For example, you could say “After the kids are in bed, can we talk for a few minutes about how to balance things this week?”

Use “I” statements. Avoid sounding accusatory by framing the request around yourself, not your partner’s actions. Say something like “I’m feeling really overwhelmed this week and could use some extra help with the kids’ morning routine.”

Suggest specific ways they can help. Don’t just say “I need help.” Have tangible requests ready like “Could you take Katie to soccer practice on Tuesday and make dinner on Wednesday?” Giving options makes it easier for them to say yes.

Explain why you need support. Share details about why you’re feeling stressed so your partner understands where you’re coming from. For example, “With my big work deadline coming up, I could really use some extra support wrangling bedtime the next few nights.”

Show appreciation. Express gratitude when your partner pitches in. Let them know their efforts don’t go unnoticed. Even a simple “Thanks for handling bath time tonight, it really helped me out!” goes a long way.

Offer reciprocal help in return. Compromise by taking on some of their workload too. You could say “I’ll do the grocery shopping this week if you can pick up the kids from school on Friday.”

Remain patient and positive. Your partner may not be able to help out every time you ask, and that’s okay. Respond gently if they seem hesitant and appreciate whatever support they can offer, without criticizing them.

Make it an ongoing conversation. Checking in regularly about dividing childcare responsibilities prevents resentment. Don’t let it build up to the point where you explode from frustration!

Asking your partner for parenting help strengthens your relationship and teaches your kids about teamwork. By being positive, specific and appreciative in your requests, you can share the load and prevent burnout. With regular check-ins, you’ll be tackling the demands of parenthood united.


How To Create An Inclusive Holiday Amongst Your Team


While holiday parties help teams bond, not everyone may feel comfortable celebrating festivities viewed as religious.

As a manager, be thoughtful about organizing inclusive events:

  • Send a survey asking which traditions individuals enjoy or don’t observe when off work. Plan events accordingly.
  • Establish a diverse workplace planning committee to help gather insights reflective of your staff.
  • Use broad seasonal décor and greeting language like “Have a Happy xx!” versus religion-specific terms.
  • Provide an array of food options including vegetarian, kosher and halal dishes.
  • Consider hosting a two-phase party – one alcohol-free portion with announcements, followed by a looser celebration.
  • Offer flexibility for staff to drop in briefly or skip events altogether.
  • Set an inviting tone welcoming partners and families, not just employees.
  • Use a gift exchange or charitable initiative for easy opt-outs if unwanted.
Keeping celebrations voluntary, low-pressure, and tailored to accommodate staff needs for time off or activity modifications ensures everyone feels respected. With focus on fun and community over conformity, you build truly inclusive and engaging holiday events.


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