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April 2, 2024
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Today’s checklist: 

  • The power of mentor networks
  • Joanna shares why it’s healthy to recognize we’re all replaceable
  • TA reader Savita shares an important reminder

🤔 Trivia: Which part of the body has the most sweat glands? Find out here.


🔁 Habits: Mel Robbins dishes 3 science-backed strategies to start your day feeling great.

🙋🏻‍♀️ Career: What to do when your boss won’t advocate for you.

🍎 Health: We’re entering an era of medicine 3.0.

💸 Relationships: If your relationship is getting serious (or already is), don’t skip over the money talk.

💭 Confidence: Overcome those pesky self-limiting beliefs.



Add fuel to your career trajectory through mentor networks


Some may correlate needing a mentor to being new-ish to the workforce, but even CEOs need mentors!

But in today’s dynamic work environment, relying on a single mentor doesn’t quite cut it anymore.

What you really need is a network of supporters to help you acquire new skills, navigate challenges, and seize opportunities for growth — like a personal advisory board you can turn to as you face critical career choices.

Your mentor network should include peers, senior leaders, and even junior colleagues, each offering unique insights and expertise.

The impact of mentorship is clear — studies show that professionals with strong mentor relationships achieve faster promotions, higher earnings, and greater job satisfaction.

Mentoring accelerates the development of vital skills like communication, problem-solving, and leadership.

But here’s the great news: mentoring benefits everyone involved.

If you’re the mentee, you have valuable knowledge and fresh perspectives to share with your mentors.

By building genuine, reciprocal relationships, you’ll discover opportunities to contribute to your mentors’ growth and expand their networks in the process.

To maximize the value of your mentor network, start by clarifying your career objectives and identifying areas where you need guidance.

Then, take initiative to broaden your network and invite potential mentors to connect.

Establish expectations early, commit to consistent communication, and always arrive at discussions prepared and eager to learn.

Crafting a robust mentor network requires dedication, but the rewards are transformative.

You’ll develop the capabilities, self-assurance, and relationships to propel your career forward.

Plus, you’ll have the gratification of knowing you’ve made a meaningful difference in your mentors’ lives.


TA Positive Affirmation Quote

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My supervisor told me I was replaceable, and I’ll never forget it


When I worked as an event manager, my supervisor, Jess, told me something I’ll never forget:

We’re all replaceable. Don’t let this job take over your life.

She was talking from experience, and trying to steer me toward a healthier work-life balance than she had in my position.

Our roles were demanding with up to 14 hour days, an average of 12K steps, and all the joys that come with any customer facing role.

Her words reshaped my relationship with work:

  • I focused on being valuable instead of irreplaceable. I started prioritizing tasks that truly made a difference, rather than trying to do everything perfectly.
  • I realized that I was putting unnecessary pressure on myself. I learned to accept that leftover work would still be there the next day, and that the world didn’t end if tasks weren’t finished.
  • I quit taking things personally. Prior to this, I was used to working in a hustle culture — work was life. Getting out of that mindset helped me separate my self-worth from the role.
  • I created healthy boundaries. When I left work, I really left work.
  • I recognized that there’s more to life than just work, and started prioritizing things that mattered most to me: spending time with loved ones, making music and art, traveling, and hanging with my dog!

So take a step back and know your worth. Your job’s a piece of your life, not the whole thing.

Run with that freedom and pour yourself into what lights you up.

Joanna Ericta (Co-Founder of TA)



Find Time For What Matters


Use the energy of a new quarter to get organized and make the most of the remaining months.

Whether you’re planning personal goals, business milestones, or family events, this year-at-a-glance calendar will keep you on track and focused on what matters most.

Take control of your time with this free calendar template.

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Savita Latchman
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*Based on the U.S. average of 16,000kg/year. Powered by Commons.


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