Wellness Wednesday Issue #1

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January 4, 2023
Wellness Wednesday

“Self-care is not selfish. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.”  — Eleanor Brown


Journal your way to self-awareness


Journaling is an incredibly effective tool for improving mental health, and can help individuals cope with difficult emotions and situations.

By recording thoughts and feelings, it allows us to process our experiences in a structured way that can help uncover deeper insights into our behavior and emotional wellbeing. This can lead to greater self-awareness and improved communication skills.

✍️ Here’s a journal prompt to get you started:

What are 3 things from 2022 that I am proud of, and 3 things I can improve upon in 2023?
Pro tips:


Want to break bad habits in 2023? Start by building better ones.



We’re sure you’ve already set your goals for 2023 like the go-getter you are or at least started brainstorming them.

But many of the most impactful leaders know exactly what they need to accomplish before the day even starts. They set weekly goals to inch them towards their big annual goals.

And guess what?

They aren’t relying on their brain or scattered sticky notes to set those tasks. They have proper systems and tools.

Sunsama is the daily planner for busy professionals — helping you organize your tasks, meetings and emails all in one place.

Set weekly goals and plan a daily routine that allows you to become your ideal self this year.

Try it free today


Swap Meal Prep for Ingredient Prep


Meal prepping is a great way to make sure you have healthy meals ready to go, but it can be time consuming and difficult to keep up with.

Ingredient prepping is a simpler alternative that doesn’t require as much time or effort, and is more maintainable in the long run.

With ingredient prepping, you simply gather all of the ingredients you need for several different recipes, then store them together in one place.

For example, you can cook your meats and chop all your fruits and veggies on Sundays to kick off the work week.

This way, you always have everything you need on hand, and can easily put together a meal without having to spend hours in the kitchen.

🧑‍🍳 Get ideas on how you can do this here.


We Love a Good Template


Monday.com banner

We’ve compared monday.com to the Swiss army knife of project management softwares — and they’ve taken it up a notch by launching industry specific templates.

Here are some of our fave templates that you can use today (for free):

For HR & Recruiting:

For EAs/Admins/Operations:

See more templates


Turn Meetings into Walking Meetings


If you’re trying to keep up with your daily steps or want an easy way to make your meetings more stimulating, consider holding walking meetings for your team.

Not only do walking meetings boost employee engagement, but studies have also shown that they can increase creativity by 81-100% (specifically, divergent thinking).

Try it with your team:

  1. Find an appropriate outdoor space to hold your meeting. If your team is remote, a walk around the neighborhood will suffice (teammates can call in via phone).
  2. Before starting the meeting, discuss any rules or expectations while on the walk (e.g. no texting).
  3. Once the meeting begins, be sure to keep it focused on business topics.
  4. Keep track of time during your walking meeting so everyone knows when it’s time to wrap up and head back home or return to the office if necessary.
  5. Finally, don’t forget to follow up with participants after each walking meeting; ask them what they liked or disliked about it or suggest improvements they would like see implemented in future sessions.
Pro tip: Consider an app like Feeting, to help you track your steps and transcribe meeting notes while you walk.


Today’s Trivia


What’s the only edible food that never goes bad?

See the answer here.


Our awesome partners help keep our content free 🥰


If you’re going to drink alcohol, consider something with natural ingredients that isn’t loaded with sugar — like Ohza!

The Daily Upside helps you rethink your financial news diet and gives you crisp, unbiased business insights each morning for free.

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