Woman Wednesday Issue #12

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March 23, 2022

Woman Wednesday

Each week, we’ll highlight a badass woman from our community and you’ll have the opportunity to nominate a member to be featured in a future issue (heck, you can even nominate yourself 🙌).

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Meet Rachael Bonetti 👋

Rachel Bonetti

Hi, I’m Rachael, a former career EA who supported high-profile and respected chairmen, CEOs, thought leaders, and change-makers for nearly 30 years.

Today, I create and deliver unique development programs that help EAs supercharge their careers and support them to balance high performance and wellbeing. After experiencing a physical illness related to career stress, I became a passionate wellbeing advocate; I also deliver programs to full teams to help them create an environment where everyone can thrive.

This is the most rewarding work I’ve ever done. I love empowering EAs, helping them step into their personal power, own their authority, think strategically, and support them in articulating their value and worth so well they’re regarded as the talent they are, not resources.

I also teach meditation, breathwork, and Wayapa Wuurrk (an earth mindfulness practice). In the summer, I teach it on the beach in my community, and now that we’re in autumn, I’ve taken my classes online via Zoom. Helping people find moments of calm is a pretty awesome thing to be able to do.

Fun fact: I’m 5’1″ but I feel like a tall person inside.

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Rachael’s Secrets


Q: What’s something you do to help boost your productivity?
 Learning to work with my energy was a game changer.

I am more productive and focused in the morning, so I like to schedule detailed, strategic or creative work then to maximize when I’m likely to be in the flow.

I practice breathwork if I’m overwhelmed to bring my energy back into a focused state and I make sure to have a change of scenery in the middle of the day (taking a walk, moving rooms).

Q: How do you find work-life balance?
I have a dedicated meditation practice that helps me to listen to what my body really needs. I’m careful not to overload my schedule and I listen to my energy; if I’m tired I slow down, and when my energy is high, I make the most of it.

As a business owner, I often find myself inspired or creative at times outside the business day, so if I work on a weekend, or I’m teaching at night, I’m really strict about making sure I take time off the next day so I don’t become burned out.

Q: What’s the best piece of professional advice you’ve received so far?
You can be the juiciest, ripest peach and there will always be someone who doesn’t like peaches.

Learning to place less importance on what people thought of me was liberating and allowed me to show up authentically in ways I’d never had the freedom to do when I was seeking external approval.

Q: What’s your favorite software or app that helps with your workflow?
I just swapped out from a PC to a Mac. I’m in awe of how intuitive it is linking all devices — everything is available across my phone, iPad, and Macbook.

Work has suddenly become so much easier, even with the learning curve.

Q: What’s a book or podcast you’d recommend to a colleague?
I’m currently reading Atomic Habits which is great for understanding how to make habits stick.

I just finished Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself which gives really interesting insights into how to reprogram your subconscious.

I love the Radiolab podcast. The quirky subjects always give me an unexpected and fresh perspective to think about.

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Let it go, let it go


I was once transferred to the Middle East to open a new office in the region. I’d lived and worked in a few different countries before that so I was no stranger to having to adapt to new cultures, but the ways of doing business are very different there.

In the beginning, I was frustrated that I couldn’t get basic things done in the same way I’d been able to everywhere else. I couldn’t be as efficient or prepared, and following logic or my experience of common sense didn’t apply.

I had to let go of every assumption and expectation I had and just surrender. It gave me the freedom to be innovative in a different way, and taught me the value of patience and to always consider different perspectives.

It changed the way I approached my work even after I returned to Australia.

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