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June 6, 2023
Start your morning with this affirmation:
OG Tuesday 141 affirmation
Today’s checklist: Stop feeling undervalued, fill the knowledge gap, practice critical observation, and solidify your summer plans.


Feeling undervalued? Here’s how to stop


It may sound cheesy but it’s also true: The most reliable source of value you can ever find comes from inside.

Mantras provide a quick and easy way to build your inner store of self worth. They’ve been shown to boost well-being, thanks to the “harmonizing effect” reciting these simple verses can provide. (The catch? You’ve gotta keep saying them until the generic words ring true for you.)

Here are 10 self-worth mantras to try on: 

  1. I am a success! [Huffpost]
  2. I can do hard things. [Thrive Global]
  3. I am enough. I do enough. I have enough. [Medium]
  4. I am the creator of my own destiny. I stand behind the things I do and say. [Gaia]
  5. I am smart, capable, and kind. [Mindful Zen]
  6. My value is not diminished by my imperfections or the perceptions of others. [Relationship Counseling Center of Austin]
  7. My mistakes and failures make me stronger, braver, and wiser. [Relationship Counseling Center of Austin]
  8. I am a soul of love. A heart of peace. A mind of stillness. A being of light. [Shine app]
  9. You don’t need to be perfect to be worthy of love. [Shine app]
  10. Small progress is still progress. [Shine app]


Build a Culture of Appreciation This Summer


Blueboard's Recognition Workshop

Make recognition a part of your culture and experience the positive impact on engagement, retention, productivity, and absenteeism.

Join Blueboard’s Recognition Workshop on July 20th at 10AM PT/1PM ET to transform your company’s culture.

This isn’t just another “in theory” webinar — you’ll actively participate and build an example program you can show off to your team.

Workshop highlights:

  • Developed by industry trailblazers at Blueboard
  • Learn from their experience in building hundreds of recognition programs
  • Get the blueprint for modernizing your recognition practices

Don’t hesitate — spots are already filling up!

👉 Reserve your free seat here


Could you be the one who fills the “knowledge gap?”


An MIT blog tells the story of a Biomedical Neuroscience PhD who took an assortment of certificate, extension, and specialty classes to round out her entrepreneurial skills and make her new company a success.

Here’s a list of the courses she took. You can take them too, if you see any knowledge gaps in need of filling: 


Meet Your New Productivity Assistant



Productivity isn’t hard if you have the right system in place. “Atomic habits”, in other words.

Sunsama is the system that helps you build the habits you need to live an ambitious and productive, yet balanced life.

Their unique “daily planning ritual” helps you be intentional about your workday so you work less but get more done. 7000+ professionals call it “the last productivity app you will ever need.

It’s a risk-free trial as they don’t take your card upfront. In less than 2 weeks, you will stop playing catch up with tasks and start living a balanced life where work doesn’t consume you.

👉 Claim Your Free Access


Practice critical observation


In the arena of in-demand skills, “critical observation” is the lesser-known cousin of “critical thinking.”

What is it?

The employee training and development experts at HSI define critical observation as “the ability to notice subtle details that allow us to maneuver situations more tactfully.”

The difference between critical thinking and critical observing can be summed up nicely by thinking about the attributes of the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator.

  • Thinking (T) – Marked by use of the intellect
  • Perceiving (P) – Marked by use of the senses

Both skills involve using logic to interpret gathered information, but the gathering mode for said information differs.

Why do you need it?

Critical observation allows some people to detect hidden patterns and generate insights just by noticing more, or different, aspects and nuances of interactions. They read between the lines, and what they read could easily go unnoticed.

How do you practice it?

  • Try active listening: Are you hearing and understanding what others have said?
  • Read body language: Are any unspoken actions speaking louder than words?
  • Ask different questions: Replace “what?” with “how?” and/or “why?”
  • Check in frequently to question your biases.
  • Release hubris. Acknowledge you don’t know everything and seek to identify and fill in your knowledge gaps.
  • Dig deeper. Our minds prefer the path of least resistance. Ask yourself how you can approach or think about something differently.


Summer 2023 travel ideas


Check out these trending travel concepts to make this summer unforgettable.
  • Digital detox retreat
  • Health hiatus, often featuring meditation and yoga
  • Solo travel
  • Transformation retreat
  • Sleep tourism
  • Psychedelic immersions
  • Mobile hotels
  • Overwater bungalows
  • Liveaboards


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