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June 13, 2023
Start your morning with this affirmation:
OG Tuesday Affirmation #142
Today’s checklist: Loosen up your tech neck, set better boundaries, color your home office happy, and celebrate Father’s Day on Sunday, June 18.


Goodbye, tech neck


You don’t have to accept neck pain and stiffness as just a normal part of modern working life. Here are Corporette’s tips for making sure your neck aligns with your spine and your feel-good goals.
  • Recline your desk chair about 25-30 degrees. (Apparently sitting up stiff and straight actually makes your neck work harder than it needs to.)
  • Do these neck exercises
  • Keep your computer (or phone) screen at eye level. 
  • Take a 5-minute walk every 30 minutes. 


Are You The ‘Organizer’ In Your World?


Group Together banner

Do you organize the baby shower and birthday gifts at the office?

Maybe you’re the Room Parent and organize teacher gifts from the whole class?

You need to try GroupTogether! It’s the easiest way to collect money for a gift and create a gorgeous group card all-in-one 😍.

Just share a link and everyone can chip in and sign the card online. Then choose from 150+ eGift Cards, or give the AnyCard and let the recipient choose.

It’s SO easy. And it’s free. No school or company sign-up needed.

👉 Try GroupTogether Today 👈


Setting Appropriate Boundaries


Imagine how much more time you would have, how much more good work you could do, if you set boundaries, if you started saying “no” to things that, quite frankly, aren’t the best use of your time.

Here’s a cheat sheet of go-to strategies for setting boundaries with grace and professionalism.

Say “no” strategy: Do nothing outside your documented priorities.

The breakdown

  • Define and document your priorities
  • Screen requests through these priorities
  • Reject requests that don’t align
  • Cite your documented priorities if you feel inclined to justify your rejection

Say “no” strategy: Apologize with full transparency.

The breakdown

  • Be direct
  • Apologize for the rejection
  • Explain why you’re giving it
  • Make a counter-offer (to help later, for example) if appropriate

Say “no” strategy: Offer a helpful redirection.

The breakdown

  • Firmly reject the request
  • Suggest an alternative course of action or idea
  • Make it clear you’re willing to help in a smaller, less time intensive way


Templates Galore

Miro free templates

We know you love a good template!

Here’s a quick hitting list of our fave templates from Miro:

🤩 Browse More Templates Here

Make sure you sign up with your work email.


Color your home office happy


What color brings out your best creativity? Originality? Confidence?

It might not be your favorite color, the paint sample you think you love, or even the one that matches absolutely everything.

Find the best paint color for your home or office space by doing this test from Wit & Delight.

  • Use a paint sample to paint a large piece of poster board
  • Hang in on your wall
  • Leave it there for a few days
  • Make note of how it looks different and makes you feel different throughout the day and night
  • Repeat until you find something empowering


Father’s Day is Sunday, June 18 and Juneteenth is Monday, June 19


Father’s DayDon’t forget a thoughtful gift, one that suits the unique dad style you love so much in your father or the father in your life.


Juneteenth commemorates the day (June 19, 1865) that officially, rather than symbolically, ended slavery in the United States. On June 18, 2021, President Biden signed a proclamation naming it a national day of observance.

Juneteenth Quick Facts:

  • While President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, slaves didn’t truly, in practice and in policy, become free until June 19, 1865, when Major General Gordon Granger delivered and read out General Order Number 3, which officially and enforceably ended the Civil War and enslavement.
  • The first Juneteenth or “Jubilee Day” commemorations included barbecues, the singing of spiritual songs such as “Many Thousands Gone” and “Go Down Moses,” and setting off homemade fireworks, a.k.a trees filled with gunpowder.
  • While Juneteenth officially commemorates the freeing of American slaves, other countries also commemorate it as a milestone in the world-wide struggle for emancipation.

How to Commemorate Juneteenth:


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