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June 20, 2023
Start your morning with this affirmation:
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Today’s checklist: Find new family rituals, grab a few time-blocking templates, explore tech trends in HR, and dive into the complicated relationship between THC and the American workplace.


19 Family Ritual Ideas to Borrow or Steal


Whether they’re designed to honor grand occasions or to simply brighten up weekday dinners, family rituals create memories—and bonds.

If you didn’t “inherit” any ideas from your own parents, don’t worry. You can borrow and adapt any of these ideas sourced from this Cup of Jo post.

  1. Play a portable game, such as Uno, while you’re waiting for food to arrive at restaurants.
  2. Enjoy a large family breakfast on exam days or other days of significance.
  3. Pick one day a month where everyone eats as a family but also eats anything they want. (Yes, that means cereal with Skittles could be on the table.)
  4. Agree that everyone has to howl like wolves any time all the car’s windows are down.
  5. Track the phases of the moon as a family.
  6. Have occasional “yes days” where everyone has to say “yes” to all one person’s requests.
  7. Collaborate to make a family playlist for every holiday or vacation.
  8. Before you say goodnight, ask, “What are you excited to do tomorrow?”
  9. Celebrate half-birthdays with strictly DIY gifts and treats.
  10. Wake up early on the last day of a vacation to watch the sun rise.
  11. Make blanket forts together before family movie night.
  12. Have backyard campouts with s’mores and ghost stories.
  13. Ask everyone to share their favorite part of the day during dinner or before bed.
  14. Have screaming contests to see who can be the loudest.
  15. Color days. Pick a color and find a decoration, a food, and a novelty item in that color.
  16. No-utensil dinner night. Eat whatever you made using only your hands.
  17. Kick off family movie night with a round of show-and-tell.
  18. Make one day a month bedtime free.
  19. Read one poem together each day.


Make Your Team Feel Loved Today 💕


Miro Compliments Board

Feeling the need to boost morale and show your team some love?

Let the Compliments Board do the heavy lifting for you.

This free template is the perfect solution for fostering positivity and connection among your team. It’s like a digital hug, but without the awkwardness 🤗.

How it works:
  1. Log into your free Miro account (or sign up for one)
  2. Open the Compliments Board template. You can customize the template with your team’s name and colors to make it feel more personal.
  3. Share the board with your team and encourage them to leave compliments for their colleagues. You can also set a regular schedule for sharing compliments, like a “Compliment Friday” to end the week on a positive note.

Start giving your team compliments


Time Blocking Templates


Like the idea of time blocking but feel intimidated by the up-front time investment required to organize your tasks by block?

Templates, as usual, have your back. 


Join other HR peers in tech at this recognition workshop


Blueboard's Recognition Workshop

Great leaders have been saying it, and the research solidifies it: Recognition is fundamental for the engagement and retention of top talent and the profitability of our organizations.

Luckily, Blueboard has partnered with hundreds of Best Places to Work and built this free workshop to pass on their strategic expertise and latest learnings around recognition.

Here’s what you’ll walk away with:

  • A complete guide and proven approach to better employee recognition
  • Their proprietary workbook
  • Best next steps based on your company’s current stage

Spots will fill quickly, so sign up now and save your spot for this free recognition workshop on July 20th 10AM PT/1PM ET!

👉 Reserve your free seat here


Trending in HR


These tech-driven HR trends may already be your reality, and if not, they may be soon.

Trend: Leveraging Employee Experience Platforms, such as Motivosity, to catch (and with hope mitigate) stress and burnout. [Applaud]

Trend: Offering more insight and transparency into hiring and recruiting practices, especially those driven or supported by AI. [HBR]

Trend: New technologies will pave the way for even more and even more beneficial personalized and adaptive training and skill-development. [SHRM]

Trend: Tech tools will make it easier for managers to predict and identify skills necessary for growth. [Paychex]

Trend: Compensation planning technologies will move organizations toward more equitable pay practices. [Gartner]


Work and Cannabis: Can they play?


Nearly half (approximately 48%) of Americans live in an area where they may legally use marijuana for recreational purposes. The first states to legalize recreational marijuana did so in 2012. In other words: A lot has changed in just over ten years.

Are workplace policies (and unwritten standards) adapting as quickly as the laws?

The SHRM tackled this issue, and found a lot of gray areas because marijuana is treated differently from state to state but is still illegal federally.

Here are some important tidbits from SHRM you should know:

  • Company policy may trump state law. Individual company policies don’t necessarily have to align with state laws. As one quoted expert explains, “In general, each workplace environment is entitled to have and enforce its own policies, especially when it comes to private employers.”
    • For example, Florida employers may fire people for failing drug tests even if they’re consuming marijuana in legal ways.
  • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, only about 16% of private-sector employees test for drugs. 
  • While company policy may trump state law, states may enforce restrictions on company policies and practices. 
    • For example, states may allow testing only if employers have a probable cause for testing, following a workplace accident, for example.
Takeaway: Know both your state laws and your company policies. If you’re in a position of authority, help ensure your company policy regarding marijuana is clear, especially if you reside in a recreationally legal state.


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