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August 7, 2023
Start your morning with this affirmation:
OG Tuesday Affirmation #150
Today’s checklist: Try outdoor wellness activities for everyone, create a picture-perfect project board, understand everything that makes you YOU, and learn about stablecoins.


5 outdoor wellness activities to do with family, friends, or co-workers


1) Start (and maintain) a low-key group garden  
Fun factor: Gardening can be a lot of work. Split that work among a group, and what was daunting can easily become a fun opportunity to bond. Plus, sharing the delicious and healthy yield makes all the work well worth the effort.

2) Squirt gun paint tag
Fun factor: Skip the painful paintball course. Have everyone dress in white and fill squirt guns with non-toxic liquid paint. (Ideally, each person picks a different color.) The last (or the first) to be completely covered wins. Let the white clothes dry and save them as “artistic” souvenirs.

Tip! Wear swimsuits under your clothes so you can easily rinse off afterwards

3) Go on a bird identification expedition
Fun factor: This bird-watching “light” activity turns a regular nature walk or hike into a rewarding, educational experience. The objective: Spot and identify as many different bird types as possible. Use the Merlin app to make identifying local birds by sound or image delightfully easy.

4) Do a fitness scavenger hunt
Fun factor: A standard scavenger hunt’s thrills make group workouts feel like playtime.

5) Create a temporary outdoor mural using spray chalk
Fun factor: Kids will love this activity of course, but it can also bring out the inner kid in any adult. The handy sprays work on tons of outdoor surfaces.


Handle IT Like a Pro



Electric provides device management and security over 55,000 devices, saving customers roughly 2,600 hrs or 332 days of work.

And, if you’re an IT decision-maker at a US-based business with 1-75 employees, Electric is so confident they can help that they’ll give you free access to their brand new product, Electric IT Hub, and gift you a pair of Airpods Pro simply for signing up and testing it out.

Electric streamlines IT management in your hybrid work environment by providing:

  • Single-point visibility into your device inventory, keeping you compliant
  • Real-time, easy to understand, insights into the health of your devices
  • Best-in-class security recommendations & in-platform tools to manage device security
Handle IT like a pro and sign up for Electric today!

👉 Sign Up Today


Picture-perfect project boards


Can perfect project planning be as simple as creating a perfect project planning board?

Maybe not in all cases, but it will definitely make everything more fun and much, much prettier.

Jessica from The Organized Mama shares her planning board tips in the short-and-sweet Youtube video, How To Create A Project Planning Board And How To Use One.

Her takeaway tips include:

  • Choose your categories first, but choose wisely and strategically. (Categories kind of make or break your board.)
  • Embrace multi-colored sticky notes for writing down tasks. (They’re pretty and perfectly movable, which is incredibly helpful if projects change, which they almost always do.)
  • Create the board but also a zone for the board, a small workplace where you can keep everything you need to update the board.
  • Include sticky-note tasks for anyone else working with you on the board.
  • When you think of a new task, write it on a note and stick it to the board before you forget about it. (It’s only a little sticky note; if you decide it’s not worthwhile, the fix couldn’t be quicker.)
Watch Jessica’s video for the full scoop and some helpful visuals.


How well do you know your team?


Miro - 1 truth 2 lies template

1 truth 2 lies is a simple icebreaker to do and creates healthy banter.

Here’s how to play:

  • 📝 Team members populate a total of three sticky notes with 2 lies and 1 truth.
  • 🔴 Once completed, everyone uses dots to vote for the one they think is the truth.
  • 🗣️ Do a round-robin where each person gets to share verbally what the correct “truth” sticky was.

This icebreaker is really easy, quick and fun, and is a great way to energize your team before starting a meeting.

Swipe the template and play with your team


Know thyself


Do you have strong self awareness?

Certainly, you’re aware of yourself. Why should self awareness be something you have to cultivate or even aspire to?

Well, self awareness, particularly as it’s defined in psychological contexts, is really more like radical self understanding. You’re not just aware of your priorities; you also understand why they’re important to you. You’re not just aware of your emotions; you’re also able to label them and understand where they’re coming from.

According to expert psychologists, self awareness helps you behave in ways that are aligned with your interests, values, and priorities. It benefits you, your relationships, your partnerships, and your goals.

Some research suggests that only about 10-15% of people actually have it. The good news? The team that conducted said research identified a simple approach to help make introspection more productive: Ask “what” questions instead of “why” questions.

They say this helps people stay action-oriented and objective.

Why didn’t you give me the promotion?
What can I do moving forward to increase my chances of getting the promotion?


Back to basics: Stablecoins


What are they?
Stablecoins strive to be the great equalizers of the crypto economy. As their name suggests, they’re intended to be a cryptocurrency with stable monetary value.

Their value is attached to a standard government-issued, or fiat, currency. The goal is getting to and maintaining one-to-one value—one dollar for one stablecoin, for example.

How are stablecoins different from other cryptocurrencies?
Again, as their name suggests, the idea is that stablecoins will be more stable and less volatile than other popular cryptos, which frequently fluctuate in value depending on a complex web of market factors. A stablecoin’s value only fluctuates with its pegged currency’s value.

Or as some experts put it simply: they aim to provide the stability of cash.

Why should I care about stablecoins?
If stablecoins do in fact bring more stability to the crypto economy, overall crypto use could become more mainstream—accessible to individuals, merchants, and traders who were unwilling or unable to absorb the hefty risk of other digital currencies.

Stablecoins could turn into a digital, decentralized version of cash, which would appeal to actors hoping to avoid some trappings of the traditional centralized and highly regulated financial system. (E.g. Slow transactions, excessive fees, and “bureaucratic” barriers to entry, including lengthy applications and waiting periods.)

Curious? Investopedia has an even more in-depth explainer on stablecoins.


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