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October 2, 2023
🎉 Happy Q4 everyone!
Start your morning with this affirmation:
OG Tuesday Affirmation #158
Today’s checklist: Wrangle your digital subscriptions, keep your over-planning tendencies in check, improve your memory in 10 minutes, and meet Simon, the OG “smartphone.”


Too many subscriptions?


More and more people are feeling stuck paying for subscriptions they don’t really want.

You suddenly remember your intentions to cancel while looking at your bank statement, lamenting paying another month of fees for a streaming service you haven’t accessed in months. You don’t have to feel stuck paying for subscriptions if you remember the acronym, S-T-U-C.

Study your statements. 

Review all your bank and credit card statements carefully. A new or recurring charge may be the easiest way to learn…

  • That you have subscribed to something
  • That you’re still subscribed to something
  • That a company has changed the price of their subscription services
Track how much you’re spending (to motivate yourself to save) 

Make a spreadsheet listing:
  • All the services you’re paying for
  • How much you’re paying per month
  • How much you’re paying per year

Update your payment methods. 

Put all your subscription fees onto one credit card or bank account. You’ll spend less time and energy trying to piece together your subscription footprint.

Create a cancellation calendar. 

Review the cancellation and renewal policies for each service. Add the renewal dates to your calendar so you can remember to cancel before you’re locked into another year or month.

But wait. Why do you even have to do all this work to stop buying things you don’t want?

Tracking and even canceling subscriptions that are supposed to buy you “fun” may feel like…well, work.

That’s because it is.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) feels similarly, namely that canceling digital subscriptions is too hard because companies purposefully make it too hard via something they call the negative option.

With the negative option, instead of actively and knowingly purchasing things, like you do at Target for example, you might be purchasing things passively—by not specifying that you don’t want to purchase them.

The FTC’s current rule on the negative option applies only to physical goods and not digital subscriptions. In March 2023, they proposed a rule to cover the digital landscape as well.

So what’s the status?

In short, TBD.

Many business-end groups criticized the proposal across the media, and some submitted complaints during the formal comment period. The FTC is currently reviewing all that feedback before deciding next steps.

That could take a minute.


Unlock Your Creative Potential with Mood Boards


FigJam's Moodboards

Discover the transformative power of mood boards, your secret weapon for inspiration, organization, and goal achievement.

Mood Boards for Your Professional Projects:

  • Marketing Campaigns: Craft visually stunning and cohesive marketing materials that resonate with your target audience.
  • Interior Design: Bring your vision for the perfect workspace or home to life.
  • Creative Projects: Kickstart your creative projects, whether you’re an artist, writer, or designer, by visualizing your ideas in one place.
  • Team Collaboration: Foster collaboration and align your team’s vision.
Mood Boards for Your Personal Growth:
  • Health & Fitness: Stay motivated on your fitness journey by creating a moodboard with your fitness goals, meal plans, and workout inspirations.
  • Travel Planning: Plan your dream vacation with a moodboard filled with destination images, activity ideas, and travel essentials.
  • Educational Goals: Stay focused on your learning goals by visualizing your academic journey.
  • Personal Goals: Turn your dreams into achievable goals by mapping them out.
Whether you’re looking to level up your work projects or embarking on a personal growth journey, mood boards are your guiding light.

Get started with this free mood board template


🔥 Pro-Tip: Use your business email to access hundreds of templates and invite collaborators for free!


When good plans go bad


It can be practical, soothing, and even pleasurable to make a perfect plan. But sometimes, the relationship between you and your plan can become a little warped.

Let’s say your plan is perfect, but too complex. You don’t actually have time to do everything you planned to do. Or maybe your plan is too perfect. You start on the deliverables only to realize the reality will never live up to your perfect plan. Or maybe just making the plan is enough to kick off your procrastination reflex. You know exactly what you planned to do but you really don’t want to do it.

A possible solution: Spend only 10% of your time planning and 90% of your time doing the work. 


To avoid the productive procrastination trap known as overplanning. The rule also ensures you start executing a plan before you’ve spent too long on it. You’ll know sooner rather than later if your perfect plan is unrealistic, you know, before you get too attached to it.


Swipe This Stay Interview Template


Bonusly's Stay Interview Template

It’s rare that you can change someone’s mind in an exit interview. A stay interview gives your employees a safe space to share how you can better support and develop them for the long haul.

When you proactively identify strengths and weaknesses in your retention efforts and company culture, you can make improvements before employees leave.

The free Stay Interview Template includes:

  • 👉 Directions for how to use the template.
  • ✅ Guided questions around manager feedback, company feedback, and building connections.
  • 💡 Tips on how to make the most of your stay interviews.
  • ⚙️ Additional tools and resources to build resilient teams.

👉 Get your free stay interview template


The memory game: dance edition


Again and again, research suggests the best way to exercise your memory is through general physical exercise. Even 10 vigorous minutes can do wonders for your memory retention.

Here’s a fun way to make 10 minutes of vigorous exercise a day feel more like a memory workout: Do one dance a day.

  • On day one, follow a dance tutorial video. (Mandy Jiroux’s Youtube channel has plenty of short options.)
  • Repeat the dance each day until you remember the steps without looking at the video.
  • When you know you KNOW your first dance, start over with a new one.


Your smartphone has an older sibling


In 1994, 13 years before the iPhone, IBM released a “personal communicator.” Its name was Simon.

The brick-like smartphone predecessor had a touchscreen, designed to be touched by a stylus, not a finger. It could check emails, send faxes, and even serve as an alarm clock.

It hardly perfected the art of mobile personal communication, but it was one of the earliest players to prove people wanted to do more than just talk on the go.

Thanks, Simon.


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