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November 29, 2022
Start your morning with this affirmation:
OG Tuesday Affirmation
Today’s checklist: Kiss holiday cards goodbye, set boundaries without being a jerk, and learn how independent contractors can handle their professional development.


Bye-bye, holiday cards


Bored of those shiny traditional paper cards that always seem to cost more than paper ever should?
Consider one of these alternative holiday cards this year:


Recognition is the key to your 2023 goals


Blueboard banner

Blueboard pulled data from different 2022 work trend surveys. What we found is a resounding plea from employees for better recognition, appreciation, and empathy from their employers.

Over the last couple of years, as barriers between work and personal life have broken down, we’ve seen people at their most real. As the definitions of where and how we work have changed, employees are also ready to be seen beyond just their job titles.

And here exists the opportunity for companies: Create programs and opportunities for employees to feel appreciated.

The easiest and most important place to start is employee recognition.

This is why on January 5th at 10 AM PST, Blueboard is kicking off the New Year with a workshop for those looking to adapt, upgrade, or build employee recognition programs in 2023.

The workshop will be conversational and interactive. All questions are welcome, all professionals are welcome, so feel free to invite anyone who would be interested in this conversation.

RSVP for the workshop here


Setting Appropriate Boundaries


Imagine how much more time you would have, how much more good work you could do, if you set boundaries, if you started saying “no” to things that, quite frankly, aren’t the best use of your time.

Here’s a cheat sheet of go-to strategies for setting boundaries with grace and professionalism.

Say “no” strategy: Do nothing outside your documented priorities.

The breakdown:

  • Define and document your priorities
  • Screen requests through these priorities
  • Reject requests that don’t align
  • Cite your documented priorities if you feel inclined to justify your rejection
Say “no” strategy: Apologize with full transparency.
The breakdown:
  • Be direct
  • Apologize for the rejection
  • Explain why you’re giving it
  • Make a counter-offer (to help later, for example) if appropriate
Say “no” strategy: Offer a helpful redirection.
The breakdown:
  • Firmly reject the request
  • Suggest an alternative course of action or idea
  • Make it clear you’re willing to help in a smaller, less time intensive way


Check “Holiday Party Planning” off your list ✅


White Elephant Online

The holidays are fast approaching, and more teams than ever are struggling with how to celebrate in this new remote and hybrid world.

Fortunately, White Elephant Online has found the answer, offering the ability to play White Elephant – the fun and memorable gift swap game – virtually.

Here’s why thousands of teams at some of the biggest (and smallest!) companies across the globe have used their platform:

  • It’s inexpensive. With games starting at just $49 there’s no cheaper way, remote or otherwise, to celebrate with your team.
  • It’s easy to plan. Their self-service platform is easy and intuitive, both for the planners of the event and participants.
  • It’s a tried & true holiday tradition that’s a blast. White Elephant, also called Yankee Swap or Dirty Santa, is played by millions each year.

Whether for your main event, or a fun add-on for those who can’t make it in-person, check out White Elephant Online for what may be the easiest decision you have to make all week.

Plan Your Holiday Party Today 🎁


Independent Professional Development for Independent Contractors


Life as an independent contractor offers freedom, excitement, and flexibility. One downside, however, is missing out on access to institutionalized professional development opportunities, budgets, and resources.

Here are some ways to get around that contractor FOMO:

1) Take advantage of high-quality and free/inexpensive online courses.


Tip! Note all your coursework on your resume and CV so your self-driven professional development efforts are properly recognized.

2) Participate in quick-touch learning events, such as webinars and seminars.


3) Read, read, read. 

Read the latest books around your desired skill set. Similarly, follow newsletters, blogs, and social media accounts. While you may not get a fancy certificate or course credit, you can still learn tons from healthy reading habits. (Plus, it’s free.)

4) Track and pursue relevant grant opportunities.


5) Deduct professional development costs from your taxes.
We’re not tax professionals, so make sure this is viable for your specific situation before you get too excited, but according to a Visor tax expert quoted in this Nation 1099 article:

“Independent contractors can deduct the cost of classes as long as those classes build upon and enhance the contractor’s professional skills. The rules can get tricky sometimes, so we encourage people to work closely with their tax advisor to see if they are eligible for the deduction.”

Bonus Tip! If you’ve worked with a client for at least a year, consider asking around to see if you have any hidden options for taking advantage of the organization’s professional development opportunities or funding. It might not be a documented benefit in your paperwork, but your colleagues might be able to pull some strings for the sake of your development.


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