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December 13, 2022
Start your morning with this affirmation:
12.13 affirmation
Today’s checklist: Make dazzling gift boxes, feel good while bolstering teamwork, find your people online, create a checklist, and start figuring IT out.


Dazzling DIY


Go all the way to dazzle everyone on your list with a stellar DIY presentation. These picture-perfect printable gift boxes were designed for cookies, but they can be used for any small gift. Get the how to here.


The #1 All-In-One Platform You Didn’t Know You Needed


 monday.com dashboard

If you’re old school and keep a notebook and pen handy to write down your to-dos, or use a handful of apps to stay on top of projects, monday.com can either supplement your workflow or become your sole solution to get things done.

The really cool thing about it is that you can manage all your team’s work in one place (oh, and you can get it free if you’re strapped for cash).

No more endless e-mail threads or long meetings. With monday.com you can keep track of everything your team’s working on, communicate in context, and get started in minutes with a super easy set-up.

Signing up for free won’t just help you become more productive, you’ll also be supporting The Assist 😊.

Try it free


Feel Good. Build Teams.


Pick a team mantra to find a wellness and/or team-building idea that is just so “you.”

Team mantra: We finish each other’s sentences.

Team mantra: Leave no stone unturned.
Team mantra: All things are difficult before they are easy.
  • Activity to try: A bread-baking class. (Find options in your area from Sur La Table and Cozymeal.)
Team mantra: Those who live in harmony with themselves live in harmony with their teams.


One-on-One Meeting Agenda Template


Bonusly's one-on-one meeting agenda template

Get Bonusly’s free one-on-one meeting agenda template.

The PDF, Word, or Google Doc One-on-One Meeting Agenda Templates include:

  • 🗒️ A proven structure for effective and productive one-on-ones.
  • ✅ Fillable form fields to record agenda and action items.
  • 📄 Customizable Word and Google doc templates to fit your needs.
  • 💡 One-on-one meeting best practices.
  • 📘 Additional resources to help you improve your one-on-ones.

Get the agenda template >


How to make FULFILLING digital connections


The goal of “building community” or “making connections” online is as broad and unrealistic as “making friends anywhere in the world.”

Streamline and focus your online connection goals with these strategy ideas.

The overall strategy: Connect in the context of shared topics of interest. 

Here’s some evergreen advice from the smarties at Deloitte.

“Take note of where and on what topics your future connections post so you can intelligently contribute to the conversation. Making connections can come in the form of resharing or commenting on your connections posts with powerful insights and developing the relationship from there.”

The overall strategy: Know what you want and be direct about it. 

This tip from TinyBuddha is rooted in the beautiful simplicity of honesty and openness. For example, if you’re in the market for a serious mentor or vice versa, then don’t agree to do someone’s household chores.

The overall strategy: Lean on tech. 

Apps (like these 15 examples that help you make friends) expose you to a pool of individuals as interested in connecting with you as you are with them. You all joined the app to achieve the same goal. You’re less likely to encounter the awkward mismatch of intentions and interests that plague other venues and meeting places.

The overall strategy: Go niche! 

Dedicate your networking time to groups and organizations aligned with your specific interests and passions. Goodwall offers the following examples:

  • Book clubs
  • Expat communities
  • Travel groups
  • Neighborhood ferret owners
  • Beer connoisseurs


A tale of a procedure and a checklist


Charged with documenting a critical process or procedure? Look no further than the noble checklist.

They’re wonderfully scalable, shareable, and trackable. Read SwipeGuide’s tips for making the best-possible checklist.


Start figuring IT out


What do you really want to figure out? A dream? A problem?

Marie Forleo doesn’t care what it is. She cares only about making sure you know you can figure it out.

While Nike would advise you to just do it, Marie advises you to just get started.

Start working for what you want immediately. Patch your doubts with the certainty that you can and will figure it out as you go. The key is giving yourself the opportunity to figure things out, and that only happens after you get started.


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