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June 6, 2022
Start your morning with this affirmation:
Positive affirmation to start your morning.
Today’s checklist: Get even better at managing your time, find diversity inclusion team-building inspiration, check out some job-search success stories, and celebrate LGBTQ Pride and Caribbean American Heritage Months.


Tale as Old as Time Management


It may be true that time has been around, well, since the beginning of time. Time may be old, but we’re still coming up with new ways to manage it.

Brush up your time mastery with these workshops, classes, and tools:


Unbeatable IT Support



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Team Building with a Focus on Diversity and Inclusion


Pick out a team-building idea based on the superlative that appeals most to you.

Superlative: The team-building activity that has a gold seal of approval from party animals everywhere. 
We suggest: creating an inclusive holiday and event calendar.

Create a comprehensive and inclusive calendar of holidays and events. Circulate it to employees so they have an opportunity to add in any special days you may have missed. We hope this goes without saying, but also celebrate every special day on your calendar.

Superlative: The team-building activity that takes you around the world in just a few hours. 
We suggest: hosting a show-and-tell potluck.

To enjoy this #6 activity on Vantage Circle’s list, simply have everyone bring in shareable foods reflective of their heritage, history, culture, values, or identity. Everyone can share and discuss the significance of their dishes.

Superlative: The team-building activity that fosters deep empathy.
We suggest: 
having remote or in-person dialogue sessions.

You don’t need any expensive frills for this activity, but what you get is priceless. Just gather your team virtually or in-person and take turns sharing answers to some or all of these Taking About Race questions from the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture:

  • When were you first aware of your race?
  • What do you remember from childhood about how you made sense of human differences What confused you?
  • What childhood experiences did you have with friends or adults who were different from you in some way?
  • How, if ever, did any adult give you help thinking about racial differences?

Superlative: The team-building activity that shatters communication barriers.
We suggest:
learning new languages together.

Treat your staff to group language classes. Target the most-spoken languages (other than English) at your company and encourage everyone to continue practicing together after the lesson. People who speak other languages will feel more welcomed, and everyone will enjoy expanding their communication capabilities.


The Ultimate Retention Checklist for Managers


Bonusly's Ultimate Guide To Employee Engagement

More than half of employees who have left a job say their manager could have done something to keep them around for longer 😬.

Get the free handy checklist for managers to retain top talent on their teams — you’ll get:

  • ✅ An interactive PDF that yes, lets you literally check off boxes!
  • 💡 Actionable tips to improve retention that can be put in action immediately.
  • 🔄 Different areas of the employee lifecycle to focus on.
  • ⚒️ New tools and resources to consider when working with your teams.

Yes, give me the free checklist


Job-Search Victories


Are you looking for a job? 

Don’t be shy. (We’re not telling your boss or anything.) Based on your biggest challenge questions, we know many of you are looking for, thinking about looking for, or dreaming about looking for that next big gig.

And guess what? You’re going to land it one day. You really are, even if it feels like you’ve been searching forever. Job searches involve many factors beyond your control, but there is one thing you can always, always do: Keep trying. Stick with it, and it will happen.

In the meantime, get some inspiration and ideas from these real-life stories that prove you can and will get that job. 

IRL Success Story: This job seeker who used LinkedIn in creative ways.
Key takeaway: Use hashtags to find open jobs in otherwise hidden markets. If you’re searching job boards and getting discouraged that your dream job is nowhere to be found, then search using hashtags, and keep searching new terms until you find your hidden gems.

IRL Success Story: This product manager who showed recruiters what he could do when his experience didn’t speak for itself.
Key takeaway: Show recruiters what you can do, for example, by sharing a sample of work or a business proposal. The aforementioned product manager, Jason Shen, urges job seekers to use this tactic, but more importantly, he hopes companies will lean away from the hiring systems that leave some people behind.

“Until we get a holistic view of someone, our judgment of them will always be flawed. Let’s stop equating experience with ability, credentials with competence,” he says. “Let’s stop settling for the safe, familiar choice and leave the door open for someone who could be amazing.”

IRL Success Story: This job seeker who got noticed with a little swag.
Key takeaway: You don’t necessarily have to send gifts along with your resume to get noticed. Focus instead on including that little something extra (tangible or intangible) that is just so “you.”

IRL Success Story: This job seeker who started targeting companies instead of jobs.
Key takeaway: Focus your search on a list of target companies you would love to work for. You’ll avoid job-board burnout and eventually, although it might take longer, land somewhere you’re certain matches your values.

Want more tips? Here are some blogs and pods to follow for a steady stream of fresh inspiration:


LGBTQ Pride Month and Caribbean American Heritage Month


June is both Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) Pride Month and Caribbean American Heritage Month.

Here’s what you need to know about both celebrations.

LGBTQ+ Pride Month 

What: A month dedicated to celebrating the contributions and spirit of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals.
When: Wednesday, June 1 to Thursday, June 30
Why? To form new memories of pride while remembering past struggles and speaking against discrimination, violence, and hostility.

Fun facts: 

Organizers of some of the first Pride marches considered “Gay Power” as an event slogan, but opted for “Pride,” to highlight something they knew they had and that could never be taken from them.

The rainbow became a world-wide symbol for Pride after San Francisco artist Gilbert Baker used it in his design for a flag in 1978. Each colorful stripe, while eye-catching, also carries symbolism:

  • Hot pink = sexuality
  • Red = life
  • Orange = healing
  • Yellow = the Sun
  • Green = nature
  • Blue = art
  • Indigo = harmony
  • Violet = spirit

Fun things to do: Find events in your area using the International LGBTQ+ Travel Association’s Global Pride Calendar or InterPride’s Global Pride Calendar.

Caribbean American Heritage Month 

What: A month dedicated to promoting and celebrating the culture, heritage, and customs of Caribbean Americans.
When: Wednesday, June 1 to Thursday, June 30
Why? To formally acknowledge the skills, strengths, and culture Caribbean Americans have brought to the United States.

Fun facts: 

A child of Caribbean immigrants, Shirley Chisholm, served as the United State’s first Black Congresswoman and was the first Black woman with support from a major party to run for President.

Any time you can’t resist dancing to the music from the below traditions, you have the influences of Caribbeans and Caribbean Americans to thank.

  • Bachata
  • Calypso
  • Méringue
  • Merengue
  • Ragga
  • Rapso
  • Reggae
  • Salsa
  • Zouk
Fun things to read: 


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