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November 1, 2023
Thirsty Thursday with The Assist
Just for fun: What was the foot’s favorite type of chips? (Find the answer at the bottom.)


Reminder: It’s not just about the salary


@‌createsultivate negotiation beyond salary


Mindfulness Bingo


Bonusly's Mindfulness Bingo

Feeling overwhelmed and stressed at work lately?

Take a breath — it’s time to inject some mindfulness into your busy workday!

Bonusly’s Mindfulness Bingo Card makes it easy and fun to build awareness and presence into your daily routine.

Here’s what you get in this free Mindfulness Bingo Card:

  • 😌 Multiple work-specific mindfulness exercises.
  • 💡 Unique ideas to help your team incorporate mindfulness into the work day.
  • 👥 Activities that can be done solo or as a team.
  • 💻 A PDF document you can easily share with others.

Get The Free Mindfulness Bingo Card


Hacks For the Hot Mess ADHD  Girlies


@‌victoriaharderxo productivity hacks for the hot mess ADHD girlies


Make Better & Quicker Decisions


Shadé Zahrai Shares How To Make Better (& Quicker) Decisions!


Hiring just got easier


CareerBuilder's sample report.

The hiring pool is deep, wide, and crowded.

Supply and Demand reporting from CareerBuilder can help you develop a targeted strategy with custom hiring insights, all backed by decades of exclusive industry data and ready in just a click.

Stay ahead of the competition and make informed recruiting decisions with confidence.

CareerBuilder’s exclusive insights into job seeker details, compensation trends, and favorable location details make finding a great fit for your role (and building them a great offer) simple.

👉 Get a free sample report here


Stop telling yourself you can’t

Tim Denning LinkedIn post - stop telling yourself you can't


Our awesome partners help keep our content free 🥰


Ask your team how they’re feeling with this emotions wheel template.

smartsheet is the top choice for 90% of all fortune 100 companies when it comes to streamlining tasks (and you can try it free!)

Take the insanity out of your inbox with Sanebox — no more letting your emails pile up for days. Try it free for 14 days without putting your credit card down.

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Latest Listings


The Assist's Corporate Holiday Gift Guide

💭 The end of the year is a great time to reflect — check this out if you’re looking to set fresh professional development goals.

🥰 Would you be shocked if we told you one of the biggest challenges our readers struggle with is having confidence in themselves? Read this to find ways to boost your own.

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Me as soon as I feel that fall/winter breeze


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