#ThirstyThursday Issue #105

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November 15, 2023
Thirsty Thursday with The Assist
Just for fun: Why did the baker leave his job? (Find the answer at the bottom.)


🎃 Calorie Friendly PSL


@Laure Hubert on Calorie Friendly PSL at Starbucks


Make Your Team Feel Loved 💕


Miro Compliments Board

Feeling the need to boost morale and show your team some love?

Let the Compliments Board do the heavy lifting for you.

This free template is the perfect solution for fostering positivity and connection among your team. It’s like a digital hug, but without the awkwardness 🤗.

How it works:
  1. Log into your free Miro account (or sign up for one)
  2. Open the Compliments Board template. You can customize the template with your team’s name and colors to make it feel more personal.
  3. Share the board with your team and encourage them to leave compliments for their colleagues. You can also set a regular schedule for sharing compliments, like a “Compliment Friday” to end the week on a positive note.

Start giving your team compliments


Communicating the value of your work


@jasminesawaged on how to stand out and communicate the value of your work at the office


Making the 5 Different Generations on Your Team a Competitive Advantage


Making the 5 Different Generations on Your Team a Competitive Advantage. Q&A with Tim Elmore, Author of The Hidden Power of Gen Z


Do you have a culture problem? Find out!


Bonusly - Culture Problem Quiz

A positive company culture makes for a better workplace and higher retention rates.

Research shows strong culture can increase net profits by 85% over 5 years.

Read here to get the basics of how to think about company culture, spot the warning signs of a toxic company culture, and take a 5 min. quiz to find out of if your company has a culture problem.

👉 Read more and take the quiz here


Don’t Forget to Unplug & Recharge After Work


BetterUp reminder to uplug and recharge after work



Stuff we’re loving this week


💊 Supplement: Oh baby, baby — Ritual’s Prenatal is worth the hype, and packed with 12 traceable ingredients so you know you’re getting the good stuff. Plus, you can take advantage of 40% your first month during their Black Friday sale (ends 11/28).

🛠️ Tool: Notion released some awesome AI features, and you can try it for free. Think: telling it to create a table for your data, asking it what the team is currently working (centralized data), and more.

📄 Template: Self Evaluation Template. Whether you’re looking to use this for personal or work purposes, this template helps you reflect on yourself — where you shine and could use improving. Perfect for the end of the year.

🔁 Habit: Using The Five Minute Journal to practice gratitude and self reflection daily.


Meme of the Week

anxiety meme


Our Holiday Gifting Guide


The Assist's Corporate Holiday Gift Guide

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