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December 12, 2023
Thirsty Thursday with The Assist
Just for fun: What’s the difference between Black Eyed Peas and Chick Peas? (Find the answer at the bottom.)


For Those Long Days Of Sitting


@‌docjenfit on how to stretch your hip flexors after a long day of sitting


Unwrap Adventure – The Perfect Gift is Here


Let's Roam Gift of Adventure

🌍 Step into a world of adventure this holiday season with Let’s Roam’s Scavenger Hunts!

Ideal for couples seeking laughter and connection, our scavenger hunts are the perfect mix of romance and exploration.

Whether it’s your first date or your hundredth, make each moment count with playful challenges and heartwarming discoveries.

Gift your partner the joy of togetherness and the excitement of the hunt.

👉 Shop Now


How I organize my year using Notion


@‌Julesacree on “How I organize my year using Notion”


Avoid Preambles In The Workplace


@selfhelpsonya on how women can avoid preambles and communicate directly at work


🎁 Holiday gifting from all has never been easier!



Never tried GroupTogether? Over 1M people love it for a reason!

Organizing a group gift has never been easier & more inclusive — plus, it’s FREE:

  • ️🎉 Pick your occasion and simply share a link with the team
  • 🎁 Buy a gift with the company card (or ask everyone to chip in)
  • ✍️ Invite everyone to sign the card
  • 🕵️ GroupTogether does all the tracking & reminding

GroupTogether offers beautiful cards, 150+ gift card options, flowers, and more, making it the perfect solution for the holidays, farewells, and many more occasions.

No sign ups, downloads or subscriptions. Just click START. Easy.

👉 Try GroupTogether For Free


What It Means To Be A Woman In The Workplace


Melissa Churchard on What It Means To Be A Woman In The Workplace


Stuff we’re loving rn


🛠️ Tool: If you’re living out of a million Google docs and spreadsheets, this one’s for you. Try monday.com — the project management software that powers the world’s top brands. Find out what all the buzz is about.

💊 Supplement: Did you know the physical signs of aging in your skin, hair, and nails have less to do with “getting older” and more to do with a collagen deficiency? Luckily, you can restore your collagen levels to feel your best again with NativePath’s Grass-Fed Collagen Powder.

🛍️ Shop: This mug perfectly encapsulates our mood this time of year. Gift it to your coworker bestie, or get it for yourself this holiday season. Enjoy 15% off through the end of the year with code TA15.

📊 Report: CareerBuilder’s Hiring Managers: State of Hiring and Retention Report is the holy grail for anyone involved in hiring and retention at work. Key topics include the current state of hiring, how offer packages are changing, 2023 retention trends, and the future of work environments.


Our Holiday Gifting Guide


The Assist's Corporate Holiday Gift Guide

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