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January 31, 2024
Thirsty Thursday with The Assist
Just for fun: What’s a tree’s favorite condiment? (Find the answer at the bottom.)


Ask For What You’re Worth


@‌wemiopakunle on “Ask For What You’re Worth”


😭 The REAL Reason You’re Not Productive


Weekly Wins Planner Template (Miro)

Have you ever ended the work day feeling like you didn’t get enough sh*t done?

It’s not your fault!

You just haven’t had a simple, proven-to-work system to stay focused and be highly productive.

🤗 Well — now, you do.

It’s called the Weekly Wins Planner, and it helps you:

  • 😌 Maintain a clear focus on the most crucial objectives
  • ⏳ Save hours every week by avoiding bullsh*t work
  • 😬 Eliminate overwhelm, anxiety, and burnout by simplifying your to-do list

Plus, the visual format makes it easy to collaborate with your team and hold each other accountable.

We sell this planner for $99 online, but you can get it here for free with your work email.


Ask This In Your Performance Review


@alexschudy on “questions to ask in a performance review”


Command Respect Without Saying A Single Word


@selfhelpsonya on “powerful body language to command respect at work without saying a single word"


Mindfulness Bingo


Bonusly's Mindfulness Bingo Card

Feeling overwhelmed and stressed at work lately?

Take a breath — it’s time to inject some mindfulness into your busy workday!

Bonusly’s Mindfulness Bingo Card makes it easy and fun to build awareness and presence into your daily routine.

Here’s what you get in this free Mindfulness Bingo Card:

  • 😌 Multiple work-specific mindfulness exercises.
  • 💡 Unique ideas to help your team incorporate mindfulness into the work day.
  • 👥 Activities that can be done solo or as a team.
  • 💻 A PDF document you can easily share with others.

Get The Free Mindfulness Bingo Card


It’s never too late


Sean Kelly LinkedIn Post on never being too old to follow your dreams.


Stuff we’re loving this week


🤏 Need to compress images in a jiffy? Tinypng is what we use for our own newsletters!

🤖 One of the best ways to reclaim your time is by setting up automations for any recurring tasks. If you’re new to automations, Zapier has a bunch of integrations and documentation to help you along the way. Plus it’s free until you use up your monthly “zaps”.

🏆 Keep yourself and your team on track to achieve your quarterly goals with our Weekly Wins Template.

💌 If you’re a founder, entrepreneur, or soon-to-be one, you’ll want to get on FounderIV’s email list. This free weekly email newsletter is on a mission to help you achieve breakout founder performance.


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