#ThirstyThursday Issue #95

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September 6, 2023
Thirsty Thursday with The Assist
Just for fun: Why is cold water so insecure? (Find the answer at the bottom.)


Why you see the glass half empty


@nicoleneuroscience Instagram post about negativity bias.


The Challenge Bowl


Miro - The Challenge Bowl

The Challenge Bowl is a fun and easy way for team members to answer questions and complete short activities to deepen team bonds.

Pick one item from the Challenge Bowl each day to liven up daily meetings or run through the entire board to engage your team during virtual team lunches or happy hours.

How it Works:

  • 🗣️ You’ll need a logged-in facilitator to reveal hidden frames
  • 📝 Each team member takes turns selecting a challenge (numbered sticky note from the bowl). Tip: Use the color key to determine whether you select a silly question, thoughtful question, or a short activity.
  • ✅ The facilitator reveals the challenge and team members must answer a question or complete the activity before moving on to the next item.

Be prepared for some fun, giggles, and even some deep thinking. You can even customize the template to create your own Team Challenge Bowl tailored for your team.

🙌 Get the free Challenge Bowl Template


Toxic Coworkers ❌


@emrezkalla TikTok toxic coworkers


From Selfie to Headshot (Using Canva)


Advisorist’s YouTube video on turning a selfie into a headshot using Canva.


Learn How To Engage Your Employees & Navigate The ROI On It



With the workplace evolving and changing at lightning speed, Bonusly executives, HR leaders, and Bonusly customers are gathering on September 21st, 2023 to understand what companies can do in this unique economic landscape to build a winning workplace:

💪 Strengthening businesses and engaging employees.

In this immersive event, you’ll learn:

  • ✅ What fellow HR leaders and Bonusly users are doing in this unique economic landscape and what they are planning for in 2024
  • 💵 The ROI of recognition and how companies are saving money and growing their businesses with Bonusly
  • 🤔 The why behind the latest product releases from Bonusly and what’s coming up next!

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Don’t just list your skills


Liz Ryan’s LinkedIn post on showcasing how you solved problems instead of just listing your skills.


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📧 Are you projecting insecurity over email (without even realizing it)?

If you’re always juggling multiple timezones on your cal, check out this site that makes it easy.

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