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February 2, 2024
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Brainteaser of the day: Lovely and round, I shine with pale light, grown in the darkness, A lady’s delight. What am I?

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Treat Yo’Self


🌳 To Grounding and Mindful Nature Walks
Center yourself and relax surrounded by the restorative energy of gorgeous nature trails. Unplug and recharge with a trail near you >

🎧 To This Insightful Podcast Episode
Being a working parent can hurl you into new heights of stress and anxiety. Check out Psychologists Off The Clock’s Episode: Work, Parent, Thrive with Yale Schonbrun >

🛏️ To Luxe Linens
Make your bed feel like a 5-star hotel with satiny sheets to envelop you in opulent comfort. Dream the night away here >

📚 To A 2024 Book Challenge
Commit to a motivational reading challenge to stay inspired and informed this new year (it’s not too late to start!). Turn pages with a subscription box >

💅 To Rocking Cute Valentine’s Nail Art
Unleash your inner creativity with fun and fab nail design inspo. Glam up with these Amazon finds >


Drink Better Water With Positive


lifestraw dispenser

Say hello to hydration with an impact with the LifeStraw Home Dispenser.

This isn’t just any water filter – it’s a high-capacity dispenser that tackles the toughest tap water contaminants, including bacteria, microplastics, and PFAS.

Its sleek design complements any kitchen, while its filtration technology guarantees a superior taste experience.

💧Plus, each purchase supports LifeStraw’s mission to bring safe water to children in need worldwide.

P.S. Enjoy an exclusive 20% discount with code THEASSIST20.


📄 Resume Template


Resume Template

Are you sending out job applications and hearing crickets in return?

You could be making this critical mistake on your resume: Traditional ‘summary’ or ‘objective’ statements are usually ignored. Yes, you read that right — ignored.

But don’t worry…we’ve got you covered with an alternative that actually works!

It’s called high impact bullets, and it’s the best way to showcase your value and start landing those interviews!

👉 Download this free Resume Template and instructions for your revamped summary section here.

You’ll have hiring managers jumping out of their seats to interview you!


Assembly: AI-powered engagement that doesn’t stop at recognition and rewards


Join Assembly

Check out our friends at Assembly — the AI-powered platform that makes engagement effortless and heartfelt.

Why we ❤️ Assembly:

  • Boosts morale and retention up 30% with hundreds of culture initiatives, from recognition and challenges to announcements and anonymous suggestions.
  • Streamlines recognition, rewards, internal communication, and collaboration to build a culture where employees won’t want to leave.
  • Makes culture personal with a vast rewards catalog, including gift cards, swag, culture rewards, discounts, and charity donations.
  • Reveals powerful analytics enabling managers to gain insights into company sentiment.

Build a workplace culture where employees feel valued, appreciated, and connected with Assembly.

🗓️ Book a Demo With a Culture Expert Today!

P.S. If you book a demo (and want to support us!), tell ’em we sent you 😊.


Stuff we’re loving rn


🏠 If you’re moving, renovating, or just looking to upgrade a room in your house, check out Houzz — it’s like Pinterest for home design, where you can find inspiration, shop for products, and connect with experts all in one place.

🎵 The Weeknd just dropped a new single “Popular” with Madonna & Playboy Carti, so you know we’ve got it on repeat.

🍿 If you missed seeing American Fiction, it’s probably still playing in theaters near you. Witty, sharp, and full of raw moments, this was one of our fave films of 2023.

📄 Quit wasting time in meetings and swipe this free Agenda Template to keep things focused and effective.


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Lionel Scooby Kerr


Lionel Scooby Kerr pet of the week

Lionel is part dog, part cat, part pig, part cow and 100% a weirdo.

He’s sometimes called “BatDog” because of his ears, and “MooMan” because he sounds like he is mooing when he whines. He arches his back up like a kitty and snorts when he eats like a pig.

He loves attention, going on car rides and sleeping with his head on the pillow – rather, stealing our pillows as we sleep. He often lays like a frog or on his back and kicks the air.

He’s a big cuddle-bug and super sensitive. He makes everyone he encounters smile and once you start petting him, you better not stop.

Everyone needs a Lionel in their life!

💌 We’re huge pet lovers at The Assist and want to feature a pet each week — fill out this form for your fur baby to be featured!
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