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February 23, 2024
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Brainteaser of the day: What can be stolen, mistaken, or altered, yet never leaves you your entire life?

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Treat Yo’Self


🧦 To Next Level Warm Socks
Slip into soft, toasty socks to keep your toes nice and cozy all winter long. Step into fuzzy bliss from Amazon here >

🩺 To Finding That Doctor You’ve Been Meaning To Schedule
Get proactive about your health by researching and booking appointments with exceptional local physicians. Consider your care here >

🥣 To Making Winter Soups in the Slow Cooker
Warm up with hearty, nourishing soup recipes you can easily make in the crockpot. Feel the love from the inside out >

💇‍♀️ To A Flake-Free Scalp
Banish pesky dry scalp this winter with tips for moisture balance and healthy hair. Get the scalp recs >

📓 To A New Notebook
Inspire your inner author by writing, doodling and more with an oh-so witty new journal or notebook. Get your new sassy journal >


Heads up — Employee Appreciation Day is next Friday!


TA Employee Gift Guide Banner

❗Forgot Employee Appreciation Day is coming up next Friday?

Don’t worry — we’ve done the heavy lifting of curating unique and memorable employee gifts for you in our Employee Appreciation Gift Guide.

No minimum spends or anything like that with the gifts we’ve selected, so you can easily gift one teammate or 1,000.

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How to Network When It Feels Hard


Networking is a funny thing. People fall into two camps with it: those who cannot bear the thought of it, and those who’ll do it even if they don’t enjoy it.

I fall into the latter camp. I’m naturally an introvert, I prefer meeting people in more intimate settings and where I can chat in some depth with a bit less pressure.

In one of the roles I held, supporting a Chair, I realised business development was a huge part of my job that was nowhere to be seen on my position description.

That Chair was regarded a “rainmaker” in the organisation. They were responsible for leveraging their own network to win business and find leads for the organisation. Their network was their value. It quickly became quickly apparent to me that there was an opportunity for me to support their efforts through leveraging my deep career network also. And that doing this was going to have me regarded as talent and not a resource in that organisation.

I learned to get out of my comfort zone and find a way through the general anxiety I felt having to connect quickly with strangers at events or meetings. Here are some of the dos and don’t I learned and found to be effective when networking.

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My 1:1 Meetings Used to Suck — Then I Did This 👉



We’re a small team at The Assist, so we rely on lightweight tools like Notion to power our operations.

Because we wear multiple hats (startup life for ya!), projects are constantly flying around, and priorities can change on a dime.

And even though I’d have regular 1:1s with my associate, sometimes weeks would go by before we’d realize a few to-dos slipped through the cracks.

Our solution?

  • Creating a system to track our 1:1 meetings in one place
  • Filling out agenda items prior to meeting to keep us focused
  • Ending each meeting with a clear plan of action and to-dos listed with deadlines
  • Reviewing uncompleted tasks in our next meeting and aligning on priorities

You don’t need a complicated system to stay organized — in fact, the simpler it is, the easier to keep up with it.

⭐ I recommend starting with an easy to use template like this 1:1 meeting notes from Notion.

Joanna headshot Joanna (Co-Founder of The Assist)


Your Weekend Entertainment


📺 TV: One Day has ladies everywhere binge watching and ugly crying on their couches. The limited series is based on a book of the same title by David Nicholls, following the lives of Emma and Dexter over a period of 20 years starting with their first encounter on their graduation night.

🎥 Movie: If you’re in the mood for some action, Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning Part One is a solid pick. Once again, humanity is threatened by a new terrifying weapon that Ethan Hunt & the IMF team have to stop. Be warned: it is a part one, and part two is set to come out in 2025.

🎵 Music: Feeling nostalgic? Check out this Best of 90’s Hip Hop & R&B playlist.

📚 Book: If you’re looking to strengthen your romantic relationships, we highly recommend reading Hold Me Tight by Dr. Sue Johnson. The book presents stories, ideas, and exercises rooted in the science of love and the insights of Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT).


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Jasper pet of the week

Lover of adventures, food, chin bolsters and pets Jasper is a happy boy.

When not lounging at his human’s feet or playing in the yard he can be found lurking around the high chair hoping the tiny human sees and provides him with extra grub.

💌 We’re huge pet lovers at The Assist and want to feature a pet each week — fill out this form for your fur baby to be featured!
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