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January 7, 2023
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Brainteaser of the day: Which three letters can frighten a thief away?

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Treat Yo’Self


📒 To Planners
Plan big for 2023. Planners are an easy way to help you lay down those new year goals >

🥲 To Post-Holiday Decompression
Going back to work after the holidays are tough. Read about how to manage the stress and cope >

🤝 To Being a Better Mentor
Mentors can be a huge impact on career growth. Find out how to inspire and guide others in their career >

☕️ To a Warm, Cozy Drink
Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate winter with a nice, hot beverage. Try out these recipes >

🧠 To Good Mental Health Habits
In the last few years, great strides have been made to reduce the mental health stigma. We’ve got a long way to go, but read about the habits that are here to stay >


Game Changing Sangrias & Mimosas



Skip the mess and hassle of getting all the ingredients mixed together for the perfect Sangria and check out our latest weekend obsession — Ohza!

They make tasty better-for-you sangrias and mimosas that are conveniently packaged and delivered right to your doorstep.

Clean ingredients, zero added sugars and ready to drink — what’s not to love?

Give Ohza a taste


A manicure won’t save you…


What comes to mind when you think of self-care?

Many of us think about getting a manicure, facial, or treating ourselves. While I’m a fan of a little pampering, manicures and facials won’t save you.

So often we substitute one-off pampering for true self-care, then wonder why we’re experiencing burnout, or nobody respects our boundaries.

True self-care requires growth and looks like:

  • Leaning into the discomfort of setting and holding healthy boundaries.
  • Learning what is yours to own, and what isn’t.
  • Bringing awareness to your values and living into them.

Self-care takes work. It takes time and self-discovery. It takes commitment. Self-care is a journey.

A good place to start is to get honest with yourself. What are the areas of your life where you keep trying to “treat” yourself when you know it isn’t the solution?

To learn more about Annie, please visit her website: WholeAssistant.com or connect with her on LinkedIn.


Want to break bad habits in 2023? Start by building better ones.



We’re sure you’ve already set your goals for 2023 like the go-getter you are or at least started brainstorming them.

But many of the most impactful leaders know exactly what they need to accomplish before the day even starts. They set weekly goals to inch them towards their big annual goals.

And guess what?

They aren’t relying on their brain or scattered sticky notes to set those tasks. They have proper systems and tools.

Sunsama is the daily planner for busy professionals — helping you organize your tasks, meetings and emails all in one place.

Set weekly goals and plan a daily routine that allows you to become your ideal self this year.

Try it free today


January Career Horoscope


Nebula January career horoscope

Ready? Steady? It’s 2023 already!

We hope you’ve had a great time celebrating Christmas and spent New Year’s Eve in good company. If you happen to have met someone new over this time and wonder how things are going to go — whether it’s a potential friend or a romantic partner we’re talking about — stop teasing yourself and just check your compatibility in Nebula App. Clarity isn’t hard to find when you’re looking in the right place 😉

And have you checked out your horoscope for next year? You definitely should! Right after you read your January career horoscope, go to Nebula App and find out what awaits you in all the spheres of life this promising new year.
Shine bright and aim high! 💫

Aries – You have the right to speak up!

When it comes to your career this month, you may find someone you work with being difficult and possibly crossing the line and overstepping your boundaries. This may be a colleague or a customer, and you may find the situation quite upsetting. You must remember that when someone crosses the line, you have every right to speak up, defend yourself, and express your feelings. This is true for all areas of your life, and you must remember that you have the right to assert your own boundaries.

Taurus – Play the diplomat!

Your grounded earth energy is going to come in handy this month as the universe is encouraging you to play the diplomat when it comes to your work. This means being very precise and well-thought-out with your words and actions. Don’t be too quick to shoot anyone down, but don’t be too fast to accept new ideas. Walking the middle ground will serve you well this month, and you shouldn’t make any snap decisions or knee-jerk reactions right now. The time for that will come, but for now, be diplomatic.

Gemini – Embrace new and old ideas!

This is a fascinating time for your career, and it feels like a lot is going on behind the scenes. Great things are coming for you, so this month, your focus must be balancing new and old ideas. This means being bold and embracing a new way of approaching your work while sticking to your core values and things that are important to you. Finding the sweet spot between the two, and balancing old and new ways of working, is the best thing you can do right for your career.

Cancer – Identify where your career is stuck! 

You may have felt a bit stuck in specific areas of your career. This is because you have grown as a person, and your career has not grown in the same way. This discomfort may only exist on a subconscious level, and you may not have even found the words for it yet, but know that ultimately it comes from a place of growth – you have changed for the better. It is essential to acknowledge what it is that is not aligned so that, moving forward, you can take action and change these things… The universe is calling for you to grow, and it is vital that you keep growing in all areas, including your career, to avoid stagnancy.

Leo – Scrutinize! 

Your career will benefit this month thanks to you having a close eye on everything and making calculated decisions. Be sure to scrutinize any documents (especially contracts) that you have to sign this month… This level of care will pay off. Use this energy in all areas of your career this month, not just paperwork, and only commit to something you have properly thought through. Attention to detail will be hugely advantageous this month.

Virgo – The payoff is close!

You may feel like you have been slogging away for a while now with no rewards for all your efforts and hard work. The universe is sending you the energy that is working in your favor this month, so put your frustrations to bed because the payoff is coming. You are a tree, and your buds are about to blossom into glorious fruits. Keep your head down, keep plowing on, and take comfort in knowing that your success is closer than ever.

Libra – Expect breakthroughs! 

There are issues in your career that have plagued you for a while. Recently, you have begun to shed light on these problems and find some great solutions. This puts you in excellent stead, as you are now in a place where seemingly impossible goals suddenly look much more achievable. This groundwork you have done will lead to breakthroughs this month at work, so expect yourself to be in a perfect place as we begin a new year.

Scorpio – Don’t ask for permission!

Dear Scorpio, there are some things in your career you do not need to ask permission for. One of these is confidence, which is where you should focus this month. You do not need to tiptoe around others or become a ‘Yes’ person who is devoid of their own thoughts and opinions. Lean into your confidence – you have your job for a reason, so don’t be frightened to be good at it. You are allowed to excel. You are allowed to be your best self. Let your inner confidence shine on the outside, and forget the naysayers! Being confident in your abilities this month will lead to very positive outcomes.

Sagittarius – Be open to opinions!

Regarding your career, things may have been going just fine lately. Not great, not disastrous, just fine. However, you may have been working with tunnel vision, looking directly ahead. This has been great to gather some momentum, but ultimately, the time has come for you to be open to others’ input. Feel free to ask a mediator to sit in on meetings or to ask colleagues/industry peers for their thoughts and opinions. You will be surprised at these results, as you will see new points of view you had not considered, which will help boost things to the next level.

Capricorn – Practice patience and compromise! 

This month is when you should focus on the longer-term picture of your career. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and not every moment can be spent progressing forward. Now is when you must practice patience and allow things to move at their own pace. As well as this, it is imperative to compromise when it is necessary. We cannot get our way on every single thing all the time, so remember that compromise is not always a bad thing. Sometimes it is vital. Dig deep this month, and you will be back on the front line in no time.

Aquarius – You don’t have to do it all alone!

Your career may have felt like a lonely journey at times lately. This month, take a new approach and remember that you don’t have to do everything on your own. If colleagues or people can share the load, feel free to delegate tasks. Say no to things you do not have the capacity right now to complete. Taking too much on yourself will only lead to burnout, which won’t benefit anyone. Even if it’s just talking things through with friends about your career, make sure you share the load this month. You will find the answers you seek.

Pisces – Don’t throw in the towel!

When it comes to your career, you may feel that there are plans or goals you have set that still need to come to fruition. You may even feel ready to give up and accept that things just won’t happen as you want them to. The universe is asking you to shift your mindset this month and keep going, do not throw the towel in just yet! Those goals you have are achievable and the only thing stopping you is yourself – silence the inner critic and throw yourself in to give it everything and get rid of that self-doubt. Your plans will work out.


From Joan Rivers


“I enjoy life when things are happening. I don’t care if it’s good things or bad things. That means you’re alive.”

Joanna’s Recs


Joanna Ericta

Show to binge 📺 : 
Ginny & Georgia (S2 now out!)

Song to bump 🎵:

Movie 🎙️:  
The Menu

Book 📚:
The House in the Cerulean Sea by Tj Klune

Wishlist Recs 📝:
Water bottle with time markers

Cameron’s Recs


Cameron Huber

Show to binge 📺 :
Friends from College

Song to bump 🎵:
Gone Girl

Podcast 🎙️:
The Mel Robbins Podcast

Book 📚:
Girl CEO by Katherine Ellison

Wishlist Recs 📝:
Papier Wonder Daily Planner


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Luna and Charlie pet of the week
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