Weekender Issue #66

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January 21, 2023
1/21 weekender 66

Brainteaser of the day: What word begins and ends with an E but only has one letter?

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Treat Yo’Self


👖 To House Pants
We vote no hard pants in 2023. Check out these must-have sweatpants >

🤗 To More Hugs
Did you know there are health benefits to receiving and giving hugs? Well, science says we need more of them >

🍲 To A Soup Swap
Today is National Soup Swap Day! Gather some friends and family to try different soups; maybe try out some of these recipes >

🖥️ To A Clean Computer
Start the year with a clean slate. Declutter your laptop or computer inside and out >

😂 To More Laughs
We like to say we provide some pretty good jokes. But you can’t have too many! Here are 40 great one-liner jokes >


Take Control of Your Mental Wellness



Start the new year on a high note with BetterHelp.

Life can be tough, but you don’t have to go through it alone. Whether you’re dealing with grief, looking to improve your coping strategies or just feeling a bit down, therapy is the gold standard for mental health treatment.

Why we ❤️ BetterHelp:

  • They have the best of the bestTake their quiz and get matched to one of their 25,000+ therapists.
  • You can switch at no extra charge if you’re not vibing with your therapist.
  • Multiple ways to do sessions. Pick what works for you — phone, video, or even live chat.

Don’t wait, take the first step towards living your best, happiest life.

Take the quiz and get matched today


5 Financial Habits to Crisis-Proof Your Budget


Over 60% of Americans claim that money is a significant source of stress. To survive the ever-increasing inflation and all the challenges it brings, you must reconsider your financial habits and plans.

Serhiy Podolyak, Personal Finance Expert and Head of Finance at Headway self-growth app, shares his tips and useful habits for handling finances wisely and avoiding money-related stress in 2023. You’ll also find Headway’s book recommendations to enhance financial literacy and improve your money habits.

1) Define your long-term goals
Managing your finances is all about making hard choices. Long-term goals are essential guides to help you identify the right way, no matter how many options confuse you. To form new financial habits, consider what you want to achieve in 1, 5, 10, or 20 years and identify your motivation behind each goal.

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Don’t start from scratch — use a template


Miro free templates

Are you tired of staring at a blank canvas when it comes to your team’s collaboration and brainstorming?

Look no further than Miro!

With a wide variety of templates, you’ll have everything you need to jumpstart your next project. From mind maps to team meeting agenda templates, Miro has it all. Plus, its intuitive interface makes it easy for even the most technologically challenged team members to use.

Some of our fave templates:

See all of Miro’s free templates

❗Make sure you create your account with a business email.


From T.D. Jakes


“Don’t allow your past or present condition to control you. It’s just a process that you’re going through to get you to the next level.”

Joanna’s Recs


Joanna Ericta

Show to binge 📺 : 
The Devil’s Hour

Song to bump 🎵:
How to Breathe in Static by Zanski

Movie 🎥:  
The Good Nurse

Book 📚:
Book Lovers by Emily Henry

Wishlist Rec 📝:
Parachute Waffle Robe


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Piper pet of the week

Piper better known as “Hyper Piper” is a very energic 17-pound Boston Terrier. She is seven years old, but you would never know because of all the energy she has.

She loves fetching ball and will do it for as long as you will throw it for her. Piper’s favorite word is “TREAT”. If you want her to do something, “treat” is the magic word.

Her favorite thing to do besides playing ball is to give you kisses.

💌 We’re huge pet lovers at The Assist and want to feature a pet each week — fill out this form for your fur baby to be featured!
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